Letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Ron (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Ron.
I am very glad that you have answered to me, and I hope you like my photograph. I am 29 years old, but do not think about me only by site of my age. I live in Russia in city under name Arhangelsk. I want to get acquainted with the guy from America because all men in Russia are rough, everyone drinks vodka, and they don't respect women. I know, that you don't like them. My girlfriend has helped to get acquainted with you. She has left to the USA and has married there last year. She is very happy. She tells me, that the American men are different from Russian very much. They respect women. My girlfriend has given to me the name of a site and the password, so I have seen you. I think, you are very attractive and interesting man. I live with my parents. My father is on pension and mother works as the seller in a drugstore. I work in a bar as the barman. Though I have higher education, I am a financier, I can't find work on my profession. It is very difficult to find the work In Russia, though I think, that if the person wants to work he can find work allways. Many people want to work, as small as possible and in this time get money as much as possible. I am not such person, I am glad that I have such work, it is better to work here, than have no work. I studied English language at university, I speak and write on English. Tell me more about yourself. Where do you live? Where do you work? Tell me about your interests. If I am interesting to you, I'll be glad to know about you better.

Letter 2

Hallo, dear Ron!!!

I'm very happy to get your answer. Now I hope that our relations will be long!!! I want to tell you about my daily life in this latter. I wake up at 6 o'clock, have shower-bath, make breakfast and have a tie. Then I have three time from 8 to 14 o'clock. At this time I meet with my girlfriends and we go on aerobics, 2 times to a week. In other days I am engaged in domestic affairs, I read books, I listen to the music. I like very much to go to theatre and cinema. In the summer I and my friends go on the nature, there is a beautiful small river near our city. At 14 o'clock I should be on my work. I like my work, here during breaks I can observe different sports events, on the TV, we have a cable television in the bar. I like very much your game - American football, it is very rigid and intense game. Perhaps, you and I will observe this game directly on stadium sometime. I finish my work at 23 o'clock, and I go home on foot, my house in several quarters from a bar. It is terrible to come back home alone but I have got used already. After coming home I have shower-bath, then I have a supper and I go sleeping, pending see dreams and tomorrow's day. Tell to me more about yourself. What hobby do you prefer??? How you spend your free time??? What do you do on your work??? My growth is 5,5 foots, weight is 110 pounds. My friends call me Tatyana. You can call me so also. I have not been married and I don't have any children, but I have dream to find the loving men, and to create a family. I'll give this person all my love and tenderness. I think it's all. I'll be glad to get your letter.

PS. I cannot frequently write to you, I write through Internet - cafe, I hope you will understand me.

Good buy!

Your's Tanya!

Letter 3

Hello dear Ron!!!

I have come to Internet cafe again to receive the letter from you. Your letters make my mood magnificent on all the day. I wait with impatience each new letter from you. It is a pity that Internet – cafe is too far from my home and I have no opportunity to visit it every day. Today I'll tell to you more about my work. I have spoken you that I work as the barman in a bar which name is Sports mooring. It is a bar for sports fans. I have spoken, that I love my work because I like to observe sport meets. But in general it is a hard job because I should work up to night and many people visit our bar, after work I have to go through some quarters to my home. It is hard to find good work in Russia, so I don't want to complain. It is better to work in such place, than to not have work. Many people in Russia haven't work, they speak that cannot find suitable work for itself, these are people who don't want to work, they want to earn money and also work as small as possible, I think that if the person wants always earn money, he can to earn but only by work. Are you agree with me??? As we talk about work, tell me please more about what you are doing on work. It will be very interesting for me. Same I understand a little in computers, whether tell please dearly at you there are accessories to a computer and what computer there are at you houses, it will be very interesting to me.

Good buy.


Letter 4

Hallo Ron!!!!!
I am happy, that I have opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and to get letters from you because it is a uniqu chance to communicate with you. It is hard to live in Russia, you are person who pleases me, I receive from you a charge of energy and I am wait each your letter. The life in Russia is very difficult, though I have custom to this, but sometimes I feel so tired what I want to leave it all. I think you have changed my life. I am glad that I live because I have you. I earn 2,6 thousand roubles (75$) a month on my work, and it allows to me go to the internet cafe and to speak with you and so I am very happy. I hope that you will not cease write to me!?! I'll tell to you about life in Russia. It is very difficult to find work in Russia, as I sad, and I happy that I work in bar and receive my 2,6 thousand roubles a month. I concern to an average layer of the all people in my country because it is a lot of people hear which can't pay for light and gas because receive less then 1 thousand roubles a month, it only for food. But I do not want to complain I can contain myself though sometimes it's very difficult.I would like to tell to you the address and to receive from you in the deputy. Russia, 664763, the city of Arhangelsk, Svoboda street 42-12. Name Tanya, Surname Kareeva.
I very much like to look adventure films, for example Pirates of the Caribbean sea, I as like historical, the Patriot, the Gladiator. I like to read books - love novels, as I make at leisure, I like to knit various things. And as a whole I love sports and a mobile way of life. I very much like to read books, liked it is love novels. I like to read about love as people each other beautifully can love. I like verses Pushkin, Lermontov. I very much love adventures. At leisure I also read books. I like to go to cinema.
Tell me please about life in America, it will be very interesting to me get more informance about America.