Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Nicholas (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend!

Today I have received your letter. I am very glad it to receive.
Because I want with you will get acquainted.
I ask, that you wrote to me of more letters.
Also have explained in them the life, and described itself.
And still I ask you to send me the photo.
Because I wish to know you to face.

Now I shall write to you in more detail about myself.
My name Natalya.
Now to me of 35 years. My birthday 7 July.
I live in very small city Kirov which is almost in the center of Russia.
Very few people knows it, because my city not so known.
Here it is very beautiful especially in the winter.
I all life live in this city, I have been born too here.
I live together with the father, in a two-room apartment.
I do not have either brothers, or sisters.
I work in children's city hospital, as the children's doctor.
I very much love children, therefore I have chosen a trade which helps children.
I love the work, I like to help sick children.
I do not have children because I did not have a husband.
And already during long time I do not have the the man.
At leisure from work I read books, I listen to beautiful music.
Sometimes I go theatres and museums. I have a healthy way of life.
I support the figure and the health in a good condition.
I go to a sports hall. As I very much love the nature.
And now I have some questions to you:
Why you have solved to yourselves the woman through the Internet?
During what time you search for love on the Internet?
You correspond with other girls from Russia?
I finish the letter, and very much I look forward to hearing from you.
In other letters I shall tell another about myself.

Your new Russian girlfriend Natalya!
PS Also do not forget to send me the photo.

Letter 2

Hi the friend!

I hasten to inform you that profile I have met yours on yahoo personals.
I as shall answer you that I would be ready to go to Africa if near to me there will be I the man.
I am very grateful to you for your new letter!
I am sincerely glad to each your letter.
It is very pleasant to me to write to you the letters. I often think of you Odudu.
How are you doing? How at you weather? I am glad, that you write to me about the life.
We should learn each other better.
I hope, that our letters will help us to be closer each other.
When I write to you the letter, I represent that all this I speak you to face.
I hope you understand about what I speak? I now the lonely woman.
My main hobby are flowers. I have the garden in which I grow up different grades of colors.
My favourite flowers - red roses. Red roses - a symbol of the big and pure love.
Flowers demand constant care and care of them.
In it to year in mine to a garden one cactus blossomed. I at all do not know its name.:)
It very rare. I it was presented by friends for 20 years.
All this time I looked after it. I very strongly love it. It very beautiful.
This cactus blossoms once for 10 years.
And here in it to year I have seen all beauty of this flower. Very much it was pleasant to me.
And what your hobby? Than you like to be engaged?
I on work many times saw, that the man gives the woman the big bouquet of beautiful roses.
Red roses is the best gift for any woman. I think, that girls in your country also love flowers.
How you think, than the Russian girls differ from girls of your country?
And please send me the photo in full growth! I wish to learn about you more.
Write to me everything, that you consider that I knew about you.
And the most important - whether you were married in the past?
You have the girl which you love? When you had last attitudes?
I finish the letter and with impatience I look forward to hearing from you Odudu!
I hope for your answer in the near future.

Your girlfriend Natalya who wishes you successful day.

Letter 3

Hi my dear Odudu!
Lovely mine I hasten to inform you. I very much love you and is ready to be your wife.
My love I could learn all about my visa. But it costs money and I do not have such money.
I am very glad to receive your new letter.
Your letter very much is very very interesting to me!!!
I with pleasure shall answer your letter.
Each new day I think, that you will write to me in the letter.
For me it is very important. It means that I had to you very big interest.
I wish to tell to you more about my character and my soul.
I think, that You should know my private world.
I wish to tell to you about myself as much as possible that you did not have questions to me.
I do not search rich for the man, for me are not important money. For me money for last place.
The main thing for me a shower and the attitude of the man to me. Its love to me.
I search for the man which will divide with me love.
The man with which I shall have happy family.
The majority of men in Russia are not ready for marriage.
Because they drink alcohol, smoke much and often use drugs.
I am very glad that could to find you in this world.
You very kind and very kind the man. You are similar to the person of my dream!!!
I consider myself as very romantic woman.
I think, that I can be your woman in the future. You thought of it?
I can discuss with you different themes of a life. I can speak with you about the problems.
We with you very easily find the general interest to a life. We very well understand each other.
I want that you were mine the beloved and can be in the future the husband.
I can make kindness, tenderness and love your life fine.
From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and a deceit of some people.
I very much would like that all people on the ground were happy.
I receive many pleasures from our correspondence.
I spend a lot of time in the house. I love an internal cosiness, I love calmness.
Many time I listen to music, silent slow music which brings a lot of calmness and the consent.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses. But nobody gives me them already during long time.

Letter 4

Hello my love, Odudu! I must say that I'm upset by your fears and the situation which has arisen between us. I am very sorry for the lack of confidence which you expressed in your last letter. Of course, I understand that we do not know each other and you is difficult to trust me, but I think in this situation, you act as an egoist. You think on what step I am going to leaving the house? I do not know what awaits me in your country, I really trusted you left all your worries and decided to take this important step, to visit you and maybe stay with you. I must say, that I do not want that our relations are deadlocked, I still want our meeting. I have not been outside of Russia and do not understand all the procedures necessary to visit the other country. Perhaps that is why we had some disagreements. I think we need to soberly assess the situation and not to engage in reckless behavior. Last week I spent a lot of nerves and I felt bad. I have a strong headache and I was forced to go to the hospital, so I could not answer you at the weekend. It turned out that I have a very high blood pressure and fever. I have appointed and recommended that the tablets remain in the room for 3-4 days. I must visit the doctor tomorrow for inspection. Today I not went to the embassy, because I feel bad. Hopefully with the document of the hospital will be a good reason for that missed interview. And I will be able to get a visa and arrive to you my love. I want to dispel your fears and I want you to trust me. I will try to answer all your questions. First, with regard to the flight number. Dear Odudu, I simply forwarded the information received by the offices in the airport, or do you think that I came up with this flight? I do not know if it would be to use tickets purchased by another person, but if I will not have problems with the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, then I would be happy if you buy tickets to my name at the end of the week. As I have already explained, I shall go to the U.S. as a tourist. And when I was on the advice of travel agency in the city of Kirov recommended to me to indicate a term visits to the U.S. no more than a month, as this greatly increases the chances of obtaining a tourist visa. We do not have enough months to understand each other and place your wedding? I think that one month is just a formality for the bureaucrats, and we are waiting for a long and happy life together! I do not even want to discuss the question of what is Russian women who use foreign men for their selfish purposes. Because this greatly offends my senses, if you do not believe me then tell me that once and I will not waste my time and feed the mindless emotion. I will leave Moscow and return to the Kirov. Then I find a way to return you the money that you sent me. but this will take time, I think you understand me. I am not from a rich family and my monthly income below average. You say I should find the money from friends or relatives is not an option, because no one has such funds freely. As for my director, I should explain that I work in public organizations and getting wages monthly. Chief hospital doctor, who is my director is not empowered to spend public money for personal purposes. My trip to you is our personal business with you. Yes, I give you the address and telephone number of the hospital where I work.
Children's Clinic ? 7, postal code: 610021 Kirov, Volkova st. 5, phone: 7 8332 257901
I must finish this letter and return to the hotel. I need to take medication. I hope that together we will find solution to the problem which has arisen between us and overcome this difficult period. And in the future will remember about this with a smile on his face. Kisses. Your Natalia.
p.s. If you can buy tickets send me information, because I planed visit U.S. Embassy after visit doctor on Wednesday.



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