Scam letter(s) from Rose Martins to Bernie (Canada)

Letter 1

Thanks for your email and thanks for been there for me. I feel the same way too. from my calculation,I am about five hours ahead of you. So I will wait a while and give you a call when it's afternoon my time. I hope I will catch you at home.

I need to dicuss yesterday's meeting with the legal represntatives.


Letter 2
Hello Bernie,

Thanks for your letter. It was so good to read from you... Your letter is heart felt I must confess. You are an open minded person and that is one thing I like about you.

You give me the air to make me feel like telling you anything. I am glad for all this that is happening in my life.

Your picture is very nice I really like them. I look forward to that day that we will meet face to face. I know that day is close. I would want to abbress you about the recent situation concerning my father's investment portfolio which you are already aware of.

I will be meeting with the legal representatives who will procure the necessary documents required to effect the release of the portfolio to me. All this will be addressed and executed under the auspices of the Central Court. We will be meeting later in the day to address the modlities required to obtain the documents.

Honey,I will call you much later in the day to let you know every single thing that transpired. Since you said your cell is difficult to get through because of the network area,I will try your landline.

Thanks for everything and take care of yourself for me.


Letter 3
Thanks for your concern. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took time out to send mail to me, Irrespective of your busy time,you still sent mail to me.
I can see now that you really care about me,I never would’ve thought that I would feel this way,I never would’ve thought that I would be writing this today.As I sit here and write, all I can do is smile.I think to myself, it’s really been a while.You have really proove yourself to me now by getting back to me Quickly,i'm very happy about this.....You are such a wonderful man that i have been searching for I thank God i found you at last
My stay in the united kingdom will not be long.As soon as I do all the paper work here and the Investment is released to me,the Acruals from the portfolio my late father's investment is worth $6.5million usd.I would like to meet you as soon as i'm through here .Please kindly send your pictures to me .and also your mobile phone number so that we can talk better. Hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 4

Hello, Thanks so much for the mail you sent to me,i really love everything about you,so sorry to hear about your father,may his perfect soul rest in peace.I have been busy since ,i have been trying to get some documents here in the United Kingdom so that the proceed from father longtime investment can be released to me,i need to make my mom happy by taking good care of my mom,thats why i need to get this fund transfer as soon as possible,i'm so sorry about this late response,please kindly bear with me.You are such a wonderful man,i think we are compatible,i really wanna get to know you more maybe by meeting you soon.Which country are you now? what do you do for a living? Do you know anything about investment or the policy in the United kingdom? i would like to invest the money on something when is released to me soon. I also need a trustworthy man that will always be there for me,the man that would love me forever.and also help me to invest this fund well.Please kindly get back to me so that i can tell you better. Remain Blessed..... Rose.
Letter 5
Hello Dear Bernie,

Thanks for your email. I was glad when I checked my email and found your letter. I am very new to this internet stuff. But I am learning very fast.I am also very single,never been married before.I just came united kingdom for a purpose thats very important to me,i think i need a man that will represent my father in my life the man that would love me forever, thats why i registered with the dating site.I think distance or Age does not really matter in a relationship,what maters is true love we will develop for eachother,Well i will tell you little about myself
I am the only child of my parents and I used to be in the family business before the death of my father.

Before his death,he was an oil merchant who invested lots in Europe mainly unted kingdom. I live with my mother in the States ( USA) and she is so precious to me.but i'm not happy with her condition,She is very sick now,thats why i came to the United Kingdom to get the proceed from my late my father investment in Oil and gas .I believe in the truth and I don't break my word. My word is my bond. I believe that no matter how bad it is,one should be able to tell the truth at all times.

Sincerity is my watch word. And I need a man to show fidelity,love Chasity and care. I love to be cared for as well.

I will appreciate it if you can write me more often and I will get to know you more. I hope to hear from you soon enough. Till then be good always.

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