Scam letter(s) from Natalia Gerdenko to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Gene. Thanks for the shown interest to me, I hope at us there will be a fascinating conversation and not only. I was born 20.06.1987, 22 years will be fast to me. I live almost in the centre of Ukraine, it is Vinetsky area, the city of Hmelnik. In my city very beautiful nature, is a lot of woods, lakes. I never left the city, to me here is comfortable and cosy. Though I still do not have 22 years, I have work. After school I have finished college of culture and Arts.
Now I work at local theatre. At me it is not a lot of roles. I play all 2 performances. Me name the person of creativity. But in a life I absolutely another. I do not love the noisy companies, I love betrayed and loyal friends. My parents live together with me. Since the childhood love of parents was for me the sample of a strong family.
Mum washing works as the confectioner at factory. My father the writer, it writes toasts and congratulations. Still it the editor in the local newspaper. I one daughter in a family, but always dreamt of the native little sister. I love theatre and a life of the actor, but my dream to have a family in which it is not necessary to trifle with affections and expose internal feelings on the general review. A family this sacred, and is not important what belief, it is necessary to store this sacrament. I dream to have that that general from marriage, and this most precious - children. I dream find the person which can to understand my private world. Each person has lacks but when you love, you do not notice them. To me years to mine to the elect, after all age it yet the most important are not important how many. Belief....... And what such belief? I love open people, but not mere words. Kind, but not the naive. Gentle, but not for all. I wish to know, why you have decided to address for the help in the acquaintance Internet? You trust that it is possible to find the sincere person here? And why you cannot find the favourite person in the country. Tell more about it. I will wait and hope for your letter!! With impatience. Natasha.
Letter 2
Hi my lovely friend Gene. I hope I can name you my friend? As I already wrote to you I very much I love a scene and theatre. It is possible to name it my hobby. At times I love at leisure sitting in the street, near the house to write verses. But it is not enough such time. When good weather and lyrical mood, I with friends of theatre go on the nature. We rehearse performances and we put new The play. It can for you will strange, but on Sundays I like to play command in volleyball. In the childhood parents would want that I was the sportswoman, but except love to volleyball, I did not begin to listen to them. I like to make the choice and I consider that the person should solve all.
What then not to accuse others. As well as each person at me has an interest and Aspiration to achieve that that The big in a life. The woman is created for love and care in a family. Only business women never feel happiness in a life. At my place it is a lot of colours. In the morning I To pour them and they give me the beautiful flowers. I do not love noisy discos, my work and the big company suffices me. But I already spoke that I not always the open person, I like to happen In loneliness to the thoughts. Discos I consider as meeting of young men which do not give correct Estimations the given situation. I hope you see the worthy friend and meanwhile only the interlocutor. Probably further we become on much closer. You see in me the person of creativity and not standard thinking? Your point of view is interesting to me. Take care.
I wish you successful day. Natasha.
Letter 3
Greetings my good and devoted friend:-)) I Thank for your lovely letter. My English language is bad, but you likely have noticed.
Forgive. I independently study it. My parents do not know foreign languages. The last that they remember it the program from institute on foreign languages. My daddy the editor in the local newspaper, still it writes articles. On it to me since the childhood it was transferred good and competent speech. Still the daddy writes articles. It had a dream to write the book about 2 world war. When it was small only war and to it the father much tell about operations has ended. Probably when it will be on pension, it can find time for the book. My mum the cook. It it is tasty prepares, though work takes away forces and for it to prepare houses any more does not want. At me the good family and me is to that to learn.:-)) I too am tasty I prepare, a pie and cookies my favourite dish. But I dream to learn to prepare a dish of other kitchen. For example the Italian dishes or Chinese. But hardly I can find those components in my city. If I have begun about dreams as well as each woman I dream of a good family. The family should be high-grade and an indicator for the children. That children would take better qualities from parents. Dream.... What is it? It is our purposes and thoughts and on how many accurately we put before ourselves desires that faster they will be executed. So let's dream together? And if our dreams identical who knows as quickly they are executed. Thanks you for a photo, you very sports man. I understand your thoughts, you do not wish to hasten in relations. But we as should know each other more close what understand on how many we can to be close friends. I wait for your letter, to me your company is pleasant. I wish good day. With you always Natasha.
Letter 4

Hi my passionate man. How are you doing? How you spend evening without me?:-)) Each girl will be always assured that its favourite person most-most: the kindest, the cleverest, the most courageous... And it is final everyone it will be right. Unless there is someone better the favourite person? And unless someone can be compared to It? The best... It the Best for everyone also will be such always... Every day it is possible to find in the favourite person that is not present in others. And every day I will admire only my man. But all the same It will remain slightly novel, and a bit mysterious. Likely each woman dreams of it and aspire to see only such eyes. I can in a shower and the romanticist still. But likely my work gives me only merits.
Thanks that you with me. After all you with me?:-)) I am glad to our dialogue and that that pulls together us through such distance the Internet. Take care for me. Your Natasha.
Letter 5
Gene, I see your letter, and my heart breaks up into parts. I know that you my beloved, and I know as you far from me. At theatre on work there is a chaos. Repair has begun. But it is not important. The main thing that you in a shower always with me. Forgive me for all...
I dream, I dream to see you, you that man with which will be quiet and Safely. We could wake up in the morning together, I do hot coffee and a sandwich. And in your shirt I go on kitchen. My ware, and you approach and embrace me. "Good morning". It is all that I wish to hear in the morning. In the afternoon we walk on redden and to park, we go for a drive on a roundabout and we are envied by the whole world. In the evening I dress the best dress and I prepare the new dish from an Ukrainian cuisine. On a table there are candles... We speak about the future. We look in the face and we can not To come off, words are not necessary to us, we can simply read thoughts, because we ideal pair.
And every night I fall asleep with these thoughts. You can present as it pleasantly to understand that we together? I hope you accept me such what I is. If I have offended you, I am sorry. I am ready to do you by the happiest man in the world. Your tenderness and hope Natasha.
Letter 6
Hi My dear!! I too test not usual tenderness, passion and satisfaction when I receive your letter. How you have spent days off? How your health? Well working week here has again begun. I wish you successful day. I love old films. We can look them together. I well understand English language. But as you see I write in English badly. Road, you awake with the most gentle man. Thanks you again for Photo, but I saw them. Gene, I to you as will allow to see me in a dress. In the following letter I will send you the new photo. Road, I work at theatre the actress. But I do not understand that you asked about theatre? Dear Gene, at me it will be fast holiday. It would be good time to learn each other more close. What do you think? It seemed to me that the love is not present also it does not exist. But to you I test the tender feelings. I do not know that such love, but it seems at all seeing you, I would like to be only with you. I love you. Natasha.
Letter 7
Greetings my good! Now to me it is very sad, in the street it is raining and
Right now it would be desirable to embrace you and simply to sit and see a rain.
On a photo which I sent you there was my city. This small river which
Passes not far from my house. At us in a city very silently. I wanted
To show photos of my city of Hmelnik. Road, I wished to set
Question, you use the translator? He/she is the good translator, I all
I understand that you write. You can read my letter, to you all is clear?
You were before in Ukraine? I will agree with you, have passed iaeei (raspberry, crimson) time
What to plan on the future. I think to us it is necessary in more details
To study each other. But I see that you very good man, you gentle
And understanding. It seems to me you can care of a family and favourite
The person. With care Natasha.
Letter 8
Expensive Gene, I see glad that I can again your letter. I so wish to nestle
To your strong shoulder. It will be fast at us performance. But we do it
For small children. Before theatre closing on repair we do
Performance at 1 o'clock. A fairy tale for children. We will not rehearse. I with
Collective for a long time played this fairy tale. You read Russian fairy tale "Red
Hat ". A fairy tale about a malicious wolf and the girl which went to the grandmother.
:-)) It is a kind fairy tale. Favourite, I understand that you use
The translator. But I can tell to you good news. I know English
Language. Probably I do errors in the letter, but trust I can speak
Better:-)) I Hope when that I can hear your voice. I too hope
That you can be at me and get acquainted with my native. And I in the
Turn I can be at you. To see your house, to help with an economy and the nobility
Your native and friends. A gene, I too consider that there is no coincidence, it
Signs. At you it is raining, it is a sign, I trust in it!!! I am glad that I can yours
Mother to see on a photo, she loves work the woman:-)) I too wish to send
To you a photo. On a photo my girlfriend and the colleague. I hope I can know it
Personally. I love you and I wait your letter. Natasha.
Letter 9
Hi my favourite!!! I very much liked your photos, you
Look the strong man. Road, I will play a role of the grandmother. At
Me there will be a make-up of the old woman.:-)) It is amusing for children. They even
Do not understand that the young girl plays the grandmother:-)) your mother the hero!!!
At such age to have flowers and to look after them, it is a feat:-))
Honour to know your brothers would be road, for me. Yes, you speak
Early about our wedding. But the life can turn all on the. SO
Our wedding a real theme for discussion. At my grandmother there is the
Kitchen garden. From for works I do not have time to go often. But when I
I come, I do not allow the grandmother to work. I can sit down cucumbers,
To look after tomatoes and trees. I collect a strawberry and a raspberry. I think
I will consult! I too dream that when you you can know my parents
And to ask my hand. I love you. Natasha.
Letter 10
Hello my favourite, thank you for letter, I am glad too constantly to see your letters.
Your photo is very merry.
I see your kind eyes.
It seems to me you never miss and you heavily than that to upset.
You always are pleased of the li.
Dear , you say plant that produces your plant?
Dear , you live far from city?
Tell of that place where do you live.
Why your brothers live so far from you?
My mum prepares very tasty, she is cook.
But now in the country crisis and she went out to pension.
It was not a bit long ago.
You took to taste ai?uu (borsch)?
It is a red soup with tomatoes.
Ukrainian dish.
I will prepare him to you and your mother. :-))
In turn she can acquaint me with your kitchen.
I like to prepare.
My father editor in local newspaper.
He likes to read and likes books of war.
Now he writes book of great domestic war.
It takes his free time.
And where is your father?
Dear , you can tell me of your former attitudes ?
If you this topic is not pleasant, then you can not say of it.
I like you and wait for your nice letter.
Gently whole. Natasha.

Letter 11
Nice, hello.
I am glad to receive your letter, excuse me that did not write long to you.
I was engaged and could not come to Internet cafe.
I now should visit our grandmother.
I came to Internet cafe that to write to you.
My grandmother now in the village, it needs aid in the garden.
But I promise that in Tuesday I can write to you.
Because I will already work in the theatre.
And in Tuesday my new rehearsal begins.
September 1 there will be performance.
And I should well prepare to statement.
This time I could not see your photo.
Likely in my eiiiu?aoa error passed.
I ask send one's photo again.
Dear ,now I understand of which plants you say. :-)))
I think it good and amusing idea to learn me to driving.
I shall be grateful.
I understand where do you live.
I studied geography in the school.
But it seems to me I remember where there is your house:-))
Gene, I regret that you had ?aneacaou not pleasant history.
Iiy want to know of you all.
All that was in your the past, it has already passed.
It is not necessary to regret.
You oiaa lived by the li which you chose.
But now new step in the li and you should live and to be pleased to a new time.
Thank you for frank words and history.
Excuse me once again if you it was not pleasingly.
But so we will understand closer.
Dear , I am happy that between us such attitudes develop.
It seems to me we are very frank and we understand each other.
Am I rights ?
I like you and I will very miss in these days.
I shall each night wish to you sweet dreams.
Your tenderness Natasha.
Letter 12
Hello dear is Hi my good!!
I missed very much for you:- ((
It was torture without your letters and news.
To me was sadly to realise that we so it is widely separated.
I want to know than you engaged in all of this time?
Favourite, I saw your photo, you are a very courageous man and robust physically.
Native, I will do to you massage after day of work. :-)
Dear , I want to lead in fact machine , it is my dream.
It is amusing:-))
I be not able to lead, because in the family there is no machine and me nobody could teach.
My grandmother was to me very kind.
I drank a pair milk and assisted it to do curds.
You ate a home curds?
It is very tasty and usefully for health.
My visiting the grandmother had still heavily physically.
I was in the garden.
Watered cucumbers.
Broke yaeiee from the trees.
But it did without injuries)))
Dear , me each night was very sadly without you.
because I remembered your delicate letters and your care.
I feel sad because I cannot know when we meet.
I will wait for your letter as it is possible soon.
Your love and beloved Natasha.
Letter 13
Today in oao?a (U-turn) short day, I work today before 3 ?ania (chapel).nae?an ((now, just now, (only) just)) I have been already free and I can write to you letter. dear. you understood the last my letter? Favourite tomorrow I will try to go in eio?iao (Internet) cafe that to see your letter. I like you!!!! Natasha.
Letter 14
Hello Dear !!!! Gene, in the beginning I did not understand your question. But now I can understand of what play you say. I not always play the first roles in the theatre. But I not long ago played performance known “Red little cap”. I played the role of the grandmother. Now I prepare by September 1. From this day officially vacations in the theatre end. And we will play many performances. Now rehearsal by September 1 goes.
Performance is named “Young taxi driver”. It is eiaiaaey. I will play taxi driver's girlfriend. Role takes 18 minutes. Performance to last 2 hours.
I think that I can do photo, when I play role. Or to do photo when I prepare to the exit to scene. My mum now in leave and left now to the grandmother. I arrived from grandmother, and mum went to it :-)) The daddy each day works above book. It is hard and he little time conducts with iaie (mythology) and me. Gene, you should not hesitate your ****** ideas. We adult people I really think that physical vicinity in attitudes should be! I too want a strong, delicate men's body.
Dear , I wish you. For me very heavily our distance. And I want to be beside. after day of work, to lie with you to bed. I like you and I will wait for moment when you can offer to meet. Your hope Natasha.
Letter 15
Hello. Favourite, you are right 18 minutes are difficult to memorise, but I am assisted as well by these 18 minutes I say with break. so, that if I forget that I can read scenario.
Or to invent word and to replace him.
Here is nothing terrible:-))
I with daddy have good relations.
But we say seldom of personal attitudes.
By these secrets I share with mum.
But I think for girl it properly:-))
Dear , you very hot say of my body, I want to touch up to you.
And to feel all charms of your delicate hands.
I say in English well, I understand that to write on English I badly.
I have many errors.
But I possess very well discussion.
And I can have conversation with ease.
Possibly my accent will be ridiculous :-))
Gene, all that this the past was in the past,.
And it is not necessary about it to regret.
The main is your act and actions in the future.
And I will appreciate each your decision.
But if it is i?aeeuiia.
I think to us it is worth to forget what was long ago...
We should not it.
I like this photo very much, I think this linen will be very beautiful on me:-))
Thank you for your photo, you always remind of yourself and it differently !!
Dear Gene, you thought of our meeting?
It likely is very hard and many problems.
But indeed even 100000 letters cannot solve our future.
How you think?
I like you and wait for your ****** letter.
Letter 16
Hello my dear!!
Dear , you say that we know little each other, but indeed even 1000 letters will not give us of total picture.
Only personal contact can give us concept each other.
You agree?
If you simply want to remove our meeting and you do not want to incur cargo and responsibility, then I am pity.
Gene, I am now on work.
In the theatre not big repair was done.
And already in September I shall be new performances.
Scene and play begins.
But more of course I want to see you.
For me career is not the main, but the main li with favourite person.
I am ready to replace work to you!!
I wish to you more rest, each person should rest.
Take care.
Letter 17
Dear , I am glad to receive too your letters.
You are a delicate , careful man.
To me to write very convenient in Russian.
Thank you that you permit me to do it.
If I write on English I do many errors:- ((
Dear , I would like to see your mum, to study to lead machine.
To see your brother.
For me it interesting, if you are not against, then I could see your house.
I understand possibly it will be many difficulties.
But all of us should meet and to see each other.
Dear , how your weather?
At us very coldly and I already can surface warm jacket.
Dear , I can go on Monday to tourist aaainoai and to ask of trip.
Possibly I can ask their aid.
How you think it will be right?
I do not know what should be my steps.
But this first is that occurred me.
I like you, you are the most delicate and understanding man in my li.
I like you.
Letter 18
Favourite, how are you doing?
I missed for your delicate letter.
Today I only came to work.
Yesterday we noted holiday “The day of independence”.
It was very merrily.
Because many people in the city centre, there are all merry and big concert on scene.
But beside did not suffice you.
It seemed to me that my heart is lonely without you.
I constantly in the crowd saw your person and me it became very pleasant.
It was cool, but not coldly.
Yes, a few days it back was very cold.
Celsius 14 degrees.
But 25 degrees became warm now,.
Favourite, I like a ****** linen very much.
But to show me no one of him.
I have red iai?a? (negligee) , but I will surface him only on the meeting with you.
Dear , but now I want to tell of how was in the agency.
There is a good news.
That the agency can help me in drawing up of documents.
And I should not go to Kiev, to spend money and time.
To me passport overseas could be done , visa and to book tickets.
For what is to do documents to be necessary 2 weeks of the time.
It turns out that in September I can be beside you.
But anoeu(natural scientist) bad news from which to me it became bad.
They said of eiainiaie (dissident) party.
I thought that my saves will suffice at least to drawing up of documents.
But amount very But amount very aaneeea(a lot of weight) for me.
And I am afraid that I cannot pay all charges independently. :- (
Favourite, I ask be not afflicted.
I understand that it is hard to hear.
But now I do not know what can be exit.
I like you by all by the heart but I already regret that went to travel agency.
I like you!!
Natasha. for me.
And I am afraid that I cannot pay all charges independently. :- (
Favourite, I ask be not afflicted.
I understand that it is hard to hear.
But now I do not know what can be exit.
I like you by all by the heart but I already regret that went to travel agency.
I like you!!
Letter 19
Favourite, hi!
I too am very glad to your letter.
I like when you answer all my questions and reason of my ideas.
Thank you to you for photo, you appear having a rest and pleased.
For you there is wooden iiei?ea (crackpot).
You did by her your hands?
She very beautiful, you were of the house?
Dear Gene, my holiday was merry.
On area many people were going, concert was.
Many sweets were sold.
But likely for you it will be strange if I say that all were *****?
Much spirits is sale in the street.
People went and drank ****, champagne, all cafe they were overflown.
You knew that in our country plenty of spirits is used.
It harms by all inhabitant, many people drink each day.
It is sad:- ((
Yes, you are right, I want to you to show a ****** body.
But as each woman I consider that I have deficiencies.
But I hope you do not see them:-)
I will do each evening to you different displays of the linen and ****** evening will be at us.
I too want very much to take sandwiches and to get out to street.
We as well in the evening can be of the house and I will prepare to you.
My mum many recipes gave me and taught to do a tasty meal.
Favourite, operator told me that I can be at you month.
But I consider that even 3 weeks possible to understand on how many we close people.
I think that for month it is possible to make plans and to think of the future.
This time it will be enough that well know each other.
In the agency I was said that the main to do documents.
It is passport and visa.
Passport will cost 135 $, and visa 224 $.
Those are big money, but travel agency guarantees to do all honestly, quickly.
Because if I become to do herself, I should go to Kiev, it is very far.
Residing in these days will be very expensive.
And I can do that is not so or that to forget.
Then me it will remain to do tickets in which case I can be at you.
Yes, in September there will be a good weather, not very hotly and not yet coldly.
If I can do now documents, then approximately September 20 I can be at you.
What you think?
Gene, me is hard to say of money, I never previously addressed for aid. I am pity that such situation developed, but trust, if I could take such amount, I never would say you of money.
For me it important to know and to feel that I am liked and value me.
When we meet we can understand at once on how many we close people.
You agree?
For it a lot of time it is not necessary, And During LI WE will study each other and us never it will be boring together.
I like you!!!
Letter 20
Hi my favourite.
I am glad that you liked my photo, but you do not say of my not prosperities.
You consider that I have they ?
To photo my girlfriend and colleague.
You earlier saw her to photo.
We walked with it together in the park in holiday.
Was merrily.
Dear , you said that you have a brother and he lives in the city, but you did not say that you have still sister. is she sister native to you?
Favourite, I did not ask at operator how many tickets aboard the plane will cost.
But I warned operator that I need the cheapest tickets and cheap documents.
She said that can take the ticket of economy class.
And if to book ticket earlier and to take there and back, then it will leave not costly, but if you want I can go to travel agency and to ask about it.
I was said that by the very first step it is necessary documents and if me the embassy gives visa and permits to go to you, only then it is possible to purchase tickets. Dear , if we want to meet September 20, then money for documents I need now.
I could take money from the bank and to go at once to travel agency.
To give them amount and to wait for my documents 2 weeks.
Favourite Gene, on Sunday bank does not work.
If you convenient does it on present week, then I already can bear on Saturday money.
Favourite, I so much should do.
I should take information and proof and all these documents to bear too to agency.
So, that I will have to ask time from work.
But as I the best in our theatrical group, I could be given by 2 hours of free time in day:-))
I play very well my dialogues.
I will show necessarily to you at meeting all my scenes.
Gene, for me it is of course very unexpectedly.
I did not think that for such short time it is possible to fall in love and to be the most happy person.
I like you and wait for your letter.
Gene, I do not know what information is necessary you that you could go to bank.
To travel agency I was said as to do it, but I understand nothing a.
I only could know that you can send me aid through Westorn Union.
You know it?
Favourite, write to me all!!
Letter 21
Hi favourite!!!
It's a pity I have no bare photo and I cannot show to you a bare figure.
But you were right when they said that you can see me in underwear:-))
I think the first night will be very delicate and romantic.
You have already purchased candles?
I like candles very much and romantic music.
I even can dance to you.
You want it?
Dear , when I asked for sister.
You said that the photo was done in the sister's house.
I likely is not right understood you.
Thank you for your compliments, you are very delicate and close.
You said with mum about me?
You said that I will arrive to you?
Is she not against that I will live in your house?
I said too yesterday with father of you.
I could not show your photo, because house I do not have computer.
But I said of you, what are you careful.
The father said that blessing can give.
But it is only after I will return with you to Ukraine.
So, that before us task can stand.
I visit you, will get acquainted with your mother and brothers.
And then, in time you can arrive to me.
Favourite Gene, you are right, for passport and visa I should 359 $.
I will send to you information in English that you were not mistaken in the bank. Gerdenko Natasha. Ukraine.
Address: Index: 22004, Region: Vinnitskij, Town: Hmilnik. I think that this information it is enough.
Dear , when you awaken to send me letter, I too should know your data.
Say as title of your airport?
Where for me it is better i?eeaoaou (to stick)?
When you can go to bank?
Tomorrow in Ukraine the banks work and I can go on it there, then to attribute at once money to agency.
In which case it will remain only to wait for.
All documents are which are required from me, I have already collected.
And I constantly have with myself.
That in any minute I could give it to agency.
Dear , I cannot say that I got tired strongly.
I have many forces.
I have forces to road to you and for our night of love.
I will say much and to tell.
I already present as we will spend our time Gene, I even with gladness shall help you in the garden.
Likely now the plants need water.
I could water all.
Dear , I can imagine only as you awaken to whisper me to ear delicate words.
It excites very much.
Nice, I test the most tender feelings to you.
Trust and love is too in my heart.
I like you.
Many kiss Natasha.
Letter 22
Hello my good, my sun above head!!
Your neighbours have very beautiful garden.
You are friends well with them?
And you of the house have a garden?
Dear , I am grateful for your understanding.
You do not want that I watered your plants.
But I think that it is necessary to work to pleasure.
I do not say that we should do it from the morning and till late evening, but it is necessary to assist your mother necessarily.
Gene, both you say and will be.
I too worry very much before the meeting of your mother.
I want very much to make a good impression to it.
And that she accepted me to your family.
I hope it at me can turn out.
Now I think above souvenirs which I will bring from Ukraine.
But it will remain surprise:-)))
I want very much to go with you in Koliforniyu.
You say of entertainments park?
I will go for a drive with you on swings?
Favourite, it will be my children's dream.
I am afraid that the child will wake up really will ask in me at you to purchase to me a sweet cotton:-)))))))
It will be amusing:-))
Dear , thank you for understanding, I appreciate that you do not ask such photo.
For me it was important and you understood me.
Thank you to you, is my favourite.
Gene, good idea to go to coast, it can be done in the evening, we can take sandwiches and to sit on the carpet.
It is very romantic.
To see sunset, to listen waves and to hear wind.
Dear , tomorrow I cannot write to you, because theatre does not work.
I shall see your letter on Monday.
I think that on Monday by day I should go to bank and then to go at once to agency.
In the morning I can ii?eo?eou (reprimand) your letter.
You will have time to go in this time too to bank?
Dear , my blood boils, and I will try to do as soon as possible, I want in same minute to be with you.
You are very romantic.
But the main you understand me and big is rating that you do not ask my bare photo.
Thank you for it.
I like you!!!!!!!
Letter 23
Hi nice.
Yes, tomorrow at me performance, many schoolers will come and tickets almost all are purchased.
Nae?na passes the last of rehearsal.
I worry because tomorrow I have responsible day.
It performance I have already played as well words one's I know.
But September 1 it is holiday.
I remember that you said that your neighbours left as well you look their house.
It is hard when you should work in your garden, and to look for strange garden.
How your mum?
Gene, I am surely that we will spend well time to us will be merrily.
But the main that I will know closer than you and we will have romantic attitudes.
At you now coldly?
When it is raining it is good for plants.
And at this time you can rest and to be in the house.
You thought about me yesterday?
I dreamed and presented our meeting.
I do not know that can wait for me in Losangeles, Anakhajme, California, but I know that beside you I will feel protected and in reliable hands.
I like you.
Dear Gene, you were today in the bank?
I could go today too to bank, but you did not write to me news.
Likely at you it did not turn out to go to bank.
I shall be patient.
I can go tomorrow after concert to bank and agency.
I waited for very much today, because I again can see your delicate letters and to wait for your answer.
It troubles my blood very much.
I to the mum say much of you and likely I told it already all:-))
She see as I am happy and says that it is my future.
I should protect you and to appreciate.
She always gives me correct ideas and council.
I like you. I will wait for your letter.
Tenderness Natasha.
You learned my girlfriend to photo? :-)) She to you transmitted wishes:-))
Letter 24
Favourite, I wish to you a good day. I no longer can write to you today and cannot see your letter.
Now I had a break, but then I will rehearse till iicaaai evening.
What you awaken to do ?
I like you and miss for you.
I am happy that I found a favourite person.
I wait for your news.
Your Natasha.
Letter 25
Good afternoon my nice Gene!!
Today big holiday for pupils.
Today “The day of knowledges”.
All schoolers and children are which learn go the first day to school after vacations.
You have such holiday?
After employment usually the teachers bring children to theatre.
And here my work begins.
I have already conducted one performance.
Today of them will be 4.
This performance on statement Pushkin.
In school program children pass this tale.
This kind tale, but there is one's true of the li in it.
Children learn properly to live.
Today heavy day.
But I chose time that to write to you.
because I constantly think of you and I cannot not see your letters.
But you did not write to me today and I begin to suffer.
What that happened?
Dear. I ask write me urgently.
I want to know all that you think.
Indeed we became close and native people and I suffer for you.
What your news that you can say me?
I like you and wait for your letter.
Transmit your mother of wish!
This kiss is for you today!
Tenderness Natasha.
Letter 26
Favourite, how are you doing?
You did not write to me yesterday and today.
It seems to me that took place bad.
But I try not to think about it and to drive away all these ideas.
I suffer of you, ask write me that all it is good with you.
I like you and I am afraid very much to lose you.
You are roads to me!!!
Letter 27
Favourite, I wrote to you many letters, possibly my ieuia fall to you to other box?
I ask check your mail.
I miss for you and suffer very much.
But you did not answer and did not write to me these days.
Thank you for verse, just he is very sad and sad. but I know that all we will have good.
I like you.
And I ask do not do it hurts me.
I wait for very much your letter.
Tenderness your Natasha.
Letter 28
Favourite that takes place with your mail. You did not write to me and nothing you answer. I cannot suffer or to wait for your letters. I understand that everything all right, but our mail was with you iioa?yiay and it troubles me very much. And can took place that other? You can were frightened of serious attitudes ? Gene, I ask for me it very heavily and I not shall go through your loss. You for me are all! All world and Earth. I ask do not do it hurts me! I wrote to you each day, but I do not receive letter from you. I like you! Natasha.
Letter 29
Dear , all of you do not write not, but I will constantly write to you and not to release you from heart. I like aa (to stake everything) and want to do all for iaoaain?anouy. I leave now home, because in the theatre already there is nothing to do. Strong rain goes and all rehearsal have already ended. I cannot see today your letter. But I hope tomorrow I your nice letter and photo shall see. I trust that all will be good. I like you.
Letter 30
My heart is broken off from pain that you do not write to me.
You understand that you should let to me knowand that takes place.
Why you so lead yourself?
why you torment me?
I like you, but you are oaaaaoa my heart.
To ii?aiio you do not try to write to me?
I ask write my telephone, possibly I can write to you iiiauaiea (monumental) to telephone. I like you. and I do not want to lose.
Your Natasha.
Letter 31
What took place?
Why li and the world so is severe? I cannot go through our ?annoiaaiea (to extend, to spread).
The man in my li struck a **** again me to back. very it's a pity that you do not write to me.
And me became from it even worse.
Again the man deceived me.
Letter 32
Dear , How are you doing?
I wanted to see your letter, but you ceased to me to write.
I thought that you are serious, but as soon as difficulties began, you escaped from me.
Or can I not of right ?
We could not find exit from situation, but you did not started to want to solve this problem.
In the theatre changes take place. I said you that there is one computer in the theatre.
Now access to Internet will be only in the evening.
I can write to you and to see your letters before I will leave from theatre in the evening.
But I think that it will not hinder us to communicate.
Though recently I do not receive your letters.
But I am oaoonu by hope that when that all of you write me and you can say me true.
Favourite, I pear without you, me seems I live as plant, because there is no beside favourite person.
I want very much to feel protected and favourite.
I want to feel desirable.
I like you and wait for tomorrow your letter.
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