Scam letter(s) from Teresa Lucas to James (USA)

Letter 1

my love this is my pic ok.
Letter 2

hello James ,
i hope u love this rigth?
Letter 3

hello james,how are u doing? hope fine as i am rigth? pls try and send me an offline and also a mail ok,love u soo much.ok dear about the travelling,what do u think? hope u like me to come rigth? pls try and send me a mail and let me know what up. Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart,i love u soo much.
Letter 4

Dear James,
Thanks for ur mail,i really understand all u have said and think u are rigth about being aware of those who fail there promise.Dear, i will be welling that u tell me what u want me to do and also if any thing else u mail me and let me know ok,but for a web cam,i dont have one to even show my body and othere things for if posible,i can give u a number so that u call me and talk much,pls will be welling to hear from u Rasheeda.
Letter 5

To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another. One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this.
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