Scam letter(s) from Kristina Borisova to Charles (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning or evening?
Charles, I am glad to get your letter.
Do you know time difference between us? I think, that it Is not much... You answered me, it means, that I am interesting for you? Internet dating really works.
My mood is very excellent now, do you know the reason? I think, that yes.
If you still didn't guess - because of your kind letter... Morki it is a city in which I live. It is called a city instead of the country.
I to you wish to tell that near to my city the biggest city it Kazan '. !! I am glad and I am happy to know about you and to tell about myself.
I am glad, that we can talk to know each other better...
I have much questions to you, but I will not ask this suddenly,
Because may be you don't have much time to answer to them.
I will answer to all yours with pleasure.
If I will not answer to them, please, don't be upset to me, simply answer me again with other words...
May be I simply can understand this not correctly...ok? I want to meet the person, who also as me want to be happy, and to present him this happiness...
It is so difficult to live alone.
It is so nice, when you are with person, from whom you feel love, passion, kisses, support...
Do you agree with me, Charles? I like to do massage, to cook, it is so big enjoyment for me to invent different foods.
Also I like to make photos of my life... my girlfriend help me to do them.
She is good photographer.
We are always together, she is very close for me person,
Whom I can tell everything and take good advices... her name is Alena. I like water, lakes and rivers. I enjoy, when cold wind **** on us.
Do you like to swim? Fishing?
I tried one's, but I couldn't catch anything. I like to joke and I have sense of humor. But sometimes I think we need to be serious. Do you agree?
What is the most important thing for you? Work? Love? Sweetheart?
Entertainment? Resting? Already 3 years I am single. I didn't have any relation and man all this time.
Now I want and I am ready to meet new love... because I am alive and want to be happy.
Charles, if you are not ready for serious relationship, it will be better, if you will stop to write me.
But if you want to know me better, I will be happy to correspondence with so nice man as you - Charles.
I want so much to believe you, Charles, my heart tells me, that you are very kind person. I would want to hear your voice and to call you. But I don't have phone.
I earn only 200 euro at the work. Also I rent flat, as you know, plus I have to eat.
That's why I don't have uperfluous cash to buy phone.
But I promise you, that if we will have warm relation, I will find a way and call you...
I will be economical to phone-card and will call you from post office.
I want to hear you very much!!! Charles, I have never been in your country. but I always wanted to visit it.
You have very beautiful country.
If I will not write you at the weekends, please, don't worry, I work 6 days in week, exception is only Sunday.
But in Sundays I go to my parents, I already told you about this, they live in 30 from me. Charles, I want to be with man, who will give me care ...
I will meet meet every day with together with love, tenderness and passion and we will enjoy of our love.
I dreamed to be sweetheart and to love only one man and to be faithful to him.
The most important - to be with lovely man.
And everything else will come to us with feelings. I think so. Do you agree with me, Charles?

Charles, I like you, and it is so pleasantly for me to get your letters.
I already miss your letters, where are them?
I hope to get your letters soon.
Letter 2
Charles!!!!! Charles, I am glad to see your letter.
When I was reading, what you wrote, I smiled...))
I can't get used to computer and internet, but I try...I write you 1-2 hours.
And I have pleasure of this.
Now I can't imagine even one day without your letter. I do not have not brother not sister. I one at my parents.
I very much would wish to have the brother or sister but
My parents could not give birth to me to the brother or sister.
I not when was not married.
As I wrote to you in we wash with a feather the letter that I not when was not married.
To me now painfully to speak about my last relations.
When not be I to you I will tell about my last relations.
You ask that I have sent you the address.
I descend today on mail for this purpose what to learn what to me it
Is necessary to you give given that you could to send me a parcel. I didn't tell you before, that I like your name. Charles, mmm nice name for good man!
And if we have big distance between us, when I read your letters, I feel, that you are near.
I like ti get and read your letters.
And I like to write you, because you are always on my mind.
You write me respectfully, and I like it so much. I imagine you, when I read your letters, I imagine, how you tell me your words from your letters.
I think, that we have much general things for interesting dialogue and talk.
And I want to tell you about my interests, leisure, amusements and how I like to spend my free time.
Usually in free time I like equestrian sports. Do you also like it? Did you try to go on horseback?
You even can't imagine, how can you feel free yourself, when you are on horseback and gallop on empty field.
It is feeling of freedom, and I like it so much. In free time I also like to listen music and read books, what kind of music do you like?
I like relaxing music, pop-music, country, reggy, a little Rnb, and a little techno.
I hear different music, everything depends from my mood.
I like to read books in soft evenings, I like Russian and foreign writers.
My favourites are Turgenev, Pushkin, Dostoevski, Tolstoy.
As about foreign writers I like to read romantic poetry - Kant, Ray, Bredberry.
Have you read literary work of even one of my favourites?
Also I like to go to cinema. When have you been the last time at the cinema?
The last film, which I like, was 'Johnny D'. Did you look this film?
I don't have favourites among actors. But I like very much acting of Jhony Depp this film.
I like to go to the cinema with my girlfriend. I spend our time very interesting and funny. We go to cinema, cafes, bars.
I have to tell you, that I drink not much,
It can be very seldom and I can drink only two goblets of white wine or champagne.
I also don't smoke, and what about you? My girlfriend is very happy, that I found you in internet.
She told, that I even changed a little.
How do you think, Charles? What could change in me?
I send you photos me and Alena.
She tells, that that I started to smile more often,
Became more happy and almost always I have nice mood!
Charles, do your friends know about me? What did they tell? I already miss your letter.
I am glad very much, that we continue our correspondence and I hope,
That we will develop our relation more and more...
You are only one man, whom I write...
I wait your answer with impatience.....
Letter 3
Hello my Charles! Are you not opposite, if I will tell you - my Charles?
Charles, your letters are as sunshine, they bring warmth to my heart.
I am glad very much, when I get them. Charles, do you like your job? I want to know more about your work.
Do you go to your work with pleasure?
Tell me more about this, please.
You are so kind person and I am sure,
That you don't have enemies, who would wish you bad things.
Please, tell me, may be you worked in other places?
Did you have much different jobs? As I already wrote you, I work as seller.
But early I worked in factory, I was engineer.
But factory was closed and now I work at the shop.
It is really very interesting work.
Now every day I see little babies and kids. I want to have mine very much. Childs are very happy and smile a lot, when their parents buy them toys.
Oh, I like so much my job. It brings me much positive and nice mood! Charles, I hope, that you always will be sincere with me,
I also always sincere with you and I will tell you everything, what you will ask me.
I don't hide anything from you and I hope, that you also will tell me everything.
I want so much, that our relation will be honest and kind.
I would not want, that we will have secret from each other.
Please, understand me correctly. I wish you to have a nice day and nice evening with cup of tea on your sofa, after heavy day.
I know, that you will write, I will wait very much. I send you kiss, but not much, one and very soft.
I hope, that you will get it, when you will open my letter.
Where is your yours? I already miss your letter, please, write me sooner.
Letter 4

Dear Charles!
I wish to inform you that I can not write to you tomorrow.
And I can not write to you until January 3. From December 31 until January 3.
Why we will be celebrating the New Year 2010.
This is the great holiday in the world and I know that you too will celebrate this festive and happy holiday. My next letter to you is January 3.
That's why I'm going to my parents for 30 miles from my house.
They do not have the Internet, and on this I can not write you letters. I will be very bored by you. And your letters.
And I think about you every day until you can write a letter.
I hope you write me how you celebrated the new year.
This bright and a good family holiday. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!! Only your Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Good morning my the best man Charles!
Finally I am at the home after my work and I can write you a letter.
When I was going to the home, I thought, what I will write you.
I know, that thousands kilometers divide us, but when I write you, I feel, that i whisper this words to your ear...and I know, that you hear me..
Again I type you a letter and I feel myself so nice,
When i see, that you like so much to read my letters. On the eve of new year I was at my mum and had small rest with parents...
It was fine! At first we were waited by heavy work...
We prepared much for a celebratory table.
After midnight we ate salad and drank little bit sparkling, watched
TV in a which way there were many interesting and ridiculous programs =)
We gave each other gifts, in my opinion it is the most good day in a year after birthday!
It is not very a pity to me that I could arrive home on January, 3rd.
And to write you the letter. But at us in Russia has dropped out a lot of snow and not as could not pass the bus.
As I wrote to you that my mum lives in villages.
And on it we waited when will clean road for this purpose that could pass the bus.
Road have cleaned only today and I have arrived at once home and now I write you the letter. Today I want to tell you about my family, my lovely cat.
I want, that you will know everything about me.
And I also want to know about you.
I don't have sisters, brothers. I am only one child for my parents.
I love very much my parents.
And our family has love, warmth, kindness, mutual aid…
Do you have brothers or sisters? My father is very intelligent and interesting person,
And he is interested about everything around him.
He likes to see news and soccer.
He has much different interests. One of them - his old tractor.
He worked as mechanical engineer, he is good specialist of car's repairs.
His name is Aleksander. He is 53 years old.
My father is true man, he is honest, justly and loving man.
He adore me and my mother and we also adore him!
He take all important decisions in our family, and always it is correct. My mother's name is Zina, she is 51 years old.
She is very attractive for her age and feel herself very nice.
She is very energetic and fun person, she is never in bad mood.
Her advices always help me. She is really wise woman.
Early she worked as book-keeper sewing factory.
Now she is in pension and does house's efforts.
They live in village, it is in 30 km from city.
They love very much nature and fresh air. About my cat.. he is my lovely cat. His name is Vasya. He lives with me 5 years.
He is grey and very fluffy. He is very kind and every time sleep in my foots.
The most favourite food for him is fish. I love animals very much, and you?
Now I am writing you a letter and Vasya is sitting near with me..
May be he wants t tell you "hello mister Charles" Please, tell me more about your family.
How do you think, what your parents will tell, when they will know,
That you correspondence with women from russia?
Do your parents know about me?
I want to communicate very much with your family, to know better about your life. I am really glad, that we met each other in internet. I really need your words.
Because my day would be lifeless without your sweet letters.
Thank you very much for your correspondence with me, this is very important for me.
It is really interesting for me to know more and more about your life.
I will wait your next letter with impatience. Please, write me sooner.
Your Ekaterina and cat Vasya
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