Letter(s) from Julia to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Bob. I'm very glad to get the answer from you. Sincerely speaking, I am a little surprised that you have become interested in my simple person. When I started my search I was not sure that I would find somebody…the reason of that is that I'm very modest and shy simple girl. Now I am very glad that you have written to me and I'll try to tell you about myself more. I'm 26 years old, 171 (5 ' 7 ") height and 56 kg weight. I have average nice body, I have brown eyes and black hair. You can see my photos attached with my letter. I live in the city, the name is Zainsk it locates not far from Kazan, the capital of republic Tatarstan. I have written that I from USA because when I tried to place profile from Russia every time I had error message. The error had specified the wrong location. I work as the hairdresser in a small beauty salon. I have not too big money for work, but it is suffices for my daily life, I like my work because it give me chance to be creative and delivers to people pleasure. I am lonely and I have no children. I live with my parents in a small apartment not far from city-center. My mum works as the teacher at school. My father work for local scientific research institute, he project roads there, my parents very kind and hospitable people, I think you will like them if you would have meeting. I have a cat; she lives with us around 6 years. Probably I would like to have a dog. I like animals, but our apartment is too small. For a dog will be not enough places. I don't want to torment a poor animal. Do you like animals? Have you any animal at home? Please, tell to me more about yourself, your daily life and your family. I would like to learn you better and I hope, that you are still interested in my person and you would like to continue our correspondence. I want to ask a pardon for my mistakes in English language, but I write to you all letters by myself and sometimes I use the dictionary. I hope, you had no big problems when read my letter and you have understood everything that I wanted to tell you. I 'm waiting reply from you and I hope to receive the letter from you soon. Sincerely yours Yuliya from Russia.

Letter 2

Dear Bob. I am very glad to get letter from you, this is very pleasant for me to communicate with such good and gently man as you. I see, that you are benevolent and honesty person and I hope, that we will continue our correspondence. I just want to ask you about one thing - if you are not sure that you would like to continue our correspondence or know me better please, tell me about this now, because I don't want to hurt myself… I do not want to be wounded. I am honesty with you and I want to explain why I started my search in the Internet. I'm very family-oriented girl, I like home comfort and would like to spend my life near kind and decent caring man, as I think you are the same. Unfortunately, I till have not met a man, which would be really interested in creation of family. The majority of Russian men are interested in not serious relationship and all men prefer to meet different women, not one, change women, certainly this is not a rule, but most of good men are already attached. I think that most of Russian man are not family oriented and like to drink, have many women. I don't think that all the same, in every country are good and bad people, but I don't want to try againe here. May be I will have chance with you? I had bad experience with Russian man. I had with him in long relationship, but unfortunately he broken my heart. For a long time he lied to me because he had found another woman and hid that relationship from me. Therefore I don't believe Russian men now, I have heard, that men in your country are family-oriented and they are more gently and caring, this is the reason, why I started my search and I hope you understand me. I have a question to you: why you are looking for a woman in the Internet? If you don't want to give me reply for this question for a reason or I hurt you, please, forgive me and I'll not ask more similar questions. I would like to know some more about your desires and dreams. What plans you have for the future? You would like to have children in the future and if yes, how many? How you see your life after 5 years? I would like know about you as much as possible and I hope, that for you it is possible to tell to me about yourself. I will be glad to receive your photos if you have. You can see my new photo attached. I'm waiting for your answer with impatience.
Sincerely yours Yuliya!

Letter 3

Hi my dear Bob. Today is one happy day in my life because I have received the letter from you again. You know, I'm very glad that we have begun our correspondence and each time when I receive letters from you I'm so glad, as the child. Each time I get to know more and more about you and understand what kind of person are you. I'm so glad, that we have found each other. I want to tell you as much as possible about myself, but each time I don't know from what part of my life I should start my story. You know, I like cooking very much. I can cook any dishes of Russian cuisine, my mum had teaches me. I like to cook for various desserts, dishes, to bakee pies, and my favorite dish is a pie with a bird. In general I like to experiment and think out something new on kitchen. What dishes do you prefer? What do you like to eat for a breakfast? What dishes you don't like? I like to have for a breakfast fruit a cup of tea or coffee and an easy sandwich. I hope one day I can cook for you something. I usually cook supper for all family at home. Sometimes for a dinner I invite my girlfriends, but unfortunately we cannot have meetings often, because all of them have family and have no many free time. Most of of them have children and often ask me to stay with them, because I like children, I like to play with them and to walk. For example my girlfriend Tanya every Sunday from 10 a.m. till 12 mornings leave her son with me. She can't spend with him this time, because she studies in the evening institute, and have no somebody with whom to leave her son. Her parents live in the other city, and her husband has thrown her when her child was 6 month old. Tanya asked to say for you "Hello". Tonight I will visit my girlfriend Natasha, she have birthday today. It's a pity that we are so far and we can't go together. I would like to know more about you and the place there you live. I have never travel to USA and to tell you more I have never been abroad. I'm interesting in traveling a lot, and I want to ask you, do you like traveling? There have you been? Have you any photos of that place? If yes, I would be glade to see them. Tell me please about your hobbies, what kind music and cinema do you prefer? I like different music. I like to listen: Roxett, Moby, Madonna and others. Also I like to listen jazz and classical music. Last film, which I watched, was Green Mile. Do you like to go to the cinema? I hope it would not be difficult for you to give me replies to your questions? I want to know as much as possible about you. Excuse me please, but today I can't write you more. I promise to write you tomorrow and I will be waiting for a letter from you. Take care and have a good day, sincerely yours Yuliya.

Letter 4

Dear Bob I'm writing to you again the letter and I want to tell you that I'm really glad that we have begun our correspondence. You know, I'm beginning to think of you a lot. Every time, when I come to the Internet cafe my mood to become better. Here and now I'm smiling, because I have received the letter from you. You make my mood better. I hope, that you like to receive my letters. Today I have been working hard and I'm tired now. When I was at work, I was looking at the window and thinking about us. My work friend asked me what's happened. I have told she about us and our correspondence. She was very glad, but also she has told me one sad story. Some times ago her girlfriend had correspondence with man from USA and unfortunately he had deceived her. She was fallen in love with him and they came to decision that they cannot live far from each other any more. When she came to him, all was good the first week, and after he started to use her, to beat, force to do various bad things. She did not know how to return back because he took her passport and did not let out her on street. But one neighbor, who saw how he beated her, helped she to run away. She returned to Russia and lives now with parents. I'm so sorry about that sad story. My colleague has told to me this just because she don't want repetition this story with me. But I know, and I have told she, that you are not such person as that man. I see from your letters that you are gentleman and you can't to offend a woman. You know, tonight my girl friends invite me at the cinema and I'm so sadly that we can't go there together. We are far from each other and for me are so much important all about you have told me. And I want to tell you as much as possible about my self. I don't want you to think that I'm very talkative, simply we still know about each other so little and in letters certainly it is impossible to tell all that is desirable to know. Probably you think that I'm too romantic person, but I just think that I find person who I can trust. I hope that I'm not too bore, I'm just really interested in our relationship and I'm afraid so much that we can lose each other because the distance between us too big. I don't want to lost you and for this reason I want to give you my postal address:

Russia Tatarstan,
Zainsk, Lenina street 15,48.
zip: 423520

If something happen with your or my email, please, write me on my postal address. I would like to know your postal address too. I'll be waiting for the letter from you with impatience. Sincerely yours Yuliya.