Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shamshaeva to Jonas (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi Jonas, I happy see your letter!
For you I always shall try to find, that the free time writes.
I want to inform about me directly slightly.
I live in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.
My mum, daddy and I arrived to this city when I was small.
Daddy has taken work in this city.
But in 3 years, my father was lost.
My mum and I have remained one - my mum now on pension.
I work as tutor of small children.
My nationality - Russian. I 26 years old. My weight - 56 kg. My height - 170 centimeters.
My loved color pink. I love flowers: tulips, carnations.
My hobby is flowers.
I do not know what to write to you. I - so worry. I write the person in the Internet for the first time.
Well, I shall continue, as I spoke, earlier I am a lonely girl..
We have no, enough people in our city and all from them - natives of the north.
All from them like to smoke and drink. Except for that they count women silly and do not respect women.
I do not love it. And I do not see here the worthy person.
I not when was not abroad the state.
What to arrive to other country many money is required, and with such salary as in Russia it difficult is possible to middle class.
Though I very much would wish to visit other countries, for example the same Paris.
Very beautiful city it is pleasant to me. And what city is pleasant to you?
My girlfriend notified to me to find the unique person in the Internet.
She heard, that in the Internet is possible to get acquainted with the interesting person.
I have arrived to the Internet cafe, to me gave site of acquaintance, and there I saw your structure.
i like you, and I have written to you.
You may not imagine, how I was pleasantly surprised, when you have written to me.
I am very much interested, and I want to know you better.
Please write about you self: about your life, about work, about your hobbies.
And send me more yours photos, please...
I shall wait for your letter to write.
Letter 2
Hello Jonas!
I was so happy to receive your letter, i very ask you write me every day.
Well, I shall continue to tell about myself.
Mine favourite film - Titanic. Also to me like both many other films and comedies. My favourite actor Tom Hanks.
Most of all I to like to eat the fried chicken and Pelmenis.
Pelmenis is the national meat Russian dish.
My favourite dessert is chocolate ice-cream.
My favourite kind of sports is ski and swimming.
I was very good to ski and swim. I like to look figure skating on ice, and also many other sports meets.
My favourite singer is Madonna. My favourite song is Frozen.
But also I like to listen to different music.
My favourite perfum is "Spring flowers".
From seasons I like all.
I to love winter for that that it is possible to ski, throw each other snow,
To skate and in the winter very pure air.
I to love spring for that that flowers blossom.
Air is filled with aroma of spring colors.
Leaves on trees are appear. And spring is the time of love.
I like summer too..., however you understand why it is possible to love summer.:-))
It is warm, swimming, sunburn on a beach, fresh vegetables and fruit....
I like an autumn for its beauty!!! Leaves on trees are painted in different colors.
All around is similar to a picture of the great artist.
The wood reminds a huge work of art.
As you see I to love all seasons.
Oh you know, I do not like to visit night clubs.
More it is pleasant to me quiet places. And the guy at me would be not present what to visit night clubs.
There is nobody me to protect!
And One to go terribly! With you here I would descend!) like to dance?
I have two girlfriends. Their names Elena and Kseniya.
I had friends of them from the childhood. After moving from native city Omsk in city Nizhni Novgorod. I began to see them seldom.
They are good girlfriends. Kseniya works as manager.
Elena student.
They are my best girlfriends and I never quarreled with them.
I want to be absolutely sincere with you and consequently I speak you only the truth.
I do not want that between us there were secrets.
Please be too with me honest.
I hope that you liked my photos ? I shall send their more as far as possible.
I am glad that our correspondence proceeds. I want to find out you as it is possible better.
Please write to me as much as possible. I shall try to answer all your questions.
I hope that you understand my letters in English ?
Now I should finish my letter and I shall wait for your letter.
All good.
Letter 3
Hello dear Jonas
How are you today?
I am very glad to see your letter, today my letter will not be long enough I do not have mood because with me nearby there is no that unique person who will embrace, kiss me.
There is no heat in my soul.
Really I such not the beautiful? Really I such boring person?
That I am am rejected by men. Though I in last place have ceased to search for the love in a real life.
Every day it would be desirable to tell.
Olya throw you this business. THROW.
There will be your prince. But it will be not so soon.
It would be desirable to cry: ' (: ' (: ' (
You very nice young man.
You are surrounded likely with girls :)?
I too heard about such swindles when the girl deceives people from for borders for the sake of money. But there after all the present girls as I understand sit not. It is all ours the teenager a man's part of the country. Happens even on the TV show. As catch such people. To fairly you to tell, it is a pity to look at them. These people spoil the life for the sake of money.
I think for the sake of money of it it is not necessary to do. After all so?
I will look how many it is necessary to a trip to Sweden.
And even if I will have money you me will meet?
All I think I should finish the letter. I will look forward to hearing from you with impatience.
Letter 4

Hello Jonas!
I am very glad to see your letter.
It is pleasant for me to read your letters. It makes me think a lot.
well, I want to tell you about my usual day.
I have no constant schedule of work and consequently my day can be not identical and every day on miscellaneous. I wake up in the morning and I go to a bathroom to clean a teeth and to take a shower.
Then I dry my hair and I make morning exercises.
I spend about 20 minutes for sports in the morning. During this time I run along the street or lift very small dumbbells about 0,5 Kg or move on one place and do usual limbering up for all body. After that I start to prepare for a breakfast.
My breakfast consists of a sandwich:
butter - bread - a piece of cheese, and tea with a lemon.
I spend for it 10 - 15 minutes. Sometimes I make fried eggs for breakfast.
Sometimes i would like to eat something very tasty and to eat much!!!
but it is impossible.
It is harmful to my figure. I try to keep my figure in sport condition.
Then I render cosmetics. It takes me about 30 minutes to do it.
Then I leave on street and a meal for work. Before work I reach by the bus and it borrows about 20 minutes.
I sincerely hope that to you pleasantly to receive my letters.
Therefore please wait for my letters and do not worry that I do not think of you.
Ok, I shall continue. When I come to work I drink a cup of coffee with milk and I start to work.
Earlier I went on business trips very often.
But now I have asked not to send me on business trips. It is very difficultly and does not remain a free time at all.
Besides now I have got acquainted with you and I want to spend all my free time for dialogue with you.
I have a break for dinner. I go to have dinner in the local dining room.
Sometimes I take a meal with myself from my house.
Usually I have soup for dinner, or potato with meat and tea.
But sometimes for dinner I eat various pies.
When I finish my work I go home. Usually it happens already late.
As you can see the free time is very little.
I get home by bus. I do not have a car.
In Russia not everyone has a car.
In the days off I usually make cleaning a house and walk on shops.
Also I like to walk on local park here and it very beautifully, especially in the autumn. Or to waste time with my girlfriends.
Also we sometimes like to leave on the nature or to resort to sports meets.
ok, I should finish my letter, I shall wait very much your letter.
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