Letter(s) from Nadezhda Danilova to Marty (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Marty,
It is a pleasure for me to find your letter in my mail box.
Let me tell you a bit about myself because I have to start with something, okay? :-)
oKAY..I am 26. My birth Date: April, 12
Week ago i decided to post my profile on American Singles.
So, if long distance do not bother you and you still want to continue our correspondence and possible meeting in a person in the future write me back and tell me little bit about you. So, more about me.
I live in small small town Kirpichniy ;It is in Urals (there are Ural mountains, which are not very high though), on a Europe-Asia border. Like most people here, I went to school, then to college, to study trade and economoics. Now I work as an administrator in a local trade center.(it is just a store but people in small towns like to be as guys from capitals))) I look after salespeople, goods positioning and clients' complaints. My work is quite interesting, though does not bring much money, but for our local standards it is not the worst position. I usually wake up 8a.m. and i'm on work since 9:30 a.m.
I still live with my parents and not just because I haven't earned my own apartment - but because I enjoy being with my parents. I am the only child in our family and get along with my parents just perfectly. They have always given me all their love and support and I feel thankful to them.
They took me to english language courses, by the way, when I was around 15; and -as you see-hopefully )) - I can make myself understood.
My mother is an accountant on a factory; father is from military. I got a couple of very good friends, my best friends, and a few ...just friends.
My parents always loved me and always support me in everything in my every step. They told me,that if i want to find husband abroad,they will support me in this idea. My mother told me,if i will be happy even far away from them,they will be happy too.
I do not have any lifelong hobbies or specific interests; I like to do many things: go for walks with friends, being indoors in a good company..I do not do sports purposeufl but from time to time I go skating when it is winter, swimming in summer... I like to read alot. i don't mind housework:cooking, cleaning etc.
When I put my profile on a site, I was serious.
You know, I am quite serious thinking of my future and I want to have a really devoted person with me.
I need love, tenderness, support and understanding. I can gibe alot too. But as I said, I want to be sure in somebody who is devoted, reliable and kind.
I am not sure what will come out of this idea, but I already can tell that I am not for games here. I am serious.
I do not mind about our age difference. In Russia there is a talk "love is the same for all ages". I concider that older man is far much family oriented and reliable and i do not like guys of my age. ..Well, don't want to make you sleep when you finish reading))
So I'll go for now and will be glad to see your mail in my mailbox tomorrow. I'll answer all your questions, which you'll have!
Truly yours,

Letter 2

Hi dear Marty,
So good to have a letter and picture from you today!
I am happy and feel even better knowing that you were thinking about me even a little bit ))
Also there are some more pictures of me this time; hopefully you will like them).
You know, I felt that you would wonder why i posted my profile on American Singles.
I thought alot about it myself, before and after I did this. I'll try to be most honest with you.
I think I am not a bad person and I think I deserve a good person by my side.
I am looking at men here and I feel dissapointment. Most of them are quite spoiled and egoistic. You know, there is even a joke here, sense of which is somewhat as folows: we got only 8 guys for 10 ladies here, so ladies should not be choosy if they want to get married)) I want to get married not just because a woman should want to get married. I do not want to tolerate somebody who is always half-drunk, curses 5 times in a minute and thinks I should pray every day to be considered "a married woman", respected by society.
I don't want all that. I only want love and understanding. So-Ithought-if it is that bad here, how's that over there?
I've heard many stories -good and bad, nice and ugly - about girls who were dating foreigners. And I even know one. I don't know about their life together 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but we were in a same company several times and I saw how he treated her. I don't know if it was so because he was an american or he was just a gentleman, but that was so unlike male behavior around every day...and I just thought: why don't I try?
Of course, building a relationship is not something that just appears and never vanishes any more; both have to work on that: it is an every day communication, learning about each other's likes/dislikes, habits, preferences, moods... Being with somebody even a few hours a day is sometimes real hard, and when it comes to a person you're planning to be a couple with and probably spend the rest of your life together, you have to be willing to work on that relationship. But on the other hand, I believe that intuition-you know that special kind of life intuition and wisdom that comes from your heart - will always tell you whether it's worth trying or not.
Loyalty, trust and honesty are also important. By the way, don't hesitate to ask me about anything you might be interested in, okay? I'll be straightforward with you and I don't have things in my life I might be feeling ashamed of.
I traveled only in Russia and never been abroad.
I like to eat healthy food (fruits,vegetables,fish, seafood and chicken)
In my spare time i like to read or to visit dance classes.
I adore cooking and i consider that i'm a very good cook. I can cook you something tasty from Russian National Cousine.
My favourite color is blue. I like pets very much: cats,dogs,parrots, but unfortunatley i do not have any of them now.
I like to read russian classic: Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Bulgakov, and some modern: Topol, Zamyatin etc. Also enjoy watching movies on TV and I like to go to the cinema. I like american movies. My favorite movies:
Lord of Rings all parts, StarWars, Blow, Pirates of Carribean, Leaving Las Vegas, Perl Harbor and many other films. As for the music I like listen different from classical to rock. I always like 40 top hits and i like to watch MTV.
Well, I'm afraid I have to go back to work now))
It is an office computer and officially we are not using it for personal purposes. But of course, everybody does ;) But nobody want to be caught by a seniour manager (thoguh I am 100% sure she does it as well )
The matter is that to have a home computer is still quite expensive here and when a person has a computer at work, it is a big advantage for you can use email and internet. We have 3 PCs in our department, so normally it is not a problem;
but I am not the only one who thinks so)
I can also check my email in an internet cafe close to where I live. The only thing is that I never know: what it will be this time-office or cafe..
But I'll try my best to be able to write you everyday; i know you guys have computers everywhere in your country and I don't want to feel myself a stupid bear in front of you ! :-)
Looking forward to hear from you soon,
Your Nadya

Letter 3

Hello my dear Marty,
First let me tell you i am sorry, i could not write to you earlier because Russia was on holidays - Independence Day and everything was closed.
Not a day goes by without your letter! You're making my day..
you're making me feel butterflies in my stomach ))
They ared especially active when I open my email box :-))
Thank you for your big interesting and lovely letter and of course for your photo.You are very nice and attractive man!
I have that wonderful feeling that i have...well...i have "somebody". I'm waiting to hear from him, i'm observing what's new in his life, I feel glad when he feels good and I know I'll feel sad when he feels bad..It is great to have somebody you can think of when you go to work, when you sit in an internet cafe or at home, when you go shopping, when you walk on the fresh snow just to walk, with no purpose, in a park alone..
You've never been in Russia, have you?
I have never been in there, but would like to visit this beautiful country someday. And i can say that i'll be willing to relocate to another country for living if i will find out that i falling in love.
You know, recently I started thinking that if we go further, earlier or later we shall decide to meet. Because - like i already said-you have to spend with person quite alot of time in an everyday life - if you want it to be a relationship; a serious relationship.
Especially when you want a family. And I want a family.
I want you to know that I'm not looking for rich man, i'm looking for loving and attentive man, so i do not mind if my soulmate are not rich. I'm not rich girl too.
I don't know, maybe I am just running too far and too fast but it's just been a logical continuation of my thought of our relations.
What I look for in a relationship, I already said.
I've been serious from the begining.
Darling, it's not that I'm saying : Go marry me right now! :-))
...I am not sure yet myself ..))
But let's just decide what we want from all that, okay?
I want to try to build a relationship, what do you want?
Please, be as honest as possible with me. ...even if you want us to be just friends.
I like clarity in everything, but I can not insist on anything at all.
I don't know why I started feeling kind of special for you but if you tell me you're serious too, you'll make me happy!

Letter 4

Hi my dear Marty,
I am very happy to hear from you again. Thank you for your warm-as always-letter. Every time I get letters from you my heart starts beating faster and -I don't even always realise it-but I have a smile when I open and read a letter from you.
It seems to me that we have lots in common from the point of view of future ..
I mean we both ared family-oriented, loyal and supportive.
It's not only my feeling and intuition, it is something that I can see in you quite clearly and realistically.
I often think of you and me as "us". I even imagine us togather... You know, different situations:walking, talking, laughing ))
I find myself thinking of us as a couple. ..
To tell you the truth I even told my mom and dad about you and me, and you know what? I thought they would be sceptical, but they said something like : "well, if you feel this is something serious, just go ahead and do what your heart tells you." But how can I tell for my heart?
I'm here and you're there. Maybe it's just my fantasie and not more. You're both real and virtual...I want to see you in real life, I want to see your face, your eyes, see how you smile and hear how you speak.
Funny, but this year I haven't had a vacation - been working and working:-)
And today , for the first time this year, I felt I want to take that vacation, get on a plane and fly to you !! )
No, really, what do you think if I take a vacation from work in July or August and will fly to you? I'll try to explain you why I added my profile on this site.
Alot of young guys here like to spend time with a bottle of vodka :-) or drugs - i hate it. I think young guys here are not reliable and they are not serious. They want just a physical relationship. These are some reasons why I can't find my second half here in Russia. I am alone now and you're the one for me.
I included 2 pictures in bathing suit, hope you will like them.
Well I have to finish my letter now.
I'm looking forward to hear from you.
Million Kisses,
Your Nadya

Letter 5

Hi my darling Marty,
I am so happy to get an answer from you today, you make my day. I don't have any words to say how I'm pleased that you want to start a serious relations with me and you want us to meet each other in real life. I think one meeting in a person is better then thousands of emails, am I right? I am sure this meeting will help us to learn each other and take a right decision about future and maybe we will be a good couple.
First let me know how long you want me there in August?
I have done some research today and found very good travel agency in Chelyabinsk, it's big city near by me, about 2 hours by bus. My boss at work recommended me them, i looked their web site today and talked by phone with a manager, they working with russians and also with foreigners and will make any trip for me without problems.
They offered me travel package, which includes international passport, tourist visa, insurance and round-trip tickets. This package cost from 800 US dollars for everything.
Please tell me the name of the city and international airport which are closer to you and I will tell you the price. They guarantie that visa will be approved. Of course it sounds good but here is one problem - it's too expensive for me.
It is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but can you help me with trip expenses, contact this travel agency and order tour for me. I can give you their coordinates. Making all the documents takes time and we need to start sooner.
I am thinking of you all the time and it seems that I know you for a long time, I am serious and I know that we can be happy together. If you have a questions I'll be happy to answer. I have to go now. Can't wait for your answer.
Kiss you hot,
Yours Nadya
ps. we could talk by the phone, give me your number and i will call you on next day.

Letter 6

Hi Marty my sweetheart,
I am very happy to get an answer from you today. I'm sure that we will be excellent couple. I feel that I'm falling in love and all i know I have never such a feelings before to a man who are so far away. I hope you have the same feelings to me. I am so impatient too, dates are good (August 14th to the 27th).
Thanks for the understanding my financial situation.
I have called to travel manager again and asked him give me all informaion for you. They told me you can contact them by e-mail without problems they working with a foreigners and have a web site. Just tell them that you want to order tour for Nadezhda Danilova from Chelyabinsk, Russia to you (city and airport) and they will answer you back with information how to make it possible.
Here is travel agent details:
web site : www.chelyabtour.wol.bz
and e-mail : chelyabtour@bk.ru
I can't wait to be with you, i will make you happy. I am really excited.I so want to kiss you and hug you in real life.
I have so much love and warmth to share and i want to share it with you. Take care.Love,
Yours Nadya
p.s. another sexy pictures for you my dear.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Marty.
i'm very happy to hear from you today.
i'm glad that you liked my photos. Unfortunately i don't ahve more "sexier" photos to send to you and i think it is not good to send such a photos at all.
I really want to meet with you and put our relationship on next level. i will be very happy to come to you on one month.
Here is web-site of travel agency i have found :
their managers e-mail is:
You can contact them and order tour for me from Chelyabinsk to the airport which is closer to you.
My name is Nadezhda Danilova .
I smile all the time (not like a fool of course:-))
Communication with good people,friends,relatieves make me smile. Good jokes and songs make me smile. I'm usually not get angry,becuase i'm simple and joyful person, but sometimes it happens... i think stupid,rude,angry and mean people make me angry.
I don't have any special secrets fantasies. I dream about loving man to be happy with.
I want to say so much to you in closer contact.
i can't wait for the day of our meeting.
Love you
Yours Nadya