Scam Letter(s) from Veronica Sokova to Stephen (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, Stephen!!

To tell the truth I am shocked by your harsh answer very much!! And I wonder how you can require me to write you my full name, address and phone number if you didn't write me such an information about yourself! I think you don't know that if you want to receive something you should give something. And I can cite as an example for you our given situation when you didn't write me so personal information about yourself but you want me to be so open with you! Perhaps, you don't know how much warnings I have heard and hear now about your men who want just to play with our women using them and their bodies and making fool of our women! I have heard a lot of awful and terrible stories about our women who were made slaves by your men!!! There are a lot of TV programmes about this! What can you tell me about this now?! I have heard that some men write not seriously and just try to deceive our unhappy women promising them the moon while they have their own families, wives and kids and they have no intention or desire to realize their promises. And you wish that after such facts I have to give you my private information even not knowing you at all! I consider that each normal woman behaved just so! Though on the other hand your harsh letter proved me that you are not real and now I know who I dealt with! Thus, there is always bad and good side in each thing or event!




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