Scam letter(s) from Maria to Pieter (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello, Pietak!
I am interested in communicating with you and write you with big pleasure. I value in people honesty and decency. Nowadays it's a rare in our country. I don't know how in other countries. I have never been abroad. I was only in some cities of Russia. I like to travel. It's good way to learn something interesting and I always attracted to howl new and interesting. I am studying in college on faculty of law. This year I finish my study. Also I like animals. I have a dog. His name Alfa. I live with my parents. I have older sister. I like to read and go to disco. I'm a good dancer. In childhood I was a gymnast. And it was great. I have a dream - voyage round the world and I want to see 7 miracles of the world. I want to ask you some questions:
1. Which personalities you look for in woman?
2. Why you like in women from my country?
3. Which religion do you belong to?
I hope to get your soonest reply. Take care and have a nice day
Sincerely Masha
Letter 2

Hello, dear!
Thank you for such a beautiful letter from such a nice man. I do believe that ones inner beauty far exceeds that of the outside beauty. It is most important to discover ones inner beauty for loving the real inner person is most important. Being physically attracted to a person is important but loving the person inside makes a relationship strong. To find someone to whom you may have all the confidence, love,
trust and honesty in a person will make for a permanent, lasting and loving romance.
I like you wish to find such a relationship. I beg of you to tell me that you are very honest and serious man.
I want to find a man to whom I may share all of my life, my every minute of everyday. To love, trust, and cherish each and every moment of our lives. If you are a man who is sincere, not wanting to play games with a woman's heart then I ask you to continue to write to me. I wish to hold a man tightly yet warmly, to make him feel like a king. I wish a man to fall asleep in his arms at night and wake with a tender kiss. A man to make love to day in and day out, to desire the touch more and more as each day passes. Again. if you are this man you must respond.
Love and kisses, Masha
Letter 3

Hello, Pietak
Thank you for your letter to me and some information about you. You have brightened my day and now i feel good after getting your letter.
How are you doing there? I'm glad you are fine and everything is all right with you. How is the weather in your country? Do you enjoy it?
It is very warm and pleasant today.
I really feel that we are soul mates. I dream about us. I hope that one day we'll make this dream to come true, i want it more than everything. I hope our paths will come to the one and we'll be together till the rest of our lives. I hope that our relations will develop in a right way and we'll be together soon. I love to create harmony too and understanding around me and dream to create a family,
have kids and raise them together with my future lover, best friend and husband. To walk hand in hand true life as a team, couple. Hope you'll share your deepest thoughts with me. Will you be my only man?
I'll wait for your letter with a strong wish. I send you many kisses and hugs
Sincerely yours Masha
Letter 4

Hello, Pietak
It was a great pleasure for me to get your letter. I like you with each coming letter from you. I'm so tired to be alone. Sometimes at night I wake up and see moon looking into my window and I think who are you my far friend who come into my life so unexpectedly.
Sometimes when I have dinner I think that maybe the same time you are sitting yourself so tired and sad, you are sitting and dining also. And I have a wish to imaging you near at least for one minute.
I want to imaging us far in the mountains or at wood which full of magic, tenderness and a bit of tale. Where at night we are waking up from the bright rays of light where birds are twittering and rings ringing. Their ring is like our thoughts the same and mysterious.
And in the evening when everybody and everything sleep , when sounds and trees are sleeping , when the moon rises I have a wish to have somebody reliable near . I want to have the man in the hands of whom I will feel myself a small, tender, delicate woman. Maybe time will pass and reliable, kind and tender man will be near me.
I hope that you are my man. I wait for your letter to me
Sincerely yours Masha
Letter 5

Hello, Pietak
Honey, i am so disappointed. I don't know how to tell you this. I have the great problems and i was fired from my job, just today. I am so sad, i don't know what to do. i am afraid that it will be difficult for me to pay for the communications with you. I do really appreciate if you could help me with it. It can take me a long time to get the new job. I don't want to loose you. Please stay with me. I need you. I will be impatiently waiting for your letter to me
Yours Masha
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