Scam Letter(s) from Snezhana to Charles (UK)

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Letter 1

My darling Charles!

Has passed some days as I did not write to you and did not receive from you letters. It was as eternity. If to think of it that it seems, that long. But has flown by this time very quickly. I think it as from that my travel has passed in very intense movement. When I had meetings and there was one in hotel when I went to a taxi on work in another's city. Every second you were with me and in my heart!

Charles I think you as thought of me and represented us together. Therefore our ideas were visualized also we saw that we wish to see.

In Novosibirsk already coldly. There -10 degrees C. I have not considered it and have not taken with myself warm clothes. Therefore I had very few walks on city. Only business trips on work. My darling I have bought for you some gifts. When we shall meet I shall present you it. And we shall recollect as I wrote to you about trip. Also that has bought these gifts for the lovely man. We shall not have time to look back as this time will fly by! It will be eternity till the moment of our meeting. But when we shall meet that we shall consider, that has passed only one day. To me so always happens, when for something you wait. I observed of it. And you?

To me so it is pleasant, that I at home. I do not have necessity somewhere to run and hasten. Because I can not have time something to make. I am very glad, that I can have rest now.

My darling Charles I have learned from travel agencies, that for travel to you I require in about 1000 euro. They guarantee performance of the work. And I shall arrive to the appointed date to you where we can be together. My love I do not have such money. To me painfully to ask it you. I do not wish to be for you a heavy burden.

To me painfully to realize, that my dream will meet you falls. I very much want it. But I do not know, that now will be.

How are you my darling? Write to me.

Thinking of you!

Kiss you!

Your Snezhanna.



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