Scam letter(s) from Inna Gatovtseva to Dean (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear!!
I am very grateful to you for caring about the future of my daughter Masha.
Today I will try to fulfill your request - to tell about myself. If I write not everything that I wanted, then I try in Saturday to write you more.
Now I live with my mother, my younger sister and little daughter Masha. My mom is very smart, wise and loyal woman who every day prays for the happiness of their daughters. My sister Anna is my best friend, she's like no one else understands me and I appreciate it very much. She is younger me for 6 years. I love them very much, they are my closest people. My family always helps me, sometimes without asking what happened, they morally support me. I am can do anything for them, absolutely everything. I want to wish everyone to has a family like mine - kindhearted, loyal, faithful, able to assess the situation and say they own opinion, and not adjust to you. These are people who say that they really think, do not flatter and do not tell you, what you want to hear – only that they think. Agree with them or not it is my own right.
Our ****** cat – Stephan – live with us, he is very interesting. You know, sometimes I get the impression that he understands all as a men. In our house, he appear accidentally - Masha picked up him on the street, at first he was wild and quiet sort of estranged but now he is a full member of the family.
With my husband - the father of Masha - I was divorced 6 years ago. Our divorce for me was very heavy. When we first met, at the beginning of our relationship - he discovered in me a love, I loved him very much. Thanks to him, I realized what it was. But over time, he changes, he became rude and cruel to me, often allowed himself to hit me, but I tried to do everything possible to keep our family - because I was taught from childhood that the family - this is the most precious thing, this is for what we must fought till the end. Then I began to understand that a new woman appear in his life. I decided to leave him. I was very hurt at the time of my life.
Now, after many years and all the pain and sense of betrayal go away, I understand that I must thanks for him for the happiness of a gift he give me. This happiness – is my daughter Masha. Now I really want he will all right, I do not keep angry for him more. Now I have healed all the wounds of the soul, and all went into the distant past, I think that the relationship with him that we had before the divorce was given to me as a terrible trial which I had to go through. He has another family and his own life now. He does not want to talk with Masha, maybe its better? Why my little girl should be worry?
To me is very difficult to bring up Masha alone, but my mother and sister always help me and I am very grateful for this. I still of opinion that the child should have mum and dad, a family, even if the father will not native. I want man who will love me and my daughter, who treated her as a blood-child; I hope someday it will happen.
God bless you, my man.
Letter 2
My dearest darling forgive me please that I did not answer you a few days. I had a lot of work - before the New Year holidays are always a lot of orders. And it will be Masha’s birthday at December.
But dear is such trifles. I am happy again to read your letter, it makes me the happiest woman in the world. My dear I am grateful to God that you appeared in my life. You give me strength, you make me strong, you are my life. You even can not imagine how I want we will be close to each other. I want to look into your eyes, I dream as we're together you and I, our Masha.
My dear, I touched your concern about me and Masha. You worried about her – you as I was worried about that she needs clothes. My dear, I thank you. Thank you. You know Masha’s father does not care about the fact that Masha need clothes that Masha is growing and learning and that she needed a computer for study. He is a terrible person, I do not understand how he can live? Because she is his daughter. I phoned him, requested to help me buy computer for Masha, I am from April collect money and I have half the sum of the cost of the computer but he said he did not want to know me and that he has no daughter. God will judge him.
What do you think about a meeting? I am sure it will be wonderful and magic, don’t you think? When we come to you, I hope a long life together, and in our life with you will be a lot of holidays in which you will make us your family gifts.
My greeting to you is this day and I thank to God that you are in my life!!!!
Wish you good luck and all the best and stay blessed!!!!!!
Letter 3
Dear today I was at work, I was thinking about you !!!!!!!!!! Dear, I felt that you wrote to me !!!!!!!!! Our thoughts are already in contact despite the distance is between us.
Dear now I'm happy when I read your letter. You take care of me. Dear I am grateful to you for care. Do not leave me in my difficult times. I am happy that you want to help me with buying gifts for the holidays. It was a surprise indeed, my dear, I will accept your help. Masha, I'll buy the necessary items, and toys that she wants. Dear if you do not mind me, I'll buy a gold ring. It will be a gift from you, I'll wear it and I will not ever shoot. Darling is so nice to have what is your favorite thing presented to you, my dear man.
my dear, you can send me money to buy gifts for the western union. My data that you need Gotovceva Inna, Gagarina bl. 8/4, Lugansk-57, 91057 Ukraine. They will give you the code you tell it to me and I will be able to go to the bank and get money.
Masha is very intelligent girl, and I think that will be able to quickly adapt to another country.
Thank you that you remember about Masha’s birthday.
Wish you good luck and all the best and stay blessed!!!!!!! Inna
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