Letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Claudio (USA)

Letter 1

Hello claudio!
It - Im from russianeuro, and my real name Marina. I am very glad to write to you about me. I looked yours profile On site and me it very much was pleasant, and I have solved Contact with you, and you have written to me. I wish to learn more about you. We will begin About me. I live in Russia in small but beautiful city Volzhsk. It is 30 km from Kazan City, located in republic Tatarstan. I have never been there where you live. To my regret it is far from you, else it was not necessary for us much e-mail, to learn each other. We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and good learn each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because earlier I travelled to other countries. I was in the several countries of Europe. I had 4 years no relations with men. I studied in Kazan The state university with a trade the translator. I wished to be the translator, but such trade here is not required, it is very difficult to find work here, and I became the teacher in an elementary school, I teach English to small children, initial level, it not the big money but for a life suffices. My growth approximately 1.73 sm, Weight of 56 kg, I have a sports constitution, I very much like to play tenis. I very much I love the nature basically, which still wild not touched The person. I love good solar weather, the sea my favourite season it - Spring when the nature wakes up after winter. If you have questions to Me, ask, which I have by all means answered.
I will wait from you the answer!!!Kisses!!!


Letter 2

Hello Claudio,
I am glad to receive your answer, and I wish to thank you for it. Many thanks to you, I very much waited for your letter. I wish to tell to you a little more on my city. It not the big city the population nearby 57 000 persons. It is very small city on the population for Russia. But here there live many nationalities and religions, as Chuvash, Tatar, Mari ofcourse Russian. I Russian as mine the daddy and mum were Russian. As it is one of the most green cities of Russia. As it is a little, but the most important thing about my parents, I would want that you knew. As I already spoke to you that I live one, but have not told why. I have lost the parents 7 years ago in accident in the south of Russia when they were on a camping. I could not find myself 7 years all these, and did not know that to me to do. I could not live with it. But I have found in myself forces and have begun a new life. It was very difficult with such pain on heart. It will be in me till the end of my life. I do not think that to a smog to forget this pain. Their names Andrew and Anastasia, we were a happy family earlier, but the destiny had other plans. I hope have not bothered you with the stories about not so happy life? I hope that it not so.
I very much wait for your answer
With care

ps, some my photos on a holliday. I hope you them like)

Letter 3

Hello dear Claudio,
I am very glad to see your letter today. With your letter I not such lonely in this world. Thanks. It is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in messages. My girlfriend Ksenja has left one year ago Russia to the beloved in Luxembourg, and now they are very happy together. With other girlfriend Anna all is bad, it here in Russia, but her husband the alcoholic, and it is very bad. He at all does not allow to have to it walk on park with me. And now I would not have anybody what to have walks on park. But when I receive your letter in me as though all turns over also I receive a lot of positive energy. To you about relations, that is pleasant to me and it is not pleasant in men. I am not so exacting, but is very important. I do not like men which drink alcohol as I saw a similar example of the husband of my girlfriend Anna much. I as do not love when the man can strike the woman, sober or drunk, it has no value as the woman cannot resist to the stronger sex. I search for that that can give me real love, and that who will never lie, and not to do married change. It is that who will live for me and I will live for it what to do good and frendly a family. And I do not wish to play not in what games, as I very much to serious relations. About music which is pleasant to me. I love almost everything, but the classics, and pop, and country rock more is pleasant. As I very much like to look films, looked from new and old much. Recently looked also to me the film has very much liked "AVATAR", The director James Cameron's. As genres as fantasy and historical, "The Lords Of The Rings trilogy", ofcourse you see it like!? As mystical as "The X files".
I feel more cheerful person now as I wait for your letter) very much I wait for your answer!
With care
Yours Marina

Letter 4

Hello dear Claudio,
It is very pleasant to receive your letter today, it very much pleased me again, I really already start to feel to you as though we already met! As I already spoke I like to prepare, here prepare only women, men not so. As I love some of Russian a dish, I can prepare Borsch, it is soup with a beet therefore it has characteristic red colour as there it is a lot of vegetables and meat of a different kind. As for the second dish I do a stewed potato with meat is better. But as it is possible Plov, but it from Uzbek a dish, but very much love in Russia. As before writing to you I already tried search of men through the Internet, I received letters from the man, But it was not success. I was mistaken. As in the beginning corespondence I received from it beautiful letters, then after 3 letters he has started to ask me naked photos as I have understood it did not want the woman for the soul mate, just to have sex or to see naked photos. I have written it refusal in it then he has started to write me set of offensive letters. It very much injured and has absolutely broken me. I understand that I look attractively, but it would be not not given by the truth what to ask naked photos and as not decently to ask the girl about it. Especially appearance it not all that search in the person, but also his soul, you agree with me? I am very glad that you appreciate my letters, and I very much love your letters. I think that the most important thing in relations is honesty as without honesty even the friendship is not under construction.
Thanks for your letter, I the first time read such beautiful letters.
I hope that have not bothered you with the today's letter:)) I very much wait for your answer
With love
Yours Marina

Letter 5

Hello my dear Claudio,
I am very glad to see yours the letter today, very much it is pleasant to see it to my eyes and your letters to feel to my soul, I start to understand that we begin more and is more close to each other, I think that it very well! You have kindled an ice rock surrounding me all these years loneliness, this very fine feeling in me, once again thanks. I try to look at distinction in our time zones, and I think that it about 3 hours a difference, probably when I go to work you still hold a good dream, it is very funny:) Today remarkable weather, and temperature phenomenal for this season, on my thermometer shows nearby -22 C. You have any plans concerning our relations? I think, that for us will be very much it is good, if we can spent some time together. It will be to strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other.
I will wait very much for your answer
With all love
Always yours Marina

Ps, I wish you happy Christmas, but in Russia Christmas on January, 7th!

Letter 6

Dear Claudio,
I think about our meetings and as I think much that simply superb for both of us we could learn it each other on much better than it under letters though I think that it very well. Whether I do not know on how many we is real now a meeting, but I shall try to learn on work about my holiday though I do not think that to me now it will give, as I had it in the summer, but I shall try to learn about it on work and if all so will take place a miracle, what me will release for 3-4 weeks I very much would like to meet and arrive with you to you, if you certainly not against it? I would like to receive from you more than your photos because you know that I I love them if you have still a photo please have gone them. I send you the photos I hope that they will like you. I wanted to ask you what at you now weather? I with pleasure wait for your letter I tender kiss Your Marina bye bye:) Happy day Claudio