Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Aleksandrova to Charles (UK)
Letter 1
Hi, this is Alena

Sorry, but there were no respectable photos!
Letter 2
I am glad to receive from you a prompt reply!!! I learned about cost of mine Documents. I should have 78 dollars for the visa, 146 dollars for The international passport, 133 dollars for the ticket the plane, and 250 Dollars for hotel and for foodstuff, that I Could live in Moscow Some time. I hope, that you can help me With the finance. How I can receive from you the finance? I never did such things. I Want with impatience to arrive to you. I shall do for you all that you Will tell for me... Your I the SLAVE!!! Believe me... I can do Dirty work...
When I can start to do my documents???
Letter 3

I am glad that you will to help me with the finance. I am happy!!! I
Can Soon to start to do my documents... I with impatience want to
Arrive To you that you fucked me in the various way. I shall do all
All That you want. You will be as in a fairy tale. You spoke about big
A dog? I It is ready on everythingI already spoke you. I am ready to
Do all dirty work. I am ready that I was fucked by the big dog. To me
All the same... You Have asked my information? It: RussiaVolzhsk
CityMira street 14-2zip code 425009my name is Alenamy surname
Is Aleksandrova. I want Now to ask you how you will send me the
Finance? As I can To receive from you the finance. I do not know about
It. I with impatience wait the answer From you. I kiss you penis...
Your sexy Alena.
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