Scam letter(s) from Irina Starodubseva to RJ (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Dear RJ!
Thank for the letter of me. It was good, find out with you Network. You have really good and interesting name, I love it Very much. Well, let me to start with representation. You can already find out, it to me of 30 years, I young European lady. I live in Zvenigovo city in an Mari-El to Republic. I speak Russian smoothly And the English language - not so. My date of a birth on June, 1, 1974. Now to me of 30 years.
Mine the data:
My growth of 172 sm, my weight approximately 53 kg.
Now in me hair of black color, but natural color of my brown color of hair.
In me grey - dark blue eyes.
****** - 85.
Waist - 57.
Hips - 86.
My favourite color - red, (Color of scarlet roses).
My favourite season - summer: it is possible to go at coast.
I love dogs and cats, but now I can ` t have it. But I think that when I Will have happy family, that we would have a cat
And a dog.
I am honest, sensitive, kind, cheerful and sociable person.
I love the nature; sometimes I like to go on a wood and to inhale fresh air, When I have a free time.
I like to float and play tennis, though I - not good
The player however (In my free time I like to go to theatres, museums, operas And some plays).
I with a smile on my person recollect years of the student... In my opinion, It was the best year in my life... In my memory there were many colourful memoirs From youth of my student...
I have finished the Kazan State university on a speciality " Management of a manpower ", but unfortunately I cannot find work by my trade. This hour I work as the seller in small shop.
My working day begins in 10:00am and arrives up to the end in 8:00pm.
Anyway I like to enjoy life, as it. I hate lie and treachery. I do not like Any kind of cruelty, it is possible, because I am too female and sensitive in my heart.
I like flowers, especially a daisy and roses.
It is really important for me in the man - his for individuality
First; his the kind close and romantic soul can involve me.
Age or distinction of a nationality - not a problem for me in general.
I am interested, in which which is in his heart.
I only need, in whom - that who will be my best friend and the devoted partner, To which I shall devote my life, and I shall like.
I search for intellectual, very smart, unbiassed person who has kind heart, Love both romantic soul, and common sense of humour who is capable to protect and support his The beloved woman and to be the devoted partner for her. I want to build strong, steady and Love to family outside of Russia. Mutual respect in relations, honesty, understanding and strong The love is really important for happiness of family, I think. Please tell to me more about you directly, Your life, your hobbies, interests, expectations, desires. I would like to know more about you. It is really important for me to have idea concerning the person to whom I am going to correspond Also develop relations!
Let me to wish you
It - is a lot of happiness.
Sight forward to receive news from you it is fast.
Your familiar Natasha.
Letter 2

Hi my dear RJ!
Thank for this fine photo!! These are very beautiful flowers!!
I very much love these flowers, but I never saw black tulips.
I went to agency. There to me gave the full information that is necessary for air flight in Brussels.
To me have told, that for the beginning I need to make the passport for travel abroad.
It is made out two weeks and costs 170 $.
Then I need to make out my visa.
It costs 140 $ also is made out for 10 working days.
Tickets aboard the plane up to Brussels National Arpt and back costs 298,46 $
It is the information which I has found out.
It of me very much frustration therefore - that unfortunately I have no this sum of money...
It is a problem on which I cannot arrive to you now...
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Natasha.
Letter 3

RJ, I at all do not understand you also...
What fraud???
You want to tell that I deceived you???
RJ similar you scoff on up to me.
I want to tell to you that all over again I thought that you decent man...
Actually I was mistaken...
Please do not write to me more.
I remove all your letters and I delete you from my life.
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