Letter(s) from Maria Karataeva to Gerald (England)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Ger! =) How are you?
I am sincerely glad, that you left to me email!! We have got acquainted on a site loveaccess.
I have now very good mood =)
Weather remarkable!
This very interesting and unusual feeling to write to the person who is in other country. You with me it agree?
It is very interesting to me to learn about you, about your life, in the distance from me, practically on other planet!!
=) but you really are very far from me.
To begin with I would like to tell shortly about myself.
I have higher education, my profession the architect-technologist.
I studied in the Nizhniy Novgorod State Architecturally-building
University (NGSAU), our university even has a site =) http://www.nngasu.ru
What you have education?? What profession you work???
I live in Russia, a city the N. Novgorod. And where you live??
OOHOOOHOO!!! =0 begins my favourite TV-program, telecast Dom-2 !!! =)
Well all I have run to watch TV!!! See you later!
With the best regards Marina.

PS - How you real name???

Letter 2

Hello Gerard.
I am very glad, that our dialogue continie. I hope, that it will be long.
Today remarkable day, but if it is fair, at me almost always remarkable day. Why?
Because it at me begins with morning sports. I rise in 5:30 mornings. And I come for work always vigorous and fresh. And there I am am waited by clients. Among them there are opposite and unpleasant people. Near to them I sometimes am nervous because to them difficultly to please. And with them it is always difficult.
I thank you for photos. It is valid me to like. And a command ferarri the remarkable.
Now if I include the TV and there I see races that always I search where a command ferarri and I am her fan!! ;)
Yes, msn I could consider a file I do not know why, = ( I not so well understand in computers.
My full name Suvorova Marina. And me of 27 years.
Yes, I have already noticed in photos, that you are the good father because I see the happy boy!!
Your work very much impresses!! Ferrari a world brand, me it is valid very much impresses!!
Well all right will suffice about work ;) we and so all on herwe get tired!
At least at home from her it would be desirable to have a rest, and you as think??
hmmmmm and why you get divorced from your second half?? You search for new relations with the woman??
You search marriage or simply game?? It is not enough questions? ;)
Yes certainly I agree completely with you, that one meeting can replace 10000 mails.
I know that in the world many artful people and you speak that much with whom communicated also it there were not fair girls. Probably it at all were not girls.
Know that unique women it in Russia which consider what to ask money it is inadmissible low!
Do not do general conclusions as we in general are a little familiar.
It personally my opinion! It is good, that you can visit me, and we do not have problems with distance, and I hope, that we can meet in the near future!! Because you like me as the person, i in you have found something such that are not present in other men.
Such that I search on an extent of 27 years. But I am not assured yet while we do not meet you.
Therefore I invite you to me and I wish to ask when you can arrive??
Unfortunately I have no yahoo and msn, but we can communicate through google talk or mobile, my +79613778711, tell to me as yours??
Thanks, that you have answered my questions about your family. It very much even is interesting.
In my family 4 members. It I, my daddy, the sister, and my brother who now serves in army.:-) all of us well we get on in an one-room apartment. Closely, certainly, but the more the merrier. It is bad, that there is a dampness. Wall-papers long to not keep,come unstuck.:-)
Gerard, you " the man of my dream " certainly interests. I shall tell about it in the following letter. If you not against I need to go. Write to me that you search in the girl, I shall be very glad. Also send, please, to me the photo. Good bye.

Letter 3

Hello, darling Gerard!
Excuse me, that did not answer you at once.
I had problems with my Internet. Really big sorry my darling!!
I did not forget you for a minute! And I think and I miss about you!
Tell to me your phone number???? I have now new phone +79093681379.
I will wait that you call me tomorrow in the afternoon on Moscow to time. OK?? ;)
I would be very glad to meet you here, and Alex (if you take him with yourselves I would like to see as).
But in the near future I unfortunately cannot. Because at me it is a lot of work.
And still I wish to go on courses for improvement of professional skill and as improvements of English language.
I normally concern your age. I wish to have children. I have many friends, but there would be no someone especial special with whom I wished to have serious relations and could be happy.
I want serious relations with you I know, that I can be the beloved for you and your son!! And we can have children as!
Transmit to your son hello from me and a kiss)) and to you))
I think, that sex it is a necessary part in relations of the man and the woman.
And I do not like passive behaviour in it, I love passion in relations! ;) I not so well understand cars.
And I would like in the first that this car was loved by you and Alex! ;)
If it so then, that is my favourite car as! ;) My favorite porshe and ferari!
I am too quite happy with the work. But you, probably, have already understood it from the previous letters.
At us the good rallied collective on work, clients too sometimes please.
It is a pity that badly provides the state.
Few scientific materials, measuring devices, computers here "new" have appeared only in it to year.
But they not new - they have appeared old for any official body and them have given us.))))
The wages of the architect in Russia make 20000 roubles a month.
I for example, receive 22500 roubles because I succeed in the work.
And at you architects how many earn?? But we Russian people got used.
Main is a patience and concentration in the business.
When I undertake something, I lead up it to mind.
Represent, at us here the whole club of acquaintances was formed.
One more colleague (my girlfriend too the architect) too has decided to try such way of acquaintance, having looked on me.
Elena today has written the letter to Mexican. Speaks, that dark and burning brunettes always liked.
It at me always cheerful also is eternally dared, even now.
Sometimes it seems to me, that it a few little fool. =)
in good sense of this word. Asks to kiss you for it.:-)))) Gerard, you would see its letter.
I wished it to send you, but it has not given.
I at all do not represent, that this Mexican will answer.
If will answer. well, we shall not be more about it.As though Elena has not taken offence.
How are you doing? How health of your relatives? Betray to all of them greetings from me.
How they concern to me? So it is interesting, there can be you during this moment discuss my letter.
Someone, maybe, is dared, and someone is serious.
Mine the daddy and the sister not so trust, that at me something will turn out.
I it tell about the maintenance of your letters, and they are glad, that I am familiar with such person.
But all the same do not trust in an opportunity of the Internet.
But my friends who are more familiar with a global network.
Are adjusted optimistically. As to me I very much even trust.
Our letters each time everyone become warmer.
I hardly live day if I do not find out your letter.
I, hope, that you at once write to me. As soon as receive my letter.
You will not afflict me.:-)
Wait, Marina.

Letter 4

Good evening my love Gerard!!
I really regret for any answer. And it is very difficult here on such far distance, for a mutual understanding finding.
But I hope, and I believe your words, that we find it nevertheless. This week was for me very difficult and strained because came a little checking and it was necessary for me to report in all. Understand I not that I regret on you time, or that as you have told all for nothing, are not present there is no all well!
Do not worry so strongly!! When we will be together and in one country a city and the house. We can see us every day!!!
I really worry. Also I think of our meeting. If fairly I am afraid. Why?? You as speak that many girls and you it is probable with them find love. That I can tell, I cannot keep you, or conjure ;) if to tell Simply very fairly you to me very much like as the man and the person, and I can present what you the good father for children, same about which I would dream all my life.
I as wish to meet more soon you and to find out as the person. But as I do not wish to hurry up strongly.
I understand all. And I not the small child. Gerard that that I to you now will tell you probably strongly will take offence at me …. I besides how to have Christian roots of the relatives as I have the Muslim.
And consequently Moslems have a law which I cannot break. They have sex only after wedding!!
I write now it and I a little ?anno?iiaia because I cannot break it. I am upset because I long was afraid to tell about it. I had doubts, that you wish to arrive to Russia to me, and to make with me only sex.
And if I do not like you or you could break my heart simply.
I now wait the important decision of the commission on my work. In our company need in employees in city Kazan.
The new branch There opens. And probably shortly I will ia?ac?aou in Kazan. And I do not know while for what time, is possible on long. And consequently I do not hurry up to meet you to Nizhni Novgorod.
I already found out in Kazan there is an international airport and there planes besides Moscow from all world fly. And I hope it it will be much more convenient for you as!
I will soon call in a current of week, at once as soon as to a smog. The reason is banal, on balance mobile a minus.
On it I wish to finish the letter. I fall to sleep for weariness.
Only I wish to calm once again you my darling and a kiss!!
As the big kiss for Alex!!!
I hope that you will read attentively and all will understand.
PS - I did not speak that I do not want that you have arrived to me!! I want!!
Simply I want that it was little bit later, it is connected with that that I have the problems.

Letter 5

My favourite Gerard!!! Excuse, but I cannot often write to you. At me a problem with the laptop. I have not told to you, that here I have no laptop. Therefore I should write to you from the cafe Internet, from work....
For the present it is difficult to me to live here. A new city. New people. Also you know, absolutely other culture. Kazan - a Muslim city.
You can take hotel with 2 rooms if it is not for you a problem....
In what numbers you can visit me? I very much wait for this day, and I want only your arrival.... Only one.....
At me now problems.... I should search for an exit from the given position....
You asked my address - here it - Kazan, Fuchika street 15a/25.
I have no possibility much to write to you. I love you my darling.....