Letter(s) from Elena Dubova to Ronald (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Ron!
How your day? I hope, that you were pleased, to receive my letter because when I have received your letter, I really admired. You do not represent, as I am happy, to see your letter. It has very much pleased, that you have written to me the letter. At me fine mood. My mood became better, due to your letter. Many thanks to you.
I would like to tell to you more in detail about my work. I work as the seller in computer shop. My day passes actually as in general. In the morning I am raised at 7:30. I have breakfast. Then I go for work. My working day from 9:00 till. I work since Monday till Saturday. On Saturday I work from 10:00 till. Sometimes happens so, that on Saturday, I am tired more, than in any other day. As Saturday - free day. And people, who are included into shop, become more. Such at me working week. Tell to me as you carry out the working week. What do you like to do in the free days? When at me the day off, I like to have rest. I like to go with my girlfriends in a cinema, theatre, park of culture, or we when very hot we go on a beach. The park of culture is located close to my house. We frequently walk in park of culture. But I not all time see off all free days so, sometimes I simply sit at home. I listen to music, I read books, or simply I watch TV. So I have rest. Probably. You want to know, how I write to you the letters? I write to you letters during the work. Me have warned, that our computer has dependent system of a parcel of mail. My letters can reach you even in the evening as my letters will send after mail of service which is sent with two times day - at midday, and after the end of the working day. The working day in our shop arrives to the end 22:00, but my working day arrives to the end 17:00. If you want to learn more in detail about my work, you can ask me, I shall tell to you more in detail about the work. And I would like to learn more in detail about your work. Tell to me about your work more in detail as whom you work how you work, and whether your work is pleasant to you?
My hobby if it is possible to tell so - the English language. I loved the English language for a long time when I went to school. In Russia the program of training necessarily includes foreign language, as a rule - English, German or the French language. I have entered group of the English language, and I am happy, that I have made it. After school, I continued to study in the English language at university. I love this language. It is very soft and it is easy - remembered language. I study the English language easily. Now I visit rates of the English language. I study English language very for a long time. I want to know this language completely. I know, that now I admit mistakes, but I hope. What you still want to know about me? I have been never married, and I have no children. I am lonely, and the reason of my loneliness not only in me. However I do not know, if it is interesting to you. I live fairly, and it brings pleasure to me. I am an optimist, and I like to smile, because a smile - a mirror oppress. The happiness does not need many things. Probably, the main thing, which does not satisfy me, now - love. People without love cannot be happy. But when a number is the close person whom you love, the life becomes fine irrespective of, where do you live, and that you have. But the loneliness fills in a life grief. But I do not want to speak about grief more. I am pleased, that I have an opportunity to write to you, and I am pleased, that you write to me. And now it really causes a smile on my person.
I should finish my letter. You have the big family? What do you search in the soul mate? If you do not want, you cannot answer my questions. I traveled across Russia, but never traveled outside of my country. I very much want to visit your country. It so is interesting. I have no any relatives. But I have some girlfriends, only one best girlfriend. Her name Tania. We friends since the childhood. She the true friend and always helps me as well as I help her. She has very kind heart. For the sake of our friendship we can return everything that we have. I am very pleased, that I have such girlfriend. Such friends, as she the big rarity. I hope to receive your letter soon. Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.

Letter 2

Hi Ron!!!
I am sincerely pleased, that again I have an opportunity to write to you. Today I saw my mother in my dream and thought that I should tell to you about my mother because when I speak about it - I speak about my family. It is valid so because I never saw my grandmother and my grandfather. And I have no brothers and sisters. I was the only child in family, and my family has consisted from two people - my mother and me. I really feel proud when I speak about mother because she was very good woman. But together with it, each time recollecting my mother, is caused with tears to me, and I cannot hold them. My mother has died, when to me there were 17 years. Three years prior to its death my mother has damage to road incident. She stood in the street, and she has been brought down by the automobile. Probably, the driver is urgently drunk, because witnesses have told, that the automobile moved by a zigzag, and has suddenly appeared on sidewalk. As a result of collision my mother has been paralyzed. She spent three years in an invalid armchair. I cared of it, have made everything that was in my forces to do a life for which she has been doomed since this moment - easy and joyful. I spent a few time with my friends and actually all my free time, which I spent about my mother. I was very happy, when my mother has smiled, because she smiled very seldom. She was ashamed of its feebleness. Each time when I went home after school, I looked at a window, and each time my mother met me. She looked out of the window and smiled. It happened always. She met me every day, and never overlooked. For this reason I was disturbed at once when I came back from school and I looked out of the window and did not see my mother there. I have understood, that something is wrong. I have rushed off home with tears in my opinion. When I opened a door, I have understood, that I have remained one. As it is usual my mother sat in its chair. But she was dead. I remember, how I stretched my hand and have touched its pulse. Has darkened in my opinion, and my legs did not obey me. I could not stand. I thought, that I should go mad. I felt, that I lose consciousness, and I have lain on a floor. I sobbed and could not calm down. I could not imagine, that I shall live without mother. She was the person, for which I lived. I have made all for it, that was in my forces. She was such good mother. She taught me everything that I can make in this life. My mother dreamed to lift me as fair and decent lady. I was the only child, and mother has given me infinite love. And I tried to make everything, to be the worthy daughter, to be its worthy love. And I hope, that I began such lady as my mother wanted to see me. Now I estimate difficulties of my time in the various ways. Difficulties train character. I lived without the help and support; I have passed various difficulties about which I do not want to speak. But I have passed these difficulties and I remember it, I feel, that I have made all correctly. My mother always spoke me, that is necessary to look at difficulties with a smile which is not mentioning that there is a shout of despair in a throat and there are tears in eyes. It is necessary to be strong and proud - as my mother was. Forgive to me, that I have told to you about it so in detail. But I speak about my mother seldom. But when I speak about it, I cannot make it in a few words. I loved her very much and for this reason I have told to you small things about it. Forgive me. I have decided to divide my memoirs with you as with the friend because I did not speak about it with anybody about current of long time. Forgive me, that my letter is sad, big and not interesting. Simply, when I start to speak about my mother, I cannot stop. But I promise to not write such letters more.
Tell to me more in detail about your relatives with whom you live, you live one?
Now I rent an apartment in Yoshkar-Ola. And I would like to tell to you about the apartment. There is one room, kitchen and bathing. I understand, that it - a small apartment, but I feel convenient in this apartment. And my apartment is near to my work. I need 20 minutes to reach shop in which I work. I frequently go to my work on foot when I am not late and when weather remarkable. Sometimes I reach up to shop by the bus. But I do not love it because buses are always full, and it is not convenient to stand there. Tell to me about your apartment, it is very interesting to me.
I want to ask you: the nationality has the person, important for you if you should worry about them? I have no such damage. The nationality is not important for me. I do not look at eyes, color of a leather. And I do not think, where the person has been given birth. I want to find the person with kind heart. I love kindness, and I hate anger. For me the most important in the man - honesty and kindness. Without it is not possible to create the world of harmony and love. Roughness destroys love. I am ready to give all my love to the man which as is ready to give me his love. I think it in any relations the main thing - mutual respect and mutual understanding. I think it so. Kindness. Honesty. Respect. I and my girlfriend Tania became girlfriends because we lived in nearby buildings and also have together gone to school.
I have no any pets. But I dream to have a dog. Only I cannot solve, what dog I want. I equally love the big and small dogs. Probably, my choice to stop on the big dog because I live one. I am afraid to remain at home one, because crimes in Russia at the highest level. But it will not be probable with the big dog so dangerously.
I should finish the letter.
Sincerely and with best regards Elena.

Letter 3

Hello my Love Ron!!!
How are you?
I hope, that at you good mood! And my letters lift it, and it remains good during all day.
We yesterday with my girlfriend after work have gone to walk. We walked on city. It was very interesting. We talked to it about you much, and she as is happy for me, that I have met you. I have told to it a little about you, than you are engaged, what interests at you, and I have told to it, that you very interesting person, and that you are very interesting to me, and like me.
My dear, I have to you one small ask. Yesterday, when I have come home, I have included the TV. And there I have seen advertising. At us in city cellular communication, where all entering international, long distance calls free-of-charge has appeared. I.e. if you will call to me I should not put constantly money for phone. I.e. you can call to me every day. But for this purpose it is necessary to have a cellular telephone. And consequently I want to ask you about the help that you have helped to buy to me a cellular telephone. The cellular telephone costs approximately 150$. You can help to buy to me a cellular telephone??? You can send 150$ that I could buy a cellular telephone, and you could call to me??? I think, that by phone we with you could talk every day, and it would be easier to us to understand each other, probably we with you could and talk more in detail about our meeting. Write to me the answer, whether you can help me whether or not?
Ideas about you do not leave my head! After your last letter, having come, home, I very for a long time thought of us and about our relations. These feelings, they very warm, and also cool time which it is a little, they as the moon in the dark evening sky. If you have time, look at it, and you will understand all depth of my feelings. At us today half of moon in the sky.
One half of her is it you. This half is covered in easy and high temperature,
And other half from this I, dark and cold, disappearing, in itself a secret. Stars around of it are people which surround us.
In them the heap has placed, and in me one, and I cannot her to you. You know to me, it seems, that you very good person, and I can be open with you. You fine, sensitive, kind, you deserve the most good words, and your relation to me the finest in my life.
It - is enough only with abusing love. I shall speak directly,
And to me I which should inform. It seems that to you about it. I LOVE YOU!!! Yes you have understood me, and it means, it since this moment instead of which my heart belongs only against you than whom it - is more.
Now only you can solve, which my words for you mean.
I shall not take offence, if you will write to me,
That you have no any mutual feelings, I shall think, that it will seem shortly.
I am very pleased to your letters, I always wait, when I shall enter the Internet
Both I shall read, and I shall write to you! Heart checks mine, you have left a wound in my heart,
And this wound is closed, when I read your letters! I do not accuse you, did not exist opposite, I am pleased to this! I wanted to find people similar to my soul, and I think, which I have found! It you! Soul, your feelings to me!
I want to thank you for the big attention to me! But the big inquiry does not play with me,
If it - game! My heart, young and soft and me it will be difficult to transfer loss!
I do not aspire to receive you, I then to leave did not exist!
I try to understand you and to write more about me directly! But I do not deny, you are necessary for me. You became important in my life and necessary for me!
And even, if to us I shall not be, is doomed to meet, remember you always! All in your hands!
Do not leave me, and I shall not leave you. While we should strengthen relations! I think, that we shall have fine time! Walks, entertainments, viewing of films, suppers at candles together! My character is very loyal!
I was difficult for deducing! And if I see, that the person who does not open soul, I turn away from him! Do not turn away from me! Please!
To my biggest disappointment my time has expired, also I should finish this letter!
I - the end to write this letter, but I shall think of you!
I hope, that we shall together soon!
I shall wait for your letter!
Bye-bye My love!!!
Yours Elena.

Letter 4

Hello my love Ron!!!
My love, as it was pleasant for me to hear your voice, to speak by with you to phone. And today I shall wait for your bell again. And I hope, that today as we can speak by phone.
My feelings every day overflow me more and more and more, I love you strongly, strongly. And every day the love all is stronger and stronger. And your love forces me to work wonders, your love such strong, and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems. I do not want to leave you, I want to be with you always. I live you, I live for the sake of you, I am glad you. And I want, that our Love never died away.
I dream to touch your hair, to begin a wind, cheerfully to disarrange them and to burst out laughing in reply to your annoyed kind. You will pretend, that is awfully annoyed. And I shall know, that it is good you, and it will be for me happiness you my eternity, my infinity. You in my heart, your I, you in me. I want to tell to you, that I love you very much, very much, in fact in another way it is impossible to love such lovely, sweet, kindest person!! I love you, and I shall like!!! I on you very much miss, and I want you to see, meet you. At night I do not sleep - think of you, in the afternoon I too think of you. Between us now kilometers but meet and be fast we with you we can together. I very much love you my sweet, and I can not without you any more!!!! As though I would like to be always near to you, to see you always, to hear your voice.
For me there are no others, and there is only you. I like how, probably, loved nobody. With you all in another way, all somehow not so, all is much better. With you I have felt, that did not feel with one man.
Lovely, I never can forget you. You the best, that are in my life, and I do not want to lose you. I so would like, that you now were a number.
Write to me, I with impatience shall wait from you the letter.
I like, I miss, it is gentle also passionately whole you.
Yours Elena.