Scam letter(s) from Julia Metelitza to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

with love
Letter 2
Hello my love!!
How are u?
I am better... Missed of u very much.(((
U dont write me(( I crying
Was at the doctor. At me a mastitis... Very much the ****** is ill. But
It is treated. All will be good.
I cannot make the visa to Great Britain. I still married. And it costs
Money. I do not have spare cash. And I do not wish to ask from you!
But I very much wish you to see. Very-very... If I go to Ukraine. It is
Possible there will meet!!!
I tell you the truth I do not lie...
Please trust me!!!
I love you!! Very-very much.. And miss(((

With love
Letter 3
Hello Charles!
Well...I thought of us much
I have changed my profile on LL
I search for nobody theresimply I communicate in a chat. I learn English
I love you Charles very much.. And thinking of you
Yesterday has arrived my grandfather from Ukraine
In the middle of January I precisely will leave there...
If you want we can will meet there...
I very much wish to meet you...
Nobody is necessary to me except you..
Trust me pls
Letter 4

Hello my darling!!!
How are u?
I asked about the visa. Here it is difficult to open the guest visa.
Occupies a lot of time and money. It is much easier to make it with you.
When you will arrive. The Embassy of England is in Almate. I should
Communicate with the ambassador. Also it is not known it will give the
Permission or not. It will be easier if you with me is...
I will arrive to Ukraine in the middle of January. If you want it is
Possible simply there will meet. And then you can to me to Karaganda in
The summer arrive. And together we will open the visa..Or to try to open
The visa it is possible in Ukraine in the Kazakh embassy. Too a
What you think about it?
I miss u!!

With love

Letter 5
Hello my dear Charles
How are you?
Whats new?
I have bought tickets in Ukraine for January5th..
Will be there 1-2 months...
When you can arrive there?
I very wish to see you..
I miss you...

With love

Letter 6
Hello my love..
How are u?
I thought you will arrive on my Birthday((
I will live at the grandfather 2 months.
In apartment in Karaganda there will live my mum while I will not be...
The grandfather lives in Vinnitsa.It is a city...The grandfather has a
House. He lives in the village near to Vinnitsa..
I can arrive by train to Kiev to you. Without the son...
I do not know Kiev. To me too it is terrible...By train to Kiev 4 hours
To go...
You will write when will arrive. Precisely. And in what hotel you will
Be. I will arrive there. I do not know where there the airport
I cannot is constant go there-here.I will be with you while you will not
Leave..if you want of course...
To me too it is terrible. I do not know you. I do not know a city. I
Will be alone. It is risk. I the girl..because
It is dangerous to girls to travel alone..You understand me?
When I will arrive there. I will write phones as it is possible to
Communicate with me. Also I will write letters on email to you!
Do not worry... I am serious. And seriously I wish to meet..
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