Scam letter(s) from Zlata Petrova to Hans (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I randomly saw you on dating site and I must say that I would like to meet you. I saw your profile on dating site I have long dreamed to get acquainted with a man from Holland.
About me: I am a girl, and I am 28 years old, I would like to know from you if you do not mind, we can keep in touch with you.
You can write me at my email address:
In addition, I am sending you my photos, so you can see my appearance and I hope that you enjoy.
I just hope you write me and send me a photo.
Sincerely, Zlata!
Letter 2
Hello Beest!
I am very glad that you wrote to me!
I must confess that I was waiting for an answer very much, but were not sure what you write.
When I saw your letter, it was indeed a surprise!
We do not know each other, but I really wanted to know you better!
I have long dreamed to get acquainted with a man from Holland.
My name is Zlata!
I'm 28 years old, November 18, I'll be 29!
Perhaps, in my opinion the photo I am younger.
Often people who do not know me, very surprised when I tell my age.
I do not know why, but .))))
I hope you like my photos!? I would like to see your new photos too!
If you have them, please send me! I shall be very glad!
I hope that my age appropriate for you?
The difference in our age is not a problem for me because the basic things, like a person feels! I do not know why, but I have always been interested in a man like you.
I am very glad that you have found and want to know you better!
I'm from Russia in the big city of St. Petersburg.
Perhaps you've heard about this city? I live alone in a small apartment.
I'm not married, and now it is open to new relationships.
I have never been married, no children.
I've always dreamed about real happiness, but so far have not found it.
It may sound surprising to you, but it's true.
A little about me.)))
I'm blonde. My height is 173 cm and weighing about 52 kg.
I like communicating and I have many friends.
We are very good to spend time together.
I can say that in my life is almost everything.
But there is no one person who will care for and love me.
I had relationships before, but this was not what I really wanted.
But I sincerely hope that this is still to come!)))
I hope that we can continue our correspondence, if you do not mind.
I shall be very glad if we are friends!
I work for a manager in women's clothing store. I love this job!
When I have free time, I spend it on going out with friends and entertainment.
I have many interests and can always invent something new!
I hope you all understand what I write.) My grammar is not perfect, but I try to improve it.
It would I think that is enough for today, I would like to tell you more, but I'll try to do this in my next letter! I'll wait for your letter!
I really would like to know you better!
Take care
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Hans!
How are you?
I very much waited your letter! It's very interesting to learn everything new about you!
Today, I hasten to write more about yourself!
I love life, and I would like to spend time with good people.
I am an optimist and always try to have a good mood!
I believe that everything that is in our lives only as a result of our choices and actions, and therefore only depends on us, everything that we get a result.
Of course, it is impossible to be constantly cheerful, and sometimes I feel lonely and tired.
But I can not be such a long time, so I'm trying to fill my day as much as possible.
Now many women try to be like men, and even surpass them. I think that this is not correct.
Of course, the woman should realize the ambitions and interests.
But it is not always possible to be strong!
By nature, women are weaker than men, and requires care and attention. In my life really is not.
I have a very good family! My parents already elderly, and I try to take care of them.
They live in the town of Pavlovsk. It is not far from St. Petersburg.
I was the only child of my parents.
They are the closest to me and I love them very much!
But life goes on, and increasingly feel that I should create your family!
Perhaps, for women it is especially important!
My parents gave me all the best, and I respect them very much!
Probably, there is a good heart and people often abused.
But I sincerely hope that all the goodness will come back to me once!
I visit my parents several times a month, and I try to help them always!
They are old people and do not work.
Always in my family in the first place was the respect, sincerity, honesty and faithfulness!
Probably because of it I most appreciate those qualities in people.
My parents are living together, were close to each other and always supported each other.
My mother often tells me that, besides trust, respect and understanding should always find a compromise.
I think it is really right. Do you agree? In addition, my mother - a good cook and hostess.
She taught me everything she knows, so I can safely say that I know all about home affairs.)))
I love the kitchen! I can do almost any food and it turns out, is very tasty, so my friends very much like to go to visit me. I would always prepare for my man and take care of him when we are together!
I support my health and body in the best possible way! I'm not interested in alcohol, probably only a glass of good wine.
Of course, I do not smoke, because it is very bad for women.
Also, I love to read! Especially magazines about life, fashion, and cuisine and, of course, interesting books!
It may be the classic Russian literature and foreign authors. I love movies, music, dancing and walks in the fresh air!
Twice a week I go to the gym for aerobics employment. Sports and good food makes me a good shape and good mood!
Also, I like rollerblading and biking! In the winter I love skiing! I love nature, forests, lakes and rivers!
Sometimes I can go with friends from the city at barbecues or picnic! Life in the big city is not as good as it may seem, and I am very glad when I can go to a new location!
I do not go for a walk late at night, because my city is very dangerous.
Unfortunately, many people are ***** and high crime. Usually TV is trying to hide it, but it's true.
In Russia, a country of contrasts. On the one hand, this is a very beautiful country with great history, but on the other side - the bureaucracy, crime and cruelty.
But I believe that someday, where the world becomes kinder.)))
I tell you a little secret! Next month I plan to get a rest from work and travel to your country for the rest.
I hope that we will be friends, and we can hold this time together and know each other better!
Now I have no exact plans, since it depends on my vacation from work! But as soon as I find it just let you know!
I am afraid that I must finish my letter! I'll wait for mail from you very much!
Have a good day!
Your friend Zlata.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend Hans!
What's your mood? How is your weather? I hope you are all well!
I am very glad to receive your letters! Today bad weather and your mail improves my mood!
I felt a little lonely today. Usually, I always try to be cheerful and positive.
I am an optimist, and I wanted to smile. How happy does not require much prophetic, sometimes quite a smile to the mood.
But people without love can not be happy. , When is the next closest person whom you love, life becomes fine irrespective of where you live and what you have.
But the loneliness fills life with grief. I'm tired of it, and I want to change everything at once.
How are you today?
I love music very much, but the choice depends on my mood.
I love to dance I love the radio or listen to music just a tool.
Such music can relax and rest. In this music I love to dream.
I love Sting, Bryan Adams and many other things.
I Love Animals - Russian singer. Music this team is very happy and positive!
I think that you do not know. But I am sure that when you hear it you pleasure.
I love movies very much. In Russia create good movies, too.)))
My favorite Russian film - Admiral, irony. I love foreign films too.
For example: The Bodyguard, house on the lake, Vanilla Sky, City of Angels and others.
My favorite actors - Sean Konery, Kevin Costner, Tom Henks. I take great interest in learning English.
I started when I went to school. I'm not so fond of grammar, because I like to talk and communicate.
I've never had a friend abroad, but now I'm writing a letter to you, and it is a great pleasure for me!
I wrote to you earlier that I have many friends. But only one best friend. She name - Olga.
She is a true friend and always helped and supported me as I can to help her. We often spend time together!
I am very glad that I have such a friend.
I always dreamed that I was surrounded by only the good kind people.
I want to find a man with a good heart who care, respect and love me. I love kindness, and I hate lies.
For me, the most important thing in a man - honesty. Without this it is impossible to create a world of harmony and love.
Lying destroys love. I am ready to give all my love to the man, who is also willing to give me her love.
I think the main thing in any relationship of mutual respect and understanding. But, of course, also kindness, care and support.
I am glad that I have the opportunity to address you, and I am glad that you write to me.
And this is really the best that I have. I'll wait for your letters again and again.
Be well my dear friend.
Your friend Zlata.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Hans!
I am very ill and could not leave the house.
I tried to cure my strength, but nothing helped and I decided to consult a doctor.
Hans, I was shocked when the doctor diagnosed me inflammation of the lungs.
And now the next 2-3 weeks I spend in the hospital.
It is a pity that we can not talk this time, but I promise that I'll write to you as soon as soon as I get back.
Hans, you must promise me that you wait for this moment.
Now I must go to the hospital. There are already waiting for me.
I will miss you terribly.
I hope you have fun this time without me!
Do not forget me.
Your Zlata.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Hans!
How are you? How are you? What's your mood?
I hope you are all well!
I'm sorry I could not write to you yesterday.
I was discharged from the hospital just after lunch, I had a lot to do and so I did not have time to write to you.
What were you doing while I was in the hospital?
You have probably seen many new while I was gone?
I really missed you and our correspondence.
Today I was very happy when I saw your letter.
I look forward to wait for your new messages.
Today I'll go to my boss and find out when I can get to work.
I missed his work at the hospital, I was tired of idleness.
In order to obtain leave me left to work out about three weeks.
And so I will try to transgress the earlier work.
I feel like as soon as possible to come to you, my dear friend Hans.
I want to quickly see the eyes your beautiful country of Holland.
You still want me to come to you? I hope tomorrow to receive mail from you.
Take care.
Your friend Zlata.
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend Hans!
I am very glad, that you have written. Many thanks that you do the interesting letter for me.
You have again lifted my mood and have placed a smile in my face.
Today I have gone to the work, being absolutely assured, that you write to me.
You become the best friend for me and I always wait your letters!
I most of all appreciate in people honesty, kindness, respect, compassion.
I do not respect with arrogance in people. I think, that the arrogance worsens a life to these people and to closer people too.
My main hope and dream is to find beloved man and create happy couple with him!
For me the main thing, that the person loved me, dear as the person and has paid to me attention.
I do not ask, that he sat with me every minute.
No, I want, that my beloved has do not forget date of our acquaintance!
I am assured, that I shall have the happiest family. I shall make everything for my man and I lived in harmony and mutual understanding. I always would support my beloved, when he will be tired go in bad mood.
I sit with my favourite every evening also have divided ideas and dreams I wish to work and help to the husband with difficulties of a life.
As I have told to you, that I do not think, that age so important.
The most important, that is in you and as do you feel about a life.
I know this life from many sides, and I more likely mature already to, know how to make the person happy.
I wish to try something very much, that I shall regret, whether I shall not try.
I think, that we should use all chances to find our happiness. The life is too short to think and dream only.
I sincerely hope, that ours correspondence will allow us to learn better each other.
Certainly on our way there will be many complexities. It is possible, that we can remain only friends. Possibly between us strong feeling of love and respect will appears.
Now I do not know. The life will show. I have not told to you about my city.
This it is big city, but I am already very tired from vanity, noise and constant movement.
I love my city for its parks, avenue, palaces, theatres and channels.
My favourite place of walks is a recreation park.
But a life in the big city enough expensive also it is necessary to work diligently to provide it.
I even more often would like to leave it and to move to another place, because the life in the big city becomes dangerous and I would not like to create family here.
Mass media constantly inform on terrible events and incidents for last day.
I cannot sometimes believe, that it happens beside to me, but it is valid so.
My friend, I shall be very glad to learn more about your city too! All that you write very interestingly for me!
I shall wait your new letter with impatience!
I send you care and the best regards!
Yours friend Zlata
Letter 8
Hello my dear and sweet friend Hans!
How you today? I hope, that you have good mood and my letter will bring to you pleasure!
Your letters make my day and I always wait it!
My dear, I wrote to you from my girlfriend, and so there was her email address
You really best friend for me also I think you very interesting and good person!
I hope, that our correspondence will grow in something greater, than is simple letters!
I want that we became friends in a life! I dream of it!
Speak, that before to begin serious relations it is necessary to be the best friend!
It seems to me, that it is really so! I should tell to you, that I really think of you sometimes, even is frequent, you are really interesting to me, I began to love your letters and I wait for them with impatience!
Today on work was interesting, there were many visitors of our shop.
I responsible for receipt of the new goods and in my submission some sellers.
When our buyers are happy with service and the goods trade goes better and in my forces to make all for this purpose.
We had such big entertainment and fun, because today there was a day of the buyer and we made a gift - surprise to each tenth person, which made purchase in our shop. I like it very much! How there was your day?
You can tell to me something, that you love, because for me it is very interesting to read about your life and days, then I can imagine you actually, I can think what you do, as you behave in various situations!
For example, about me, I always wake up in good mood, even when the weather is bad also sulfurs, I try to smile and happy, because new day has come, when I have problems, I trying to think and find the decision a problem or a situation, I try to not surrender and to not recede, it is sometimes difficult, but I speak me directly, that I should go forward and find the decision!
By the way, I love psychology, I studied it and enjoyed it very much!
I am very much sensitive person, and I pay a lot of attention to feelings and emotions!
When you understand it some psychology, it is very easy to observe from people and to understand, what they really wish to receive.
Should notice, that I change every day more and more! Each new day brings to me pleasure and my mood good!
I think, that you the reason of it, my dear Hans!))) Yesterday I saw dream, when slept.
I do not remember it clearly, but it were as flash, it was supernatural, but I woke up with warm felling inside.
You were in this dream and we have gone somewhere, we were in various places and well wasted time together!
It was possible a fragment from our future.))) I do not trust in dreams very much, but as I know ours dreams show our imaginations and desires, in dream we see that we think!
Anyhow I wish to investigate you better, I wish to know more about your character, probably some certain features or some details.
For example: what your favourite color? You like when it is raining, or you prefer solar weather?
My favourite colors - blue and white! I prefer solar weather, when it is raining, I feel not so well.
You see, it is very important for know character of the person with which you become closer.
I love travel very much, but never was abroad! In the past year I had a rest in the south Russia!
It was pleasant to me very much! I love the sea, I like to go on coast, especially in the evening, to admire with waves, a decline and shout the seagull.
I like to arrange picnics with my friends, to make a barbecue and to eat fruit and vegetables on fresh air, especially in summer time when weather is so fine, the sun shines brightly, and I wish to live with full energy in me.
It is sometimes very romantic to spend time with the close person.
What do you think of it? It seems to romantic to you?
I should finish this letter, but I shall wait very much your answer, thinking about you!
I send you my embraces.
Yours Friend Zlata!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Hans!
I hope you doing well and you are fine!
Today weather solar only is a little wind! At me excellent mood and I wish to share it with you!
Thank you for your photos. I was very pleased to see you.
Today before to go for work in the morning I listen romantic songs!
You love romantic songs? I love them very much! I like to dance very much and you?
I dream, that once we danced together! It very much romantic!
In the evening I go to theatre with my friends! It will be very fun!
After that we plan to go to cafe to drink tea and there is something sweet.
My girlfriends notice change in me and ask, why I constantly cheerful and happy.
I did not speak them at once, that have got acquainted with you and that we good friends.
I wanted that this news became a surprise for them, but could not hide it long and has told all.)))
I have told, that I have found you and we have correspondence!
I have told literally all about you, because my girlfriends were very curious!
My girlfriends are very glad, that we have found each other and send you Big Hello and the Best regards!
My friends constantly speak me, that I very kind person. I really trust in kindness.
There can be I am too optimistic sometimes, but I try to make a life better, I do not dress pink glasses, only I try to enjoy a life and to smile to all good that occurs to me!
I do not love quarrel, because insults and affliction never did anything good!
It is a way of deadlock. Much better to discuss everything and to find the compromise.
Always it is possible to find the common opinion and to solve any question, the main thing to have desire to do it. Sometimes to me ridiculously and sadly to observe as two adults people shout and throw all! For What?))))
If they do not agree with opinion or acts each other it is possible simply to find the compromise.
I always considered, that it is the best way. My dear Hans, you agree with me?
I like to make a life excellent, to taste something new!
The intimate life is important for me just as other side of a life.
I mean *** also. I would like to have it often with my beloved. I am a passionate woman:)
I have much to give, but I wish that my person give to me much also, you understand what I mean?
I like to divide love, warm feelings, passion!
Unfortunately I should run still more many work.
It is very a pity to me to say goodbye to you now, but I shall miss on you very much!
Have good day and excellent mood!
I send you my most gentle embraces!
Yours Zlata.
Letter 10
Hello my gentle friend Hans!
What's your mood? How is your weather?
How are you my sweet?
I'm fine. I missed your attention much! You were miss on me?
I very much happy, that we have found each other in this big world!
Thank you for the excellent pictures, they liked me.
I am assured, that the destiny has plans concerning us! I am surprised constantly, because our ideas in many respects coincide. We think and we divide all ideas which is in us.
It means something. It seems to me, that very difficultly to meet the person, who thinks just as you!
Therefore I very much appreciate our correspondence! It is valid great pleasure for me!
My dear, I think of you very much. I should can explain and express you my feelings and emotions in the letter. It is very difficult, to transfer words surprising changes, which is inside of me. It is very difficult to collect necessary words correctly to express all, which I feel.
I understand, that we very much far apart, but I hope that soon distance between us will be reduced and we can enjoy a society each other.
Probably to write huge quantity of letters, but it it will not be equal even to one day spent together.
Our letters, it only small a part of all that are at us. We cannot investigate well each other even, if we shall continue our correspondence many months consistently.
Confidential parts of our souls, our characters we can investigate only when we with each other will remain while happy day of ours a meeting will not come yet.
You agree with me? Only the meeting in person will helps us to investigate completely each other.
Only met actually, we can investigate each other up to depth of soul.
Pity, that I cannot meet you now, because of work, but I really want!
I am ready to wait, when my chief will grant leave to me from work and I can waste time my holiday together with you!
I hope, that you also are ready to wait for our meeting?
Expectation will not demand a lot of time, because I already spoke about my plans for rest to my chief!
He has informed me, that I should work still a minimum two weeks and then he will give me rest.
I test real deficiency of your attention! I wish to see you more possibly! I wish to know All about you!
Travel to your country very important for me, because I would like to see your city, your house and certainly is better to learn you! Actually I dream to begin a new life and probably to leave Russia for the new future. I spoke my parents for you and that I plan to visit your country.
I have told all about you to my parents and they are very glad for us! They completely approve my intention.
They agree with me and completely support me.
My dear Hans, you become very close person for me! Inside of me there is something new!
This feeling grows with each new day and I would like to develop it!
You start out my life, step by step, I love you more! You as angel, which has come to me and has stretched to me the hand!
You the surprising man and in each new letter I feel you attention and care! It is very pleasant to me!
I would like will give everything, that I can to create this love once, I hope for it!
I feel myself happy, when I read your letters and when I write for you!
I feel as, I wish to continue to write and write for you!
I think, that when I with you, I shall never leave you, you so wonderful!
I feel so comfortable for you! I would like to listen you and to divide All of you my ideas of the the future!
Each your letter makes me by the happiest woman in the world and I always expecting them with impatience.
You fill my heart and my opinion. I do not understand, how I lived before without you!
Thanks for your presence at my life! I am really very much involved in you, to your internal beauty.
Every day I dream of us together, and it is the fact.
Each time, when I receive your letters, my reaction becomes more emotional.
There are many ideas in my head, and all of them are connected only with you!:-), you know, already how to make me happy!
I do not require in many respects - only to receive your lovely the letter!
I shall miss you very much and to hope to find your letter in my mail box as soon as possible!
Hugs and kises!!!
Yours Zlata

Letter 11
Hello my sweet Hans!
My dear Hans, I missed your attention very much!
I with pleasure read your new letter! I feel in your letter many attention, care and tenderness!
My favorite, I received your congratulations, thank you very much. I really liked your beautiful and heartfelt wishes.
Thanks my gentle Hans! Today good on work. Behind a window excellent weather and I wish to inhale fresh air and to enjoy the sun!
Your letter makes my day and at me fine mood! You the remarkable person and I are very glad, that have found such man as you!
You really person, whom I always searched and I really very much hope, that you feel the same way as I.
To me it is very sad, that we not together right now, but I sincerely trust, that very soon we shall together!
I would like to reduce distance between us to hold you for a hand, to look in your eyes and to hear your voice!
I would like to tell all for you, that is in me now and to show you as I feel it.
You always gave me many attention and care. This all of what can dream woman. I would like, that we were happy together!
I would like to give All for you, that you could want ever in life.
I would like to make you happy and to spend this life together with you!
I want all with you, and I really wish to divide all beauty, love and a life with you.
I have told to you before, and I shall speak it again, because I cannot be silent more.
I know, that I want and is ready to transform my desires and dreams into a reality.
I feel big heat to you and I want, that it grew in greater! It comes to you from depth of my heart.
I only wish to know and I hope to hear from you approval of my relation to you.
I always dreamed to meet the person, who will love and want me so much, how I make for him.
I would like, that my man always has been devoted to me and was ready to divide with me all pleasures and difficulties, which happen with us. Which likes to go through a garden in the evening, keeping hands, which likes to go on coast at night, looking at stars and the moon, as they are reflected in water, which likes to dance and hold each other and strongly embrace, which likes to sit before a fireplace, listening to the romantic music investigating eyes each other!
I would like to see in opinion of my man, that he loves me, to see fire of passion, which he has for me!
Irrespective where we go or what we do, if my person will feel romantic irrespective of where we, that we shall be happy together and we shall make such sweet love to each other.
When we walk on streets or in cafe everyone will know, that we so are enamoured, only to look at us, because they is able to see how we look on each other or we touch each other, that we are so enamoured.
I wish be able to feel protected in your embraces and to feel heat and knock of your heart near to my heart.
I want, that you carried me to our bedroom and put me on a smooth silk bedsheet and to kiss me with all passion, that is in you, feeling passion deeply in me for you and supervision of my answer to your each contact.
I want, that we have created our especial world! The world in which is only you and I! It is the world of our happiness and love!
Where you it is I, and I - you. My Love, your deep letters touch my soul, there are many feelings and emotions in them.
I feel precisely same feelings as you and I cannot leave it without the answer!
I wish to shout very loudly, that you have heard each my word! You should know, that in my heart there is big fire!
And all this in my heart belongs only to you, my dear Hans!
I grieve without you. I grieve without you very strongly! I am glad, that the God has created love!
I am glad, that you have come during my life, that you wakened in me the most beautiful feeling, which is Love.
Love is similar to spring, which is clean and where I can be reflected all my tenderness and heat to you.
Only real Love forces us to live really day after day. I love you... I love you... I love you! You - my reason to live now!
I wish, that my new day began only about an idea on you! I shall think of you!
I with impatience shall wait your new letter!
I send you the most gentle embraces and kisses!
Yours Zlata
Letter 12
My lovely Hans!
How do you feel? What's your mood? How is your weather? I hope you are all well!
My sweet, I missed your attention very much!
Today I have woken up with excellent mood and all the day long is full of energy!
This wonderful condition of pleasure and I would like, that so was always!
Your new message as a drink of fresh air for me! When I read your letter again and again my heart thaws from pleasure!
You have written for me the most beautiful words and this all, that I wanted and expected to hear from you!
Me emotions now and overflow my eyes light with happiness!
My angel Hans, you has changed all my life and I shall be infinitely grateful to you for it!
My soul sings and I wish to transfer all these emotions to you, because only you the reason of changes in me.
I am madly happy, because in your letters I see the answer to my gentle and warm feeling!
You the surprising person and I have been assured, that you will understand me and support my feelings!
Each word in your new letter speaks me about it! I never received such gentle, warm and sincere words!
I read your letter many times and enjoyed each word! My eyes shine with happiness and I cannot still believe, that the destiny has given this gift for us. I always dreamed of it and my dreams come true!
It can seem ridiculously, but even when to me was sad I trusted and hoped, that my happiness ahead and I shall necessarily meet the man, which will understand and will appreciate all best in me!
I trusted, that it to happen necessarily and the main thing sincerely to trust in it!
I trusted in love and patiently waited, when it will come during my life!
And then you have come to my life Hans!)))))))))
Hans, you have changed my life and have woken me from boring to sleep!
More recently we have written the first letters each other, but it seems to me, that we know each other already long time.
It is surprising, but I never felt so conveniently easily and well as with you.
The real happiness only once and for me happiness it to be with you my darling Hans!
Our correspondence began to tighten me from the first letter and I understood, that you very interesting and surprising person more and more.
You have given me more than simply correspondence, because you have given me attention, cares, support, tenderness and love.
I never knew man more sincere, gentle, romantic and noble.
I always trusted you and was not mistaken, because only you could change my life and to fill with its new paints and emotions.
This all similarly to beautiful dream! I would like to remain always in this surprising dream together with you, my beloved Hans!
My sweet Hans, I cannot remain indifferent to your warm and gentle words! These words light fire inside of me! I know that, that these words begin with your heart.
I know, that you are a unique person for me, which I waited all time!
Hans, thanks, that you have woken my dreams and have allowed to dream together with you.
I grew up this heat during long time, but it has filled all my heart! I could not hold it inside, because there simply do not remain places for preservation and I transfer all this warmly to you my love Hans!
Everything, that is in my heart, belong only to you!
I always dreamed to tell to you the most important words: I love you my angel Hans!!!!!!!!!
It not only emotions, because it goes from depth of my soul, and I shall protect it warmly and tenderness, while will not come yet happy day of our meeting!
I know, that very soon we shall together and we can enjoy a society each other.
Day of our meeting became magic day of performance of all my desires!
My most important desire it is YOU!
I love you my gentle Hans, and I dream to be close to you!
I wish to tell to you more about my holiday from work. It is rest, which I can receive under the law for one month in a year.
I already spoke preliminary with my chief, that I plan to receive holiday this month. Tomorrow I shall be a meeting with him again and to ask my rest.
The chief necessarily should give to me one month of rest, because I already long had no holiday almost year.
As soon as I will have news I at once shall inform you!
Unfortunately I should finish for today my letter, but you should know, that my heart always fights for you!
Hans I love you!!!!!!
Have a good day!
Kiss Kiss Kiss))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Yours Zlata
Letter 13
My dear and gentle man Hans!
What is your mood? How is your weather? I hope you are all well!
Which to my dear?
I am sorry, and let your attention, very much!
Today is a good day and excellent mood! What is your day?
My sweet, I hasten to inform the good news! Yesterday I gave the documents to the travel agency and asked they give me all the necessary documents for travel to Holland.
They agreed to help me and told me that my documents will be ready within 5 working days.
I have already paid them money for passport, visa and tickets.
But for your entry, I must reiterate its solvency, which is 50 euros per day.
I do a visa valid for 30 days, so I must have a 1500 euro.
And if I do not have this amount would not let me leave the country.
I was told that money does not necessarily spend money, they must present to Customs at the airport.
My favorite, I was left with only 900 euros, and I must ask you for help I need another 600 euros to confirm its ability to pay. My dear, I do not want to spend the money.
And when I come to you, I just give you your money. My favorite Hans, I am very uncomfortable, but I must ask you for help.
I knew nothing about this payment ability in the past, I thought that I needed to make a passport, visa and book tickets.
My dear, you can help me? If you help me try to do it until Monday. I can book a ticket on Monday at any time convenient for you at the airport.
Our meeting is all that I dream! I look forward to this wonderful day, very much!
Our conversations with great pleasure for me, but even thousands of mail can not replace me, even for one day with you!
I want to make our dreams were also conducted, we can enjoy each other's company!
It's hard for me to imagine the day when we met, because a lot of emotions I will look like, and I want to know more about you better!
I would like to be with you all the time and get your attention! I have a good imagination and a lot of times I imagine a movie about you and me.
On this day, great weather, it is evening and the sun covers the horizon with red and pink flowers!
My flight reaches your country, and I'm going down the stairs of the aircraft.
My heart was to fight, because before we met just a few minutes!
I almost can not see anything, because this reduction is very bright!
It takes minutes infinitely long, and I speak in the Great Hall of the airport.
I see a handsome man with a big bouquet of flowers! I understand that you're my angel Hans!
You look around at me, and crossed the sights.
We are rapidly moving towards each other, and I fell into your hands! We turned in strong hands, and we can not allow each other!
I whisper to you: "My angel to me - your Zlata!
You hug me, and we give each other the most tender kisses !!!!!
Then I see the evening in the cafe! Cozy atmosphere, table, candles and romantic music.
I wore the most beautiful evening dress. We sit opposite each other, and we look at each other's eyes!
I like your vision very much! This will be my best birthday in my life that I note with my favorite person.
Her warmth and deep affection lights a fire inside me. Slow beautiful sounds of music and dance we are together!
Your strong hands gently embrace my body and I feel his heart pounding in front of me. This dance can go on forever in a dream!
At this time we are very close and similar to the reality.
This is one of the most exciting moment of my dreams! I know that these dreams will be fulfilled as we can do whatever we want together, because it will only be our time!
In the next few days, I know, and order all the documents needed for my visit to your country.
I would rather solve all organizational issues and enjoy the company. I will inform you as soon as I have news.
My Darlin Hans, I love you!
Let me warmly warms your heart!
Kisses Kisses Kisses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Zlata
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