Scam letter(s) from Alina Zozylia to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Stephen!! Tank you for your letter! I like your photo!! I am glad to meet you here, because I am looking for serious relations too! Hope we will
commune and than we could become more than just friends!! So let me tell you about myself in some details!!
My name is Alina. I am 26 years old. I am from the most beautiful town in Ukraine Brianka.
I am a very simple girl with a good heart, honest and opening person.
I have very good family which consist of my mother, father and my little brother. I love my family. Sometimes we made a family diner, talking and watching interesting films. We like to spend many time together and we always have fun. This is our family tradition. Also i like sport. I am very sporting girl. Sometimes I go to the swimming-pool. Also I like to dance.
My interests is figure skating. I was born in winter that is why I like skate.
I dream to meet with a man who will be very kind, interesting, romantic, honest and clear . I want fall in love with a good person. I am very responsible in the relations. I want to have a serious relationships.
I don't want to play with any fillings and don't want that anyone played with my fillings. I think that the main thing in the relations is trust and respect. Do you agree with me? So tell me about yourself, your family, your job and also your interests. I would like to know about you more.
In my life I work for a company which deals sale medicaments. My job is very interesting and useful for the our society. I talk with a good people.
I love my work.
Hope you interested. If you have any questions to me I with pleasure to answer all of them! I would be glad to get your next letter.
Wish you a good day! Will wait for your reply.
Yours Alina.
Letter 2
Hello dear Stephen! Thank you for your reply! I apologize for what took so long to respond, I was busy at my work. I miss you! I waited your letter and already got it! I am very glad! How is your students? How is your family doing? Did you find already something better? I mean a flat! How many rooms do you want to have in your flat! You will want to rent a flat for a long time? Do you plan to live there alone?
As for my last weekends, It was very interesting movie, Russian movie "Vacation of the strict regime" with Russian actors! As for "GI Joe", I am not sure maybe i saw this but I don't knew how it is called! I think that is a film or i mistaken?!
Dear, thank you for the such beautiful words! I understood you my sweet! I agree with you about others children! I would like to help them! It will be very good action! We can give them much, because they had have nothing in their life! You are so caring and i like it very much! I am sure that you can be a good father too! Do you want to have own kids?
My dear when i talk about the next step I mean become closer and perhaps will talk on various topics! I goes to the Internet cafe, because I have not my own computer and at my work access to the Internet denied! So, there are not Skype and others equipments!
It is the nearest Internet cafe which located with my area! I will try to find another way to continue our conversation! My telephone in not available, because he is broken!
I want to buy new telephone but i don't know when it will happen!
But anywhere, I like to communicate with you! Hope that you thought the same!
Dear, what is the weather in your town? Because in my town winter comes! It is very cold and the temperature is about -2 degrees, I want that anyone get warm me)) I would like to be with you at this time!
I will want for your reply soon and I will miss.
Catch my warm kisses on your tender lips!
Always with you Your Alina.
Letter 3
Hello my darling Stephen!! it's nice to receive your letter! Also, I would like to say that you are very handsome. I liked your photo!!! I am fine and thanks, God, my aunt feels better!!! You are very attentive man, why are you still alone? You are very kins and caring man! I like you very much!!! Dear, i told you already that I was graduated a Pharmaceutical university in my country! And now I work in two jobs in the same time! I work as a secretary for a firm which have pharmaceutical direction! And in the nigh shift i work for the same company, but only in drugstore.
Oh dear, thank you for your caring, but my work in drugstore is not main, I work there rarely! My main work is as a secretary!!! I should work because i must feed myself and care about my family too! I am very hard, but this is dour life! We can't do anything!!!!! You are so sweet! I would like to celebrate with you Christmas holidays, but this is impossible:-( I will wear in the Sinderella's costume!!!! Do you like it?? If be honest, I don't know what costume i will wear! But you can help me with that!!!! What do you want that I wear?
My darling, remember, that my heart always with you! You are in my mind and in my heart!
darling Stephen, I with pleasure will write you my address, because i think that you a serious with me and I belive you!!! So, Ukraine, Lugansk, Sovetskaia street, 45/5. As you know, I live in Lugansk, I rent a flat with two girls.
You already made me happy when i got your letter!! But you want make me more happy, and sent me a present!!!!!!! I feel the most happiest woman In all the world! Dear, if be honest, I don't need anything except my love man and...........let me think....... I am very glad that i met you here! I think, one day we surely meet!
I will wait for you and will miss! I already miss!!!
Kiss you my dear!!
Your Alina.
Letter 4

Hello dear Stephen!!! Thank's for your letter again! I am very glad to hear you again! So, i am fine dear, I just came from work, I worked in the night shift! Very hard, bur everything is ok! My weekends was not so interesting, because I was alone and I had not anyone close to me! You ask why? Because I miss you my dear, I always thought about you dear Stephen!!!

As for my apartment, like I told you before, I work in Lugansk, so I must live there too! Dear, I told you, that is a social drugstore, without any name.
My parents live without me, I just rarely visit them! Dear, I hope I don't sad you??!! I tell the truth! Besides, I should pay foe my apartment. I miss my salary and I don't know how to be!!! I am very scare, perhaps soon I will have to move!!:-(
So dear, Mu full name is Alina Zozylia, Lugansk and then you already know.... I hope that you really make me a present!!! It would be very pleasant for me my darling!!!

By the way, I can't tell you what costume i will wearied, because I don't know! Maybe you tell me, what do you prefer? I am very interesting!!! Dear, you are so caring and I like it very much!! Dear, I trust you and I think that you have a good taste!! I am sure, you can make me the most beautiful woman, if i dressed up in any costume and I will look so ****. What costume dress are you??? I am very interested in this too!!
Dear, how was your weekends?? anything interesting happened with you?? I think we me yes, I met you here and this is very great event for me!!! Besides, Christmas holidays come soon! Do you have any plans??? I would like to spend this event with someone, who will love me and I love him very much!!! Perhaps, you are that man!! I like you very much and would like that our conversation will turn into reality!!!
Ok, dear, I will wait for the letter and will miss, I already miss!!! Take care of yourself too and think about my words!! Ok? ;-)
Kiss you my darling!
Your Alina.
Letter 5
Hello dear!! I am so glad to receive your letter! I feel good when i read all them! By the way dear Stephen, I must to say one more thing, I told you before that i live in Lugansk, because i work there. But i grew up in Brianka. This is very small city, that's why i had move out from there! There not many opportunities to work, to live!! I should care about myself, about my parents! That's why I said that i miss my salary. I can't feed myself and also i should pay for a bills!! I should buy food, pay for the accommodation, and buy clothes! I miss my salary so much!
Dear, can you help me a little..... I need a new mobile phone,because very difficult without him. I broke my phone, it was accident, i drooped him on steps....... I took him in repair, very serious damage! I think he never will work!! I need the phone very much! Could you do me a small gift on the Christmas???! I will very grateful to you my darling!
Besides, ay Christmas I shall clothe something simple, as not yet decided what will be the costume.
In my city it is not much snow, but very cold, i can say that very frosty!!! Dear, forgive me, but i will finishing my letter, because I am tired today! You are always with me and when i think about you I feel much better! You are always in my mind!
million kisses for you my dear!
Your Alina.
Letter 6
Hello Stephen. I just want to say thanks, because I got your letter again. Dear, yes I lose my job and that's why I miss my salary now. I don't know how to be, because very soon I should pay for the rent of apartment. I wanted pay a little late, but my hostess asking money on the next week. I don't know where to get the money. I am in a difficult situation now! Maybe i should movie out from apartment and I will live with my parents in Brianka again:( I don't want to depend from them! Sorry dear, for telling you about my problems, bur you are that man to whom I can trust all my thoughts, I feel comfortable with you!
Ok, As foe the phone. Yes dear you can't send the phone from US, because he will not work. I don't have a phone in my apartment, because we have no such opportunity, because might be very bad connection.
Well, as for my weekends, they was very boring! I was at home and thinking about my future, I can't live like that any more! I should find a man and find a good job for the future, it should be stabile work and with a good salary. I will try to find such work.
Yes dear Stephen, the New Year i spend with parents and then maybe with friends in Brianka. Of course would be more nicer spend this holiday with loving man, but unfortunately in this year i have not such opportunity:(((( By the way, what is your plans in the Christmas? I hope you are fine there and everything in your life is ok! I am very happy to you! I like you and I hope our communication will be more open and trustful!
Please, take care of yourself, loves all the people which surround you!
Many warm kisses for you from all my heart!
Your Alina.
Letter 7
Hello darling Stephen! I Missed so much. Oh dear, I change e-mail address, because i have a problem with the previous mail box. I couldn't send any letter to you and my box was empty. That's why i have had to change him.
Dear, how are you? Did you already decorated Christmas tree?:-)
You are very kind man, i still can not understand, why you are alone. I think you have very big percent to find a woman from your country, your town. Why do you seeking a woman from abroad?
Will, maybe you are right and I have to move to parent's house and after Christmas holidays I will search a new job. I am very happy to speak with you on the such personal topics. I have found you very kind and attentive I think I am very lucky woman. Your heart is very good and open soul! I like you very much!
Ok, take care of yourself and I am sorry if i did something wrong!
kiss for you.
Your Alina.
Letter 8
Hello dear Stephen! I am happy to get your letter too. You are very special men I already know this for sure. Thank you for the complements about my possible work. I will think about this, ok?!:-)
I will return in Brianka on the next week, perhaps in the next Monday. At first I shall buy the presents for my parents, finish case with the work and then i will return. So, as you see, i am not in a good mood. Also maybe because you are not with me! You already know that i like you! And i am very serious in my actions!
As foe the scam list, I think each could establish my picture on the site like yours too. So, it is just a bad joke. I already heard about those situations on the Internet! Dear, be sure in was just a accident. I hope this does not affect on our relations?!!
Marry Christmas dear!!!!!!!! I wish to you all good and that all your dreams will come true in this New Year.
The future belongs to those who belive in the beauty of their dreams!!!!!!! So, you just belive and be happy!!!! I will always with you!!!
Kiss you!
Your Alina.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Stephen! It's nice that you can read my letters in any time! I am very pleasant to hear this! So, I did not wrote you yesterday, because i thought that you have no time to apeak with me!
So, I am very happy now, because i am writing to you!
Dear, as I told you before I am going to Brianka on Monday and I will spend holidays there until i will not find a way how to earn money.
As about parent's address, dear It is very confidential information! I do not want to endanger my parents. I hope you understand me:) My family is very important for me and I love them very much! I appreciate your attention, but i can't give you them address.
Dear i will write you as soon as i come back to Lugansk again, ok?!
I will!!!!! I already miss!
Take of yourself and be a good boy!
Kiss you, your Alina.
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