Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Budko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend ;)
How r u? My name is ekaterina.
i the optimist also believe in all the best. I vigorous person.
For me it will be very interesting to find the sociable, true and pleasant man!
i want to find serious relations
If you answer my letter and will send the photos.
i too will send you my photos to the answer.
I will finish the letter.
I wait from you for the answer.
ekaterina. P.S. - tell me plz the your real name!
Letter 2
I am glad to you that you interested in me and wrote me mail. I will be very happy if you write me next letters. I have acquaintance at the first time via the Internet. and this should be very pleased that the man who wrote me my is my life and it should not be pleasant. I think that all good luck should come to you. Dear, I'm ordinary woman and just want to falling in love, and then I'll give my love, and do all that my wonderful man has always looked very well and he always would like to come home, because at home he would always convenient to will always know that his love for home and always waiting to be in their free time together. In this letter, I'll let you know little information and a dialogue with me will be interesting to you, I'll tell about me directly in more detail in next letter. My name is ekaterina, my age is 30 years old. I have good job and I'm busy in sports. I am very romantic woman also try to make my life more interesting. I dream to meet a good man, who can understand me and will love.
THX you very nice photo! =) i like it really =)
I send you my picture, and I ask you to sent me some photos. Since this will interesting to me to learn about your life, family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 3
I was waiting your letter and was very excited when you wrote to me. I was interested in your profile and I pleased that we begin to know each other better and develop our acquaintance.
I think this is an interesting thing to know someone far through the Internet, for me it is unusual, because I use the Internet a little. I want to inform you that I have my own personal computer. to translate my letters to you I use the electronic program interpreter, because for me more quickly and conveniently to write for you in Russian and then translated the letter into English. I hope that you can understand well my letters. I studied English earlier in the school and then college and I understand your letters very well. just please do not use Reduction of words. I would be interested to talk with you and If you do not mind, I could in the future to try call you so we can talk about different things. I want to tell you a little about myself. I live in the city Omsk. I take a small apartment because of my work. My parents live separately from me, in the village, but I visit them very often and spend whole weekend there. My apartment is very comfortable, I always try to make comfortable where I am. I put on the shelves and cabinets are different nice things and soft toys, I do like it a lot. I have a teddy bear with which I am not parting for many years. my large city, and there are many people. basically we have in the various factories. there Several restaurants and bars. city was not built tall buildings on 5-10 floors. I work a broker on the exchange, I am a financier. tell me about their work. he likes you? I like my job. I love to laugh and I respect people with good humor. I like to travel. I have not been far from my home, but I dream in the future to go to different places. I have 2-3 times week do I go to the gym to keep my body in order. and Have you any sports in your life? Do you love fun in the garden? hunting? fishing? Camping? Tell me some things about their pastime. I would be very interested to hear about it. i like frequent changes in themselves and some of my friends are surprised, when they meet me after a long time. I like to change the color of hair and hair, it depends on the mood and image. tell me more about yourself. I am waiting for your letters. Have a good day.
Sincerely ekaterina.
Letter 4

how are you today? Im ok. I am glad to receive your e-mail.
I think more seriously now about acquaintance via the Internet. when you installed your profile in the service of acquaintances, you thought about possible to find a man for a serious relationship?
Perhaps you did this in order to have a little fun? Tell me about it please. Tell me why you decided to get acquainted on the Internet, rather than outside. I am in my life had no good acquaintances in the street. I think That if a person uses a special dating service, it has serious intentions to find a special person for themselves. I talked about many games on the internet, but I hope that you serious man. Would you like to write me a small story of how ordinary people live in your country? our peoples of different cultures and life, and I think this story will help me understand you better. I think that television does not always tell truth, and I never do opinion about other peoples from the TV. I hope to tell some things about it will not be tedious for you. what the importance of family in your country and what opinion you have regarding this. I heard that many women are not serious family that are more important in their careers. and some women to be married and immediately make a divorce to take half the money from her husband. it true?. I am very difficult to understand this. I think that the creation Family is very important in life and can not play other people's feelings and have a big purse from it. I have already informed you that I have work which takes me a lot of free time. my salary not very big, but I have enough for life. I plan to future study, to raise their level to work. I had already studied at special classes for the profession. This was after I was finishing school. and graduated from the university. What you imesh view on the importance of education in life? Tell me please opinion. Dear now I must go home. I write to you tomorrow. waiting for your letters.
Your ekaterina. ps - you have mobile? I wish to call to you and to hear your voice ;)
you can call me and sms too. my mobile +79278705116
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