Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Olle (Sweden)
Letter 1
Good day honey!
How are you?
Here, where I live have decided to try all the same the Internet. I try to be fair in relations! Almost all time I am on work sometimes even in week end! I think it because I do not have family! To me not a prosperity of man's caress and understanding! I morally strong woman as it demand my work! I as the assistant to the inspector very often act at judicial sessions in a role of the representative of charge! Also at me it is a lot of work directly in a militian office! Today I need to put in order and to prepare for litigation some criminal cases! It tyres! But I will try to find time to write to you the letter! I hope that next month I can receive holiday from work and we can plan our meeting also! Therefore it is necessary to approach to acquaintance Cautiously and to construct normal dialogue it is necessary to communicate and be convinced much That the person who writes to me can be trusted.
I hope, that so it and will be also we can become to begin with good friends and then i hope more. I would love tell you more about myself if it is interesting to you! I am 170 centimeters. My weight 55 kgs.
Also it was very interesting to me to learn about you even more, and I ask if you will have time answer some my questions.
Where you have received your education?
How you like to spend the free time? What is the time you work? In what days you have the day off from work?
I want to ask you . Tell me please, you dream to see what woman every day near yourselves?
For the sake of what woman you are capable to make everything, that to take hold of her heart and always to be together with her? Excuse me , probably to me still early to discuss with you such frank things. I seldom have bad mood and with optimism concern to the life.
I love when around of me cleanliness and a cosines. I very much inquisitive, in life I wish to see and try everything, in fact the life is given only once. Except for music my passion is the cookery.
I am delivers great pleasure to do various dishes. I like to communicate with interesting people.
In men I appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity to the beloved.
Fleeting novels it not for me. I am ready to give completely myself only to that person whom I will really love.
Yours faithfully Irina.
Letter 2
How are you dear?
I went by Internet cafe and have decided to come and check up your mail box. I hoped, that you will write to me. I worked more time and yesterday too! I was present at three judicial sessions as the assistant to an accuser! I am very tired! Judicial sessions always very much tyre! Today I to have a free time! I hope you there is such person with whom I can share The secrets, pleasures and only the pleasant moments. Who can understand me, support, advise. I have some question! Did you have many women in your life? Why do you not together now? What reason of your parting? But if you do not wish to speak it to me you can not speak me about it, I shall understand all. I know, that you wish to know It is more about me. All at once about my life I can not write, to you I will gradually write, thus we with can learn each other. And to send the photos together letters. I hope you too??? Today would like to write about the parents. My parents were very usual workers. They love each other. I lived in a normal family. My parents very much like me and I also. My father was the builder. My mother works at school. My mum was the teacher and an initial class. She knew the approach to children. My mother since the childhood was for me as The girlfriend, it always understood and has helped me during the difficult moment. All its former pupils, still like and respect. At it very kind heart. It is always ready to listen and help during hard times. Now I live separately from my parents! I rent apartment! Unfortunately I seldom visit them therefore I feel guilty to them! Now the rain in the street has begun! Unfortunately, I should go home. Write to me more about your family too! I will look forward to hearing from you.
Answer me today please!
Yours faithfully, Irina. P.s I not the swindler and me not to be pleasant when me so call.
Letter 3
Where are you now?
It cheers up for all day and I have very good mood now!
Today at me again it is a lot of work but I write to you during the break from work! I will work today till the late evening!
Tomorrow there will be a litigation and I should help to prepare some documents upon a charge presentation! I will not be present at judicial session as this difficult criminal case and on court in a role of an accuser there will be a public prosecutor! To me yet do not give such difficult criminal cases! I have not enough experience! I think that it to you not interestingly when I tell about the work??? Ok I will tell a little more on myself!
I very like sports meets, there is also a long walk, and I think, that the main thing in the person - health. At us in Militia good sports preparation! Every quarter we hand over specifications on run, shooting from a pistol, sambo-wrestling!
Therefore I do not smoke, and I do not drink, in a word, I adhere to a healthy kind of a life.
I - the romantic, silent and peace woman. I independent and in me the big intuition capable to adapt to the various
To the situations counterbalanced and sensitive. I appreciate a cosiness, and the house life means much for me.
If our dialogue proceeds, I have to you some questions. First I would like to learn the purpose of your acquaintance? I have written to you, that I would like to find the serious man with whom it is possible to count on more serious relations...
How for a long time you get acquainted on the Internet and whether it is pleasant to you to do it?
I would like that you have answered my questions.
I will go now back for work! I will write you tomorrow!
Yours faithfully Irina.
Letter 4

How you week end morning my Sweet??? I hope well?
I have get up now and going to market!
At me now many work Till New Year's holidays! Then i free!
At us today -12 degrees! It is cold! Today at me work only after a dinner! I need to interrogate some witnesses on criminal case!
Criminal case very difficult! An essence of the matter in that that the crime structure is obvious! But accused refuses to give evidences!
The arrested person is accused of a robbery and murder of the mistress of apartment! Now all hope of witnesses of a crime and of that that the accused will confess and will give evidences! I hope that at me all will turn out! This first serious criminal case in mine the inspector to practice! How you work today???? This week I have a new theme for reflexion, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know, how you but as me starts to interest importance our letters. I wish to tell, that it is new emotions, in my silent heart. For me it is unusual to begin relations with e-mail. Such situation that there is a distance between us, - pulls my ideas to you. I during long time understood, it if it is a little difficulties to achieve the object, - that desire reach this increase in the purposes. Possibly it is one of those things who compels me to reflect often on you. I think, that i should seize your heart, and you cannot struggle with it female magic. That you will answer my letter dear. Excuse me, but I do not know that i would do at you in the country because i know about your country little. Dearest, i again wish to establish in you of a few questions: that there are main values in your life: a family, work, money or something dear?
What is the plans concerning the future? Write me also inform the ideas, me i will wait your messages.
Kiss you and have good week end!
Yours Irina.
Letter 5
How are you Friend???? At me today free day from work! In the morning I have visited parents! They were very glad as we did not see almost month! Now I am back! Weather today also the good! Today it is snowing. In the street -10 degrees. What weather at you??? I have some question! What did you feel, when I have written to you for the first time? Also to wish to tell to you about the preferences! I watch the appearance... Agree, it is much better, when the woman is dressed beautifully, and with taste. I am final not The desperate woman of fashion, but I try to watch myself... And what you prefer clothes: modern, classical, or can be sports? I dont undestand one! Really women in your country so are blind and Cannot make out in such remarkable man as you the good partner in life? You to me very much liking! I here for example wish to have the constant and unique man for all life. Whether I do not know it is necessary to speak to you about it now. All the same we more few that know each other and to full revelation probably have not got used yet... I think while will suffice about it. But I very much wish development of ours with you of relations! I will plan holiday next month necessarily! Your relatives know about me??? If yes that as your relatives would concern for example the foreign bride? Only do not think, that I hinting you already to become your wife. It would be very thoughtless... To me it is simple very much It would be interesting to know their opinion...
And now I will finish the letter and I will wait the answer tomorrow.
Tomorrow I will have a difficult day! I will work all the day in Office of Public Prosecutor! I will need to replace the inspector as he was sick! It is responsible work! Bye and Kiss you!
Yours faithfully Irina.
Letter 6
Hi, my sweet sunshine! How are you there, my angel? I felt that you are for me from your first letters and with every day i am becoming more and more sure that I made a right choice! There are so many things you should show me there!!! I want to see everything! I want to breath the same air that you used to breath, honey! As we are two halves of one unit! right? thank you for giving me such a chance to be with you, my angel! I will not miss it! So, i will find out what i need to come to you and then will let you know! I figure on your help with this trip. I feel myself so small and so big girl at the same time:))) You know, I never made such decision, to arrive to my man so far and I am a little bit frightened:) And very, very excited!!! As so many amazing feelings are waiting for me soon! My first flight, my first meeting with you, our first night.... Oh, honey, let the time go faster!!!! I am so excited with this thought that i could not sleep all nigh. It would be really amazing to come to meet you in person!!! Wow! I hope you like this idea!!!! I cannot wait to get a letter from you with an answer!!!!
I kisssssssssssss you!!!
Love Irina.
Letter 7
How are you today my Knight?
How you spend your time? Well, I must say that I am lucky to meet you I think. It is very interesting for me to communicate with you. If I had more possibilities to use computer I would bother you too much I am afraid, I would chat with you a lot on-line, write letters to you more often so please, do not be angry with me when my answer gets you not very soon ok? It's not my fault honey, these are just circumstances. But remember always that you are a great interest for me, and with each letter I want to learn more and more things about you... For example, today I thought what your first love was like... what type what women do you prefer etc... For me the main thing is that MY MAN will respect me at first very much, then love me very much, will take care of me, will be faithful to me, It is one of the main thing and I in my turn will give him all my love... a lot of caressse, my best fellings... My intentions are the most serious and I expect to have a very friendly and happy family with healthy kids-)
What about you? How do you imagine our family life together?
I think about you all the time... I am always filled with great joy and my heart leaps when I open my email and find a message from you.
think we are getting closer with each message and that makes me very happy. Your presence in my life is a wonderful thing and I can indeed see us walking hand-in-hand on the street and exchanging passionate kisses. I like to slow dance as well.
Many people never find what you and I have found.
I hope!
I will look forward a letter from you, honey.
Big hugs and kisses!
Letter 8
How are you my Knight? I am very fine???? Only now in the street a nasty weather! Today -25 degrees! I have a little have could!!! Yesterday I again was present at judicial session! I do not know that occurs to me! Recently I feel it, when I write you letters or simply I think of you... You really became me very expensive person, Which it is very far from me, but your words and feelings to me bring to me a lot of pleasure, despite the distance dividing us with you... Therefore give we will try to make all to overcome this distance and to be together. the truth, the truth which dictates me my heart... How you????? I want children in future! Are you??? Certainly we cannot hurry event, but also to detain them it is not necessary, You agree with me??? Today very sated day! It is a lot of work! I have already signed the statement on holiday at my chief! My holiday will be from December 30th till 26th january! He long did not give me the permission as a lot of work but has then agreed! I very much hope to visit you in the holiday! I need to prepare all documents and to go to Moscow to receive the visa! I have already started to make out the passport for travel abroad! My passport will be ready tonight or tomorrow in the morning! Today I will search for travel company which will make out to me the visa and will book tickets! What airport at you in a city or nearby? I should go now unfortunately! I will write tomorrow also!
Answer me today OK? Kiss you! Irina.
P.S. Irina Shalagina.
Street: KHUZANGAYA 1-32.
post code: 428000.
city: Novocheboksarsk.
country: Russia.
Letter 9
Good morning my Knight! Today week end but i must work today! I'm very glad to write you again before my work. Yesterday there was very successful day! I went to travel agency, and all have very well learned concerning my trip to you, my dear, this oldest agency in our city. Make the visa, it is possible in two ways: It is very important! Travel agency offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS.) FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for interview with commission, completely paid tickets, class economy a class. I Can fly to you from Moscow. FPS the package enters the insurance (at refusal issue of visa, the insurance company will pay money for FPS, for a minus 35 EUR) FPS costs 917 euro, the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a 5-7 days after payment). The travel agency, gives a firm guarantee in reception of the visa, and an insurance policy, will defray all charges if me to not give the visa. I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant is the only right for me. Condition obligatory, payment FPS to make for 7 days, up to my start to you, my dear. Also to me have told that I do not need to do the new passport! At me my passport of travel is still valid! But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And during the beginning I should enter his registration in you country which are in Moscow embassy. In agency to me have explained, that I can legalize all papers through them, and to Moscow I should go only on interview to the consul for consideration and receptions of my visa. To capture all expenses including tickets to me need 917 euro. But I cannot pay for all trip to you. It is very it is expensive to me. I was very happy that we with you can very soon!!! I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you, at last. Nobody can help me with it. I have no so many money. To me to do payment for job for a vacation and then I have small accumulation, But I have enough money independently to pay FPS. I have on my hand only 400 euro! I am fair also sincere with you. I want to see you very much; It is a pity, road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should accuse of everyone another and divide all. Hope, that you agree with me. Only imagine, which during short time we could be together on New Year's Holidays. Also there is only one problem now which I cannot solve. I hope, that you will understand me and will help me to pay my documents! I should go to agency to fill forms and to write the application on reception of my documents. Reception is appointed on Tuesday! I will need to pay my documents up to this term necessarily! I have 400 euro but me need eua 517 euro. I very hope on you help! I have learned, that you can send me of money in current of several minutes through system of monetary transfers Western union, and also Money Gram. To me have told about these systems of transfers in the transport company. You should go to any branch western union or money gram in your city and to transfer money for my name: Irina Shalagina. Street: KHUZANGAYA 1-32. post code: 428000. city: Novocheboksarsk. country: Russia. To me have told, that it very quickly and reliably! If you will not find branch in the city you can contact westernunion and money gram through their official sites. Addresses: and Please transfer me 517 euro today or tomorrow!!!! In advance gratitude! Sorry now i should go to my work till evening! Waite you letter! Kiss you!
Letter 10
Olle! today I have not enough time. I can not write to you much. I still to be engaged in the of a paper. Money are now urgently necessary for payment of my papers for me. Please send urgently money.
If I now to not pay money to me may give up in registration of the visa. Not need joke mee! You not any transfer money! I HAVE KNOW IT IN MY WORK! I hope that you today to send me money. I to not want that I had problems with registration of the visa. I shall wait for your letter.
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