Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Danilova to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Rob,
It is a pleasure for me to find your letter in my mail box.
Let me tell you a bit about myself because I have to start with something, okay? :-)
oKAY..I am 26. My birth Date: April, 12
Week ago i decided to post my profile on American Singles. So, if long distance do not bother you and you still want to continue our correspondence and possible meeting in a person in the future write me back and tell me little bit about you. So, more about me.
I live in small small town Kirpichniy ;It is in Urals (there are Ural mountains, which are not very high though), on a Europe-Asia border. Like most people here, I went to school, then to college, to study trade and economoics. Now I work as an administrator in a local trade center.(it is just a store but people in small towns like to be as guys from capitals))) I look after salespeople, goods positioning and clients' complaints. My work is quite interesting, though does not bring much money, but for our local standards it is not the worst position. I usually wake up 8a.m. and i'm on work since 9:30 a.m.
I still live with my parents and not just because I haven't earned my own apartment - but because I enjoy being with my parents. I am the only child in our family and get along with my parents just perfectly. They have always given me all their love and support and I feel thankful to them.
They took me to english language courses, by the way, when I was around 15; and -as you see-hopefully )) - I can make myself understood.
My mother is an accountant on a factory; father is from military. I got a couple of very good friends, my best friends, and a few ...just friends.
My parents always loved me and always support me in everything in my every step. They told me,that if i want to find husband abroad,they will support me in this idea. My mother told me,if i will be happy even far away from them,they will be happy too. I do not have any lifelong hobbies or specific interests; I like to do many things: go for walks with friends, being indoors in a good company..I do not do sports purposeufl but from time to time I go skating when it is winter, swimming in summer... I like to read alot. i don't mind housework:cooking, cleaning etc. When I put my profile on a site, I was serious.
You know, I am quite serious thinking of my future and I want to have a really devoted person with me.
I need love, tenderness, support and understanding. I can gibe alot too. But as I said, I want to be sure in somebody who is devoted, reliable and kind.
I am not sure what will come out of this idea, but I already can tell that I am not for games here. I am serious.
I do not mind about our age difference. In Russia there is a talk "love is the same for all ages". I concider that older man is far much family oriented and reliable and i do not like guys of my age. ..Well, don't want to make you sleep when you finish reading)) So I'll go for now and will be glad to see your mail in my mailbox tomorrow. I'll answer all your questions, which you'll have!
Truly yours,
Letter 2

Hi my darling Robert,
I am so happy to get an answer from you today, you make my day. Thnak you so much for your photos, I'm really happy to see it.
I don't have any words to say how I'm pleased that you want to start a serious relations with me and you want us to meet each other in real life. I think one meeting in a person is better then thousands of emails, am I right? I am sure this meeting will help us to learn each other and take a right decision about future and maybe we will be a good couple.
First let me know when and how long you want me there? Robert,August will be good month for me to meet too. I will not be able to get vacations later than August. I have done some research today and found very good travel agency in Chelyabinsk, it's big city near by me, about 2 hours by bus. My boss at work recommended me them, i looked their web site today and talked by phone with a manager, they working with russians and also with foreigners and will make any trip for me in to the USA without problems. They offered me travel package, which includes international passport, tourist visa (valid for a month), insurance and round-trip tickets, valid for a month too and with open date of back flight).
This package cost 930 US dollars for everything from Chelyabinsk international airport to Newark Int'l in New Jersey.
They guarantie that visa will be approved. Of course it sounds good but here is one problem - it's too expensive for me.
It is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but can you help me with trip expenses, contact this travel agency and order tour for me. I can give you their coordinates. Making all the documents takes time and we need to start sooner.
I am thinking of you all the time and it seems that I know you for a long time, I am serious and I know that we can be happy together. If you have a questions I'll be happy to answer.
I have to go now. Can't wait for your answer.
Kiss you hot,
Yours Nadya
Letter 3

Hi Rob my sweetheart,
I am very happy to get an answer from you today. I'm sure that we will be excellent couple. I feel that I'm falling in love and all i know I have never such a feelings before to a man who are so far away. I hope you have the same feelings to me.
Thanks for the understanding my financial situation.
I have called to travel manager again and asked him give me all informaion for you. They told me you can contact them by e-mail without problems they working with a foreigners and have a special web site.
Just tell them that you want to order tour for Nadezhda Danilova from Chelyabinsk, Russia to you and they will answer you back with information how to make it possible. Manager's name - Aleksandr.
Here is travel agent details:
web site :
and e-mail :
Dates are good for me and i already spoke about dates with my boss, so full August i'll be free.
I can't wait to be with you, i will make you happy. I am really excited.I so want to kiss you and hug you in real life.
I have so much love and warmth to share and i want to share it with you. Take care.Love,
Yours Nadya
my address:
address: 620000,Russia, Kirpichniy, Mira 16-46.
Nadezhda Danilova.
Letter 4

tel: +7(3433)448376
fax. +7(3433)448377
454008,Russia,Chelyabinsk,Kaschiskaya 15,office 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Pearson! Regarding your request we are gladly sending you the tour and payment details for the tour to Nadezhda Danilova: DEPARTURE: Chelyabinsk/Russia DESTINATION: Newark Int'l/New Jersey/USA (EWR) CONDITIONS:
We open a tourist visa to USA (type B-2) in to the American Consulate on condition that a client orders the full set of services: round-trip tickets, visa, passport, insurance. Our Agency guaranties receiving visa .If consulate will refuse in visa, we return money to sponsor of trip. TIME of PAPERWORK: We make all necessary arrangements on August tours in 4-5 weeks after receiving the full cost of the trip. If you want the tour starting from 1st July it is necessary to buy it on this asap on this week PRICE: Total - 930 USD
-Round trip tickets Chelyabinsk,Russia -Newark Int'l ,USA
(tickets valid during a month,open date of back flight ) - 730 USD
-Tourist visa ,1 entry,validity-1 month - 100 USD
-International passport - 50 USD
-Insurance - 50 USD PAYMENT METHOD: Our firm according to registration have organizational form:
Regarding civil law of Russian Federation We accept payments from our foreign clients in USD via bank system "Western Union" on the name of Owner and Director of our company. (Receiver's name : ANTON, last name: ZAHAROV, country: RUSSIA, city: CHELYABINSK) It is most reliable to take payments from foreign clients.
Sending money takes 5-10 minutes in local offices of "Western Union" or !!!! on their web-site on-line from credit cards!!!! You can look info here: If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: it is cheaper for you and comfortable for us; we will reply ASAP after receiving your letter in working time or by phone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Travel manager Aleksandr Kipnis,
Letter 5

tel: +7(3433)448376
fax. +7(3433)448377
454008,Russia,Chelyabinsk,Kaschiskaya 15,office 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Pearson!
We have picked up funds and started paperwork for Ms. Danilova we will inform you about visa status and will send you flight info soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Travel manager Aleksandr Kipnis,
Letter 6

Hi Rob, my sweetheart!
Yes, i now they have received money and started paperwork for me. I am so happy and excited , now we just need to be little patient and soon we will be together. Weather is horrible here, rainy too and very dark and cold on the streets, so i have to run home, i will write to you more tomorrow.
Love you,
Letter 7

Hi Rob, my darling,
I have very important news! I have been at the American Consulate today and had a first interview there. We have talked alot, they asked me about my income,property of my parents and purpose of my visiting of US.
Now please listen to me honey. My visa will be ready soon, but i need to approve it. How to do it? I need to show to the Russian Custom Service and to the Visa Passport Service living minimum for this period of time when i'll be in to the US, and it is - 1000 USD.
It is law of Russian Passport Visa Service and Custom Service for anybody who wants to travel like a tourist and they require it to make sure that person have a money enough on tourist needs (food, transport etc.) and will not stay in foreign country illegaly to work or live to another account for example you and if they will find out that i am planning to see you there, they will refuse in visa too because i'll be traveling like a tourist (b-2 visa)
If i will not show them this amount of money my visa process will be canceled and we can not meet in a person in August,1st. Honey please try to find the money as soon as possible before this friday 8th of July - day of my final interview. If you not have try borrow from somebody on a couple of days. I understand it's alot, but you will get it back immediately after i will have a stamp in my passport. Do not worry i will not waste even a dollar from this amount.This is our last step and we'll be together soon.
I am waiting your answer. Remember, i do not pay this amount just show that i have. Also, honey all my documents with russian passport in to the US Consulate now and travel agency can help us and receive money the same way and on the same person as you sent before and they will give money to me without problems. I already spoke them by the phone about this problem and manager told me that it is possible. I need you Rob and counting days before our meeting.
Thinking of you every minute,
Love and Million Kisses,
Yours forever,
p.s. tickets will be delievered from Moscow to travel agency till friday too and they will send you flight info.
Letter 8

Hi honey,
Thanks for the information, i know that you are doing everything in your power there, i am so pleased to you. I don't have a cool news for you concerning money, all i got - last savings my mom and dad before their salaries they have only 7000 rubles, it's around 250 dollars. Still need 750. All my friends can't borrow me money because they are low too. And my mom and dad just paid bills for flat etc too. Honey i promise that you will get 750 back till friday or friday morning your local time the latest via western union. But please send it to firm as soon as possible on name as you sent before and they will give me all money,don't worry about it, i told you that all my docuemnts in to the US Consualte now, but after i will have my visa approved i will have my passports again and send you money back from my name via western union - i think it'll be friday my local time - earlier friday at you. So do it thursday evening and email to agency all info. Honey i love you,
write to me back soon.
Yours Nadya
Letter 9

tel: +7(3433)448376
fax. +7(3433)448377
454008,Russia,Chelyabinsk,Kaschiskaya 15,office 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Mr. Pearson!
750 USD has been received and Ms. Danilova took it at 1 pm. ------------------------------------------------------------ Travel manager Aleksandr Kipnis,
Letter 10

my love,
It is so awful, i was affraid to tell you about it all day, i am crying now. Yesterday I was in the agency,they gave me money 750 USD which you have sent to them.
I went to the consulate to approve my visa
I thought i can approve my visa yesterd and send you everything back after i will get a stamp in my passport. I was in good mood and went in Consulate by bus. Money was in small bag in my wallet and when i come to Consulate i have noticed that my bag was cut and there was no wallet with all money.
I did not know what to do and to think, i was shoked and get out of building, was sitting in park and thinking what i need to do. After this i came in travel agency and explained them my situation. Manager called in police and informed about my robbery and i made police report. I talked with officer 2 hours and he told me that it's impossible to find those bustards who cut my bag, because i don't saw their faces, also he told me that this **** happend everyday and i must be careful.
Travel manager called in to the US Consulate and explained them my situation, but there told that i need to have money anyway if i want to leave Russia and fly in to the US. They delayed my interview till wednesday 13th.
Honey i don't know what to say and how to get money again. I tried to borrow money here. My parents told that they willl be able to take a loan but it will take 1 month. Please send again 750 USD, i will take my father everywhere with me and i will not lose money. My parents ,when they will got the loan will send you 750 USD,my father promiced.
I think you are evry angry now and maybe you think that i am ****** fool but i really want to see you and do not know whta will happends wih me if we will not se each other.
I am so stressed and unhappy, my hands are trembling. I do not know what to say more, i was robbed and i am feeling like a fool. I love you and i want to be with you. Please write to me soon.
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