Scam letter(s) from Olga Usupova to Steven (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my fine Steven! As I am happy, that again I read your letter.
I feel, that we is already absolutely close to each other.
I with the big excitement wait for day of our first meeting.
This thought does not give rest as soon I will see you and I can kiss and embrace.
I wait, when I can meet you. This day becomes closer.
At me does not remain any doubts, and I am completely assured, that very much I wish to be with you.
I am very happy, that you have appeared in my heart. My feelings became very hot.
Last days I think only of you, and about that time which we will spend together.
Every day we become is more close to each other. Today, I have visited hospital, and at me medical inspection has taken place. I was at all necessary experts, and to me have informed, that the inquiry will be ready on Monday. Tomorrow everywhere the day off!
I can easily receive this document certifying my excellent health.
After hospital I have gone at once to agency. There I was waited already by the adviser.
I have asked as long I will receive the visa! And he has answered that the visa will be ready on Tuesday.
He for acceleration process documents has asked me that you have contacted agency. e-mail agencies:
Your full data Also have sent to them: a surname, a name, the address and the airport name.
Also has asked to write a phone number. Therefore make it for me. Write data to this electronic address.
As to me the adviser has told that it is necessary to pay expenses.
Now I am exact about it I do not know how many it will cost for me.
And it is possible at me there will be no money. If you can help me with payment of agency I will is happy.
I do not wish to take money on credit. But if you can help me to me it is not necessary to take money in bank.
But please promise to me that when I will arrive to you you to me necessarily will help with money?!?!
Or I am possible I can remain with you?!?!?! It now for me very much complicated questions.
I very strongly worry before a meeting. Therefore so it is serious to all I concern. Please understand me.
I really wish to be near to you. I want that who that cared of me. I have fallen in love with you and very much I am afraid to lose. After that letters, I will go to the house to the parents.
I feel, that they very much for me worry, and today at me the important conversation will take place with them.
They very much worry. I wish them to calm.
I want, that you have written in the following letter a small wish to my parents. Ok?
I want, that they have read from you, that you will care of me. For me it is very serious and important.
I hope, what it will not complicate you? I wish to remind you, that my mum call Elizabeth, and my father call Sergey.
I very much love you and I believe, that the same feelings are in your heart.
We have transferred all emotions each other in letters. For me our meeting is very important. My dear Steven, I strong embrace and is gentle kissing you. I wait with the big impatience your letter. With love yours Olga Usupova!
Letter 2
Hi my Steven! I very much love you! I so am happy to write to you now.
After all already very soon I will be near to you. At last to a smog to see and gently to kiss you.
I very strongly worry! After all today I already leave to Moscow. As I will arrive at once I will write you the letter. Also I hope that by this time you necessarily will write to me.
Moscow very big city and me will be necessary your support in letters!
I have received today a travel package in agency.
Still to me have given papers for interview passage to embassy in Moscow.
Only after interview I will receive my visa. Moscow (MOW) - El Paso (ELP) Departs: 28 December 2009 14:25, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrives: 28 December 2009 16:20 , Los Angeles Intl Change in Los Angeles (LAX) Departs: 28 December 2009 18:55, Los Angeles Intl
Arrives: 28 December 2009 21:49 , El Paso Intl Arpt These are my tickets!!! On Friday I take off to you. Day of our meeting is absolutely close.
It should happen! And it happens!!! You have entered into my life silently, trying not to take it is a lot of place! But your patience have helped you!
And now you take the important place in my life. I am grateful to the god that he has presented to me you.
I am grateful to you that you have found me in this world. When you will be near to me, you will feel all depth of my tenderness and caress.
I try to express in words at least a part of that is created at me on heart!
It will be very difficult to present now to me that with me when I for the first time will see you.
Day of our meeting is absolutely close. And for me it is very important that you supported me!
As I do not wish to finish this letter. But my time has approached! Also it is already necessary to go on station.
I will write the following letter to you as I will arrive to Moscow. Please write me today something gentle and tender!
Your love and support now is necessary to me. I strong embrace you also gently whole. Yours Olga!
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