Scam letter(s) from Irina Starodubseva to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me.
I to be surprised, that I am interesting to you.
It was good to find out with you a network.
You have really good and interesting name, I love it very much.
Now I want to tell more about me.
You can already know, that to me of 28 years, young European lady.
My birthday May, 20, 1976.
I live in Volzhsk - city in Republic Mari-El.
I speak Russian smoothly and the English language - not so.
I work in a maternity hospital as the medical sister, I help a born of the child, I to finish medical college with the red diploma.
I very much love children and I dream to have them.
I have no children and was not married.
I do not want to search to myself for the man in Russia as all men in Russia very rough and use alcoholic drinks much and do not think at all of the future.
I have decided to place my structure in the Internet as I think, that men in the west more beautiful and clever:).
I search for warm and kind relations.
I do not want to play game and I do not want, that with me played.
I want to have serious relations, and even a marriage in a consequence.
I want to have children very much.
I want that me respected and understood mine the man.
I am ready to give myself to him if I shall love the person and I shall be sure in him.
I think that relations between the man and the woman it is very serious also a critical decision. Here the pure understanding and thin thinking as not all people identical is necessary and necessary to study to understand each other.
I understand, that my English not so good, but I want that you have understood me as it very important in relations.
I very kind person also do not like to miss.
I romantic, cheerful, sociable, quiet, with good sense of humour.
Now my unique desire to find the vital partner, the person with which I can share my life and the everything else.
It is not easy to find the person with whom you can live, but is much more difficult find the special person without whom you cannot live.
It is very serious step for me.
I do not search for adventures.
I want to have good, amicable family and children with correct and loving me the man.
Happy family for me where people like and trust each other and all feelings are mutual.
I like to read books, to visit cinema and theatre. I like to float.
I very much like to listen music and to walk under stars at night.
It is especially beautiful, when the sky clean and is a lot of star in the sky.
I to want, that you have told to me about you, if you really interest to me we can try relations with you my friend.
I to want to see as still your photos.
Write to me soon.
Your new friend Irina.
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