Letter(s) from Svetlana Udilova to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Dave ! Today at me very good day. I have received your letter and have read through it with pleasure. It was very pleasant to me to read your new letter. Tell to me, how are you Dave? I'm fine, only there is no your caress and love. I every day miss on you. But when I shall read through your letter, to me it becomes better. Now I shall write to You dreams and desires about our future joint love. I count, that it will be interesting to you. I want that you knew it....... I want, that You have met me with a bouquet of red roses. Has embraced me, has kissed and has pressed to itself. It is fine! Has pressed with such force that nobody could separate us from each other. In your eyes I wish to see passionate love to me....
I love you Dave! We with You shall go to walk all the day on city, and we shall be only together. And nobody to us will stir, time we shall spend all this with love. In the evening we shall go somewhere, and we shall lead there the whole night. We shall be only together, only you my dear Dave and I. When I think of it at me at once cheers up. I think, that I have knowingly lived all life. I lived this life only for you my lovely and darling Dave! It wakens remarkable minutes! I wish to have seconds, minutes, hours of passion and love to you. You understand about what I speak you, you want it in the near future? I wish to feed You only with tasty meal. I wish to care of you. I very urgently wish to meet you my favourite! I wish to check up our feelings to each other in real conditions. What do you think of our meeting? You want that I was near to you in your life? You want our meeting in the near future at you in city? I wish to check up our attitudes. But I am assured, that in the future at us all will be good. Because I never in a life so strongly did not love whom. But now I have found you, and now my soul is overflown by love. I reread your letter and understand that you're just the man, whom I was waiting for in this life. I dream in the near future to see you. You wish to execute my dreams and desires? We love each other, and we should be together. And I am ready to throw all the business and to arrive to you forever. I hope, that my dreams coincide with yours. I dream to execute all the and your dreams in the near future! If you have any dreams also, I wish them to learn! So write to me them in the letter.
I shall wait for it with impatience. Also tell to me, what you think of our meeting at you in yours country! Time when we already have very strongly liked each other has now approached. I any more do not hide the feelings to you, I speak you openly - I love you! Therefore I have now solved, that with you it is necessary for us will meet. Therefore I have solved for myself, that I am ready to arrive to the near future to you. Tell to me the darling Dave, you want, that I have arrived to you on a visit in the near future?! You are ready to meet me in the house? Whether you Want our meeting? With huge and pure love, your beloved Olga!