Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Gavin!
How are you?
At me excellent mood and I with pleasure read message from you!
I very much wish to continue our correspondence, because you very interesting man for me!
In the last letter I promised to tell more about myself!
I was born april 20, 1982 in St. Petersburg. My parents indulged me and very much loved, because I was their only child. Time moved and I has left school, then college, has received a trade of the marketing and moved to an adult life with widely open eyes.
Small girl has turned to the beautiful woman :) Now I live separately from my parents in a small apartment, but we are very close.
I work as the adviser in boutique of sportswear. It is good shop and at us many clients.
I like this work!
I am very active women and in me always a lot of energy, because I take a great interest in sports. This really huge pleasure! Usually I visit a sports complex, where pass employment on fitness and there is an exercise room.
I love tasty and wholesome food and I do not drink alcohol.
I prefer mineral water or natural juice.
Now at women it is very possible to smoke, but I consider it inadmissible for me.
These are small secrets of my beauty :) At me a lot of friends and we adore walks on fresh air. In St. Petersburg many interesting and beautiful places.
Most of all I like to visit the Central recreation park and the Summer garden.
In city it is a lot of cinemas and cosy cafes, entertaining clubs and restaurants.
I very much love cinema and try to see all new presentations. My favorites of cinema Shon Konery, Tom Henks, Nicolas Keidzh.
I would like to hear more about you, Gavin?
I never was in your country, but always dreamed to visit! I plan to have holiday from work next month and I would like to travel!
I would like to spend time of my holiday with interesting and passionate man, which can be my boyfriend.
Should admit, that you are interesting to me very much! I am very glad that my pictures have liked you!
I would like to see your new pictures also.
I very much wait your new letter! Have a good day!
Yours friend Nataliya
Letter 2
Hello dear Gavin. I would like to tell you that I am very glad to get the letter from you. I would like to know about you as much as possible. I think we need to come closer, it is always very important to have the person who you can trust at all and tell everything, am I right? You know my dream it's happiness, family and love are main for me. I'm romantic woman very much. But in same time I don't forget about reality. I like many things but I don't like some things too. I don't like false, not sincerity, especially from next one. I'm such girl, may be it's in my blood. I want to share my life with family, with loving man. I think about life serious and I understand that all my dreams can't come to me theirself and in this moment. It's difficult. But I want to make it. I would like know more and more about you. I would like know about your life, your desires and dreams.
What do you think about love and family? I really interested you.
About me I very kind, love to help the people, like to communicate. I like the pets, cats and dogs too, but I do not have much time for caring for the pets and because of it I do not have it. When I have free time I like to go to the cinema with the friends or look ice hockey. I very much like to look sports. Gavin, you like? Also In free time I like to go for a walk on a coast of the river. I go in a swimming pool in free time. I often go on a beach in the summer. I like to swim very much. I like nature very much and by the way what do you like to do when you have the free time? May be you have better idea for the free time spending and I will use it if I will like it :). I am closing here for now. I will go now and will be waiting for your answer with impatience. Yours Nataliya.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Gavin!
How are you my friend? Your new letter makes my day! Dialogue with you the best gift for me!
With each new letter we learn about each other more and we become closer!
I feel your interest to me and it makes me happy!
My friends speak, that I very cheerful and romantic. I really dream very much!
My favourite colors white, red and light blue.
I love white, because my favorite flowers - white roses. I love pink and brightly red cars.
I love light green, because it similarly on color my eyes. What color you love more?
You have car? I very much love fast and beautiful cars.
I like to listen music! My favorite - John Bon Jovi and Red Hot Chili Peppers!
What music do you love?
My girlfriends often ask, why I still single and I answer, that I did not taste all of pleasure of a life.
Certainly it can sound pragmatically :) We cannot see our future, but we should use and receive pleasure from all that gives us a life! Yesterday never will come back, and I openly look forward.
I accept around world such what it is. It does not mean that I not serious :) I am happy with a life, but would like to receive a more!
The Russian men have disappointed me, because they weak, whimsical and nothing understand in *** :).
I heard that men from your country the master in this :) I hope that have not confused you?
Good *** is really important for me and I would like to have it regular!
It seems to me, that any woman wants this, but not everyone is ready to admit to herself this.
I wish to spend my time with interesting, strong and passionate man! With each letter all of you develop in me this desire :) First of all I would like to become your friend and better to learn you, before we shall meet. Honesty, sincerity, respect, understanding, attention and care are important for me too.
What you think about it, Gavin? It will be very interesting for me to learn your answer!
With impatience wait your new message! Take Care Yours friend Nataliya.
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