Letter(s) from Rebecca Anderson to Jae (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Tom,

How are you doing Thanks for taking your time to write me on Eharmony..well I am here in search of the right and only one for me and I am Becky as I told you earlier, 31 born in Frankfurt Germany and my father is from Frankfurt in Germany , while my mother is from Miami in Florida I am presently living here in Nevada Fallon and have been living here for the past 3yrs now,I have never been married but have been cheated on every now and then never been loved sincerely too,I am the only child of my parent cause my father died when I was 8yrs and I am an artist,I love soccer,golf and pool, I love to read and when it comes to reading I am old fashioned cause my favorite is Williams Shakespeare work of art and also love to take a long walk on the beach,swimming is fun for me and also camping,I like honest,open minded and happy people don't like lies I hate lairs as a matter of fact I have been lied to so many times so I hate it when people do that it piss me off...Well I love to have fun and do a lot of things guess i haven't done a lot of those things every since i got cheated on cause those things are not best done alone but despite what I have been through I still wish I could start all over with someone who is gonna be honest and truthful with me, Well I am still waiting and hoping to have a chat with you on yahoo instant messenger my screen name is becky_197773@yahoo.com please do tell me a little more about yourself and you sure can ask whatever you wish to know about me, I will be please to answer whatever questions you have to ask me..and please do send me more pictures of yourself.
Have a blissful day.