Scam letter(s) from Marina Budkevich to Derek (UK)

Letter 1
Hi, It’s Marina from Ukraine. I hope you remember me from I am pleased with the chance to have this personal communication with you. I want to write you more about myself. I am a girl of twenty nine. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a blond girl with long straight hair, big eyes and slander figure. As to my appearance I'm rather tall and slim. I have never thought I'm a beauty I am an ordinary girl, very simple and easy going. I like staying alone and sometimes I retire into my shell… But still my heart is longing for love and I believe that I am on my way to find it… I am a lonely mother of a wonderful child Kristina (she is 30 months now) and I hope you love kinds and ready for serious relations. I know this is truly great responsibility but big happiness of love and unity with someone special…. It is real pleasure to know that you are the whole world for the child but each kid needs family, my father left my mom when I was 3 only and I was dreaming for my mom to have met someone to be my father and good friend but my mom had to work at 2 jobs to have the ends meet and never had the time for private life. Luckily there is the Internet now and I believe for the chance to find my love and make up real family. I hope this is enough for today and you are not scared off with my photos and thoughts on life, I believe to get your letter soon, photos are always welcome as well. I kiss you, Marina.
Letter 2
Hi, Derek, Thank you for the nice photos and interest in me, I feel special when taking to you. i believe that we can go on discovering more abut each other and become really close together. I want us to be open to each other from the very beginning; I think this is really important for those who are looking for serious relations that’s why I have told you about my having a daughter even though here no one wants to go out with me because I have a child… I have been alone ever since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter at 26. I have never been married and have no other children. I thought things were going to be ok because I was a decent student and had stable relations with my boyfriend for over 5 years but the news were too hard for him, he appeared to be playing with me and was forcing me to do abortion… I am lucky no to do this and I am blessed to have my angel Kristina who I love a lot. My ex showed his real face when we were parting and I am happy that he left Zolochev (it is the pklace I live now, it is situation in Lviv region, western part of Ukraine.)and I do not have any connection with him now. I have experienced rejection like I never thought was possible, I had to leave the university where I was studying economy, I worked as a waitress at night and as a shop assistant during a day, my mom was staying with Kristina but still I had to drop home and breastfeed her, now she is at he kindergarten so my mommy has some rest but I had to leave the work at the bar as my girl needs some attention. I do not have any chance for career as I do not have any special knowledge, I also never had the chance to learn English and I am using translator’s assistance for writing to you. But I want you to know that I used to be a gifted student so I believe to learn some English soon and there is n problem for our communication in future… I am sorry for my letter to be so joyless, I am cheerful girl and I like smiling, I am sure that you will put happy impression on my face and joy into my heart… Have a nice day, Marina.
Letter 3
Oh, darling Derek, Thank you for the tender compliments and sweet words. I live in the Western part of Ukraine so I am Catholic Christian and we celebrate Christmas on December, 24th-25th as well. I dream abut love and being love and having stable family life. I want all the troubles to go away this year and be happy all the time. I hope that things are truly so. i am pleased with all your compliments and I want to know about your dreams.... I am really pleased with the chance for talk to you. I work really hard everyday both at work and in the home trying to provide a good life for my wonderful daughter, who deserves a great life. Unfortunately credit crunch has other ideas . I am worse off every month because all my tax credits have been cut, my rent has gone up and the bills just keep on coming. I do not like complaining but it is pressing on me all the time and I feel badly, I hope you do not mind my sharing the problems with you… I want you to know that you are always welcome to trust me everything that troubles you me as well. I am supporting and caring person. I haven’t even paid my rent this month yet, or all my bills. Sometimes I truly wonder what the point is and what will become of us. My daughter and I…. She doesn’t deserve this life. Kristina has beans on toast for dinner practically every night, nothing good or fun and a stressed out mother on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I keep trying to keep the faith that somehow things will get better but to be honest I really don’t know how the **** that will possibly happen. Maybe just writing this will perhaps make me feel better, like a catharsis or something. Sometimes I think I'm not good enough for anything or anyone, and this is my life. This is what I'm destined to live for the next goddess-knows how many years... and even here, now, I am typing up a pathetic little paragraph about how bad my life is, knowing full well that I must act but how? Do you have any ideas? I am sorry if my letter is not that happy as usually but I just do not have anyone close here to share with this. Your Marina.
Letter 4

Imperial Translations Royal quality – simple prices Dear Mr. Derek, We apologize for disturbing You in the coarse of your communication with lady Marina. You might have been informed that she is ignorant in English and uses translational company services for keeping in touch with you. She rents the e-mail address from us that is why we contacting you this way. As you have been notified in your lady’s previous letter she has significant problems with her finances. Marina is in a desperate situation now and she is sad that it reflects your communication as well. However there is no way out for her except for asking you for the assistance in this matter. Marina would be grateful to you for the reply concerning the situation whatever you think about it so she knows what to await from the future. We are always happy to assist you and answer all your questions either via the e-mail or over the phone: +380668581420.
With respect and hope for future collaboration,
Valeria, Imperial Translations
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