Scam letter(s) from Anna Cheburova to Dave (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings my friend !
How are you?
I very much waited your new message, and now I have read it with the great pleasure!
Everything, that you write, very interestingly, and I wish to study you more and more.
In this message I promised to tell to you more about me directly.
You already know, that I the Russian woman and I live in the city of St.-Petersburg. I have no house the computer and I write you with my work. I to have such possibility. As I to write to you to the second letter I the social worker and when I earlier to cope my work I I can write you the letter. My working day to make 9 morning to 6 evening.
I lonely and beautiful, and for very would be desirable to have the beloved :)
I the only child in a family also have transferred all my childhood together with parents to St.-Petersburg, and they have presented me a lot of tenderness, a heat and love. And I to absorb this love as a sponge.
I very good the mistress and very many am able to prepare. Tell and what from a dish you to love more?
My most favourite dish is a pie with apples!! Which always to prepare my mum, and how many I not to try to prepare it at me to turn out not so is tasty as at my mum. (Who to try my pie to speak all that it is very tasty :).
I would like to treat you such when when we to meet! How you look at it :)?
My very blase day, but I always try to have personal time to be engaged in sports meets and to have rest!
The woman is similar to a flower therefore, I try to be beautiful always :)
Certainly each woman has secrets of beauty, but for me the main thing an active way of life, wholesome food and healthy dream.
I very much love cinema, music, theatres and walks in park.
I love popular music of the end 90 years it as the Madonna. Or for example as our Russian group Park Bitter. From films to me to like very much about love and real men. I would like to learn more about you?
If you have questions, please ask, I will be glad to answer!
I have made new pictures for you!
I hope, that they will bring in you great pleasure.
I will wait very much your new message! With the best regards
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