Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
My name is Evgeniya. I saw your structure on a site search of acquaintances lonely and have decided to write to you. I use this dialogue in for the first time. And I do not know what to write to you. But I want to find the friend, the partner and can also the destiny. And I hope that I can find that that I search. Though I think that the structure cannot say much about the person. But for friendship or creation of friendship it is necessary to know much about each other. You agree with me? And consequently I ask you that you have written to me only to my personal email: And I can write to you also the letter on your personal emil and send some photo. Now it is time to me to finish this letter. I hope that my letter do not remain without the answer and I shall receive your answer and your letter and also your photo. I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hi Gavin!!!!
Many thanks for your letter, it is very pleasant for me. Whether today I went in the Internet of cafe and thought of that I from you shall receive the answer to my short message.
I shall tell under the truth did not expect to receive the letter, but I very much hoped for it and my expectations were justified also I am glad.
I want to tell that I have very small experience of conversation through the Internet, it is possible to tell it practically was not present! And for me now opens new, not the familiar world for me and in this new world I have found you.
I am very glad that my profile and my letter have interested you. I hope that now we learn about each other more and I think that we shall find much in common between us. I want to tell to you a little about myself that you had the best representation about me.
As you already know my name is Evgeniya. I live in the Kazan city, republic Tatarstan, Russia.
I am 27 years old and my birthday 1 of September, and I shall become more senior for one year.
I have blue eyes and I have blonde hair. My growth of 173 centimeters, my weight is equal to 58 kgs.
I very active person and I do not like to sit on a place. I work as the manager on sales of home appliances.
It is work interesting to me and it demands the creative approach to it and I give a lot of time to the work. I also like to go in for sports and I am engaged in fitness.
Employment by sports help me to feel like better and relieve of excess weight. Also I do not smoke and I do not take alcoholic drinks. I think that cigarettes bring very huge harm to the person.
I have a lot of interests in life: dances, sports, rest, clothes, cookery.
I will tell about them more in following my letters to you, if you not mind. I am now lonely, and I want to begin new page of my life and I search for the person with whom I could begin this life!
Maybe this men will be you? The time will show to us and I think that we have taken the first step to this.
What do you think? Gavin, I would like to learn about you more, write me more about myself, about your work, about your interests. I think that so we can learn about each other more and it will allow us to understand better each other and to become closer!
Gavin, if you will have questions to me you can ask to me them, I will answer them.
Now I finish the letter and I will wait from you answer.
Your Evgeniya.
Letter 3
Hi Gavin.
Thank huge for such is delightful also the cognitive letter. To me it is very pleasant to receive at once from one letter so a lot of information on you. It is the big pleasure for me.
I am very glad to receive from your letter today. I think that we now start to know each other.
Today I want to tell to you about my life and my hobbies. My mum - she is doctor, But now she on the deserved rest, her name is Natalya Vasilievna, I do not have father. It has left on with with mother when to me was only 2 years. I almost do not remember it.
I have finished school and entered in the Kazan State University and have finished faculty on a speciality the manager and now I now work as the manager on employment of jobless people.I am live at together with mother in a two-room apartment.
I very much love my mam, they helped me in many things,
and I very appriciate them for helping me. I am one child in family and all love of parents have been certainly directed on me. I had very happy childhood. Now I want find the person with which I can to find happiness and with whom I can connect the further life. I very active person, I do not like to sit on a place.
I very much love sports and a lot of attention I give the figure and beauty.
Each girl wants to look beautifully and wants that the man paid attention to her and I am not exception.
I can safely tell that I put my appearance on the first place and I try to look always beautifully.
I am engaged in aerobics three - four times a week in one of sports clubs Kazan and it is pleasant to me.
Also I am fond of dances, and I can tell that I very well dance. I also visit night clubs, but now my interest to them gone, there can be it from for my age, I can has matured and have decided to think of the life????
Yes, in life of each person I think there are such moments when he reflects on life, about that he has made for the and about that he should make. I now dream of family and about happy home life.
Gavin, you dream of it?
Also I give a lot of time to reading of books, I think, that reading of books on much more useful than to watch TV, and the more I read, the more I learn and I raise the knowledge in this or that area.
I read the greater measure Russian writers, and I like to read books of writer Ahmatovoj most .
As I live one to me it is necessary to cook myself I cook itself and I for these years have learned to cook very well, is especial my "kitchen" it is pleasant to my parents. They come to me on a visit and we spend the days off together. Gavin, tell to me about the family, about the hobbies, I think, that too very much much interests you in life.
You had question on that, whence I have found your electronic address.
I for a long time sat in the Internet of cafe also searched for the person suitable for me in the Internet, and in the friend I have seen your structure and as if inspiration has taken place in my soul. I at once have thought that you the most suitable person for dialogue, for feelings, for trust to each other. I hope that our communication will be long and successful. Also I to you want to tell that my English is not ideal. I know that I have many mistakes in drawing up the offer and correct statement of all words in the text. I understand it and I try to study English a little bit better. I do not use the translator. As earlier some years I studied in foreign languages and have received quite good formation.
Though I write badly. But my colloquial English very well. My girlfriends always to me about it speak me. It pleases me a little. Now it is necessary letter to me close. I shall wait from you the letter.
Sincerelly yours Evgeniya.
Letter 4

Hi Gavin.
I today very much hastened to come in the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter.
I want to tell to you fairly that I thought of you and I waited for your letter today and I am very glad to see your letter in my letter box. I have read your letter and thought of what to you to write and I have decided to write to you about the character, about that is pleasant to me in the person and that I do not like!
I can assert with confidence that I very quiet person. I do not love noise, I like when my life goes moderately. It is very easy to wound, offend, afflict me, but at my insult quickly passes. I was very shy in relations with the man, and I never undertook nothing to make a first step on a meeting to the man. And in due course my character has changed, now I became more open. I think to this my work because work of the manager is connected to dialogue, and the main thing in this work skill to communicate of the person, its skill to find common language with clients (with buyers) promoted, but in relations with men I have remained the same modest girl. I have girlfriends. And they are surprised to me and ask " as such beautiful girl as I cannot find to myself the man? "
Yes, I agree with it, many count me beautiful and I also think that I beautiful, but external beauty of the person for me not the most important. I think that in the person all should be beautiful and first of all his heart!!! Presently people have very strongly changed, they have overlooked about the heart! Now people think only of the benefit and pay attention only to appearance of the person, now it is not important for them what actually the person, his position in a society is important, his bank account, his money is important.
Actually money for people now began to have determining values! Sometimes my girlfriends speak that I live in the other century, that at me old representations about life, they speak that I am romantic.
Yes, I am distinguished from the girlfriends, for them now the most important beautiful life and they try take all from the young guys that they can. I have got used to achieve all.
I think that I early started independent life from the parents though they always spoke that they can the help to me, but I tried to pass vital difficulties itself both I devoted much time to work and I have absolutely forgotten about the private life. For me on the first place there was my work though I receive not the big money. At that time when my girlfriends walked with the young steam rooms I sat at home and developed new ideas about that as it is possible to increase a sales volume.
Now it seems to me ridiculous but then for me it had prime values and now for me my work has big values, but now I want to start to build the private life I want to love and be loved!
I want to find good man which I shall love on the present. Who knows maybe this man you?????
I also very kind person, I always help people when my help is necessary for them.
Sometimes even in harm to! I love honesty in people, I always speak that that I think, I always speak all in all sincerity. And I do not like when me deceive, I always speak that better the bitter truth than sweet lie! I very strong person though there are minutes when would be desirable me that me have regretted, sometimes I would like to be cried to somebody in a waistcoat and these minutes it is very difficult for me. But we shall not be about sad. At me very good sense of humour, I like to be pleased lives both I like to have a rest and I like to travel. In the spring I was in Finland.
And there very much it was pleasant to me. Gavin, you like to travel? Write to me about your character, about that what you the person! It will be interesting to me to know about you more.
I hope to receive from you the letter soon!
Yours Evgeniya.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Gavin.
Thank for fine photos! You remarkable and perfectly look!
Today we have rainy day and cold weather, but due to your letter I have a smile on my face.
I think that you have learned much about me from my last letter and you now know my character both that is pleasant to me and that I do not like. I today want to tell about that what I see the future, I dream of what future! As I already wrote to you in the previous letters I want to begin new page of the life. I want to build the private life.
Certainly I dream of family. I think that each person wants to have the family, will have the house in which it come and in which it will be met by his or her favourite person! I wrote to you that I search for the person with which I shall continue the life with which I can share the pleasure and grief with which I shall pass the life. I want to leave in marriage and I want to have 2 children! It is my dream and huge desire, but at the same time I think that in the modern world is possible to live and be together I do not enter a marriage.
I think that this decision should be accepted in common by the man and the woman.
You agree with me? And I also very much love children and they reciprocate to me.
As you already know I was never married also have no children, but I had to bring up my niece and it has been very much adhered to me and I liked a role of mother.
I think that for children the most important is an attention on the part of parents.
It is a pity to me of which those children of their mother leave in children's homes and they never test parent love. It is a problem I think all world from which it is necessary to struggle!
I shall give a lot of time to children, I shall bring up them very well and when they become adults that will tell " mum many thanks to you for that you so have well brought up me!"
I spoke these words to my mother when I have finished university and have received the diploma.
Certainly the question on children too should be solved the husband and the wife!
They should solve for themselves: whether 1. They want to have children?
2. if they want to have children, how many?
In matrimonial life for me the most important value will be had by family. I shall be very good wife.
I think that in family should have the main place the man, the head of the family! He should earn money, and the wife should be the keeper of a home. During too time I do not want to sit all time of a house, I too want to work and benefit the family, but I shall try to find such work which will allow me to more time to give the husband and children. I think that in family everyone should be equal, even children, even their opinion should be taken into account at decision-making which concerns directly him. All should be under construction on mutual understanding and all disagreements in family should be solved in common. The man should not get puffed up and put itself above the wife only because he the man, the husband and he has on this right.
I think he should ask always opinion of the wife, he should respect her opinion.
Certainly in family all should be under construction on mutual respect and love. I think that if spouse they love each other that will overcome all vital difficulties and will live happy home life and I dream of such happy home life. Gavin, I am interested with your representation about the future, I want to know you want to have family, children?
I also am glad to see your name about a call.
I very much wish to hear your voice also.
It cheers ours with you up and we shall be is more close to each other.
Except for that I wish to tell to you that I do not have home telephone number.
It is very strange, but I prefer to use phone on my work.
I the last day talked to my chief about a call.
It has told to me that it is impossible for the reason that calls to foreign countries are forbidden in our firm.
It demands many money from the company.
Also at us in Russia many private phone pay additional money for the accepted call.
Sometimes it is more than proceeding.
Therefore many of my friends do not wish to give me the telephone number for your call.
I have solved that it will be easier to make a call through a public telephone booth.
I at present do not have such money.
But as soon as I shall receive wages and I shall try to call to you.
Gavin, I have decided to admit today to you that you like me also I think about you and I wait from you the letter every day.
Sincerely yours Evgeniya.
Letter 6
Hi my dear Gavin.
I am very glad to receive from you letter today. How you have lead the days off?
I have lead them well, but weather was cold. I want to admit to you that I am waited these day to receive from you the letter and to write to you the answer.
All these days I thought of you and I have missed on you, under your letters.
I think, that we became closer each other! And I start to feel attachment to you.
You have such feeling? I want to tell to you that I am modest girl and I am very cautious in the words and acts, but to me you would be desirable you to tell these words " I like you very much? " I hope that I have not confused you with the frankness?!
I do not know why to me with you very pleasantly and easily to communicate.
I can speak you all frankly and I do not test constraint, though I very constraining.
It can because we communicate with you with the help the Internet and we do not see each other to face? In fact to speak looking in eyes to other person it is very difficult. But that it nevertheless seems to me not for this reason? I long time was one and with anybody so frankly did not speak about itself, about the private world and about itself, but I why now would like to know more all about you, to understand you better, I want to be for you more than the friend! For these years when I on the first place had my work I has forgotten such words as love, a kiss, embrace, heart, ideas about the lovely person.
All my efforts have been directed on that prove to the parents that I could to live independently because at younger age all of them time solved all for me and tried to make all that I anything I did not require also felt like "princess" sharpened in the deputy for all these years I have got loneliness. Certainly I have girlfriends, but they are girlfriends. I did not have lovely person and all my girlfriends were surprised to this.
Probably I was very correct for all and guys were afraid to approach me?! Now I became more open.
Now my life in my hands. Each person himself creates the happiness, he builds the destiny and as far as he will make his future life will correctly depend.
You agree with me?! Though to me now 27 years, I do not think that I have the big life experience, but I now know that I want from life. I want to love and be loved. I want to have family and I want to be the happy woman! I want to find "prince" and now for such long time the feeling has appeared that I have found him! Gavin, I want that you were this "prince".
I all heart want that you have told "yes". Now I shall wait your answer to this question.
I shall think of you.
Kisses and hugs.
Yours Evgeniya.
Letter 7
My dear! Why you do not answer my letter? I have offended you?
If so, forgive me please. But you can tell about it straight. Only do not be quiet. If you do not want to write to me more, tell about it. But I with hope in heart wait your letter. I have opened to you heart and soul.
Really you haven't anything in your heart to answer me? Evgeniya
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