Scam letter(s) from Marina Budkevich to Douglas (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hi, How are you?
I hope you remember our beginning of the communication on cute only. I believe that we can continue the communication now in this more personal matter and share sweet closeness with you.
So now a bit about myself. I am twenty nine and I live in Ukraine. I grow a 2 and a half years daughter on my own as her father disappeared from my life as soon as i discovered being pregnant, I am against the children`s legal ****** cold abortion so I decided to grow my child on my own. It is not easy to be a lonely parent here but i try to survive. Still I need love, tenderness and care in my life. Of coarse, Kristina`s smile is a big gift for me but a kiss of beloved man, his tenderness and support is what I miss these days....
I know that you might be scared off with my words, perhaps you need just a friend or lonely woman, I will understand but i want you to know the situation from the very beginning so you can make the choice.
I enclose some pics of my life and I hope for your letter and detailed introduction soon, Marina.
Letter 2
Hello, Douglas This cold winter day is warmed up with your letter for me. I see you're really close with your son, where is he now? Do you see him often? I do hope tat you are happy with them. I believe to get the photos soon and continue our communication so we are to be sincere and united couple for ever... I want us to be open to each other from the very beginning; I think this is really important for those who are looking for serious relations that’s why I have told you about my having a daughter even though here no one wants to go out with me because I have a child… I have been alone ever since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter at 26. I have never been married and have no other children.
I thought things were going to be ok because I was a decent student and had stable relations with my boyfriend for over 5 years but the news were too hard for him, he appeared to be playing with me and was forcing me to do abortion… I am lucky no to do this and I am blessed to have my angel Kristina who I love a lot. My ex showed his real face when we were parting and I am happy that he left Zolochev (it is the pklace I live now, it is situation in Lviv region, western part of Ukraine.)and I do not have any connection with him now. I have experienced rejection like I never thought was possible, I had to leave the university where I was studying economy, I worked as a waitress at night and as a shop assistant during a day, my mom was staying with Kristina but still I had to drop home and breastfeed her, now she is at he kindergarten so my mommy has some rest but I had to leave the work at the bar as my girl needs some attention. I do not have any chance for career as I do not have any special knowledge, I also never had the chance to learn English and I am using translator’s assistance for writing to you. But I want you to know that I used to be a gifted student so I believe to learn some English soon and there is n problem for our communication in future… I am sorry for my letter to be so joyless, I am cheerful girl and I like smiling, I am sure that you will put happy impression on my face and joy into my heart… Have a nice day, Marina.
Letter 3
Imperial Translations Royal quality – simple prices Dear Mr. Douglas Collins, We apologize for disturbing You in the coarse of your communication with lady Marina. You might have been informed that she is ignorant in English and uses translational company services for keeping in touch with you. She rents the e-mail address from us that is why we contacting you this way. As you have been notified in your lady’s previous letter she has significant problems with her finances. Marina is in a desperate situation now and she is sad that it reflects your communication as well. However there is no way out for her except for asking you for the assistance in this matter. Marina would be grateful to you for the reply concerning the situation whatever you think about it so she knows what to await from the future. We are always happy to assist you and answer all your questions either via the e-mail or over the phone: +380668581420. With respect and hope for future collaboration, Valeria, Imperial Translations
Letter 4

Imperial Translations Royal quality – simple prices Dear Mr. Douglas Collins, Thank you for Your letter and interest in our services.
Your lady Marina has deep interest in You and the continuation of the correspondence between You and her. She is grateful to You for the understanding of the current situation and strongly hopes for the chance to have the relations development in future.
Our company works for more than five years in the field of translation including private correspondence providing services.
Our clients come to the office to get the letter from sender received from the special private mailbox we open and write and send back the translated answer. We work with Russian, Ukrainian and English.
One letter exchange (one letter from You and one from Your lady) with photos and Internet services costs 15 dollars. Letter exchange without photos is 10 dollars. The number of pictures is not limited.
For stable and accurate clients we also have special packages allowing enjoying vivid communication with significant discounts. Here are the suggestions we have:
1. Beginner: One month of communication without photos for 1200 UAH (150 USA dollars)
2. Admirer: One month of unlimited letter exchange with photos for 1600 UAH (200 USA dollars)
3. Future Two months of communication without photos for 2000 UAH (250 USA dollars)
4. Serious: Two months of unlimited letter exchange with photos for 3000 UAH (375 USA dollars) We also suggest special longer communication packages for really acceptable prices. We are also ready to provide you with phone conversation translations, presents delivery, languages classes and other additional services discussed on request.
If You decide to assist Marina with the communication, you are welcome to use Western Union sending system with the following data of receiver: name: Marina Budkevich
address: Ternopilska street, 57/19
town: Zolochev
country: Ukraine
zip code: 80700 We are always happy to assist you and answer all your questions either via the e-mail or over the phone: +380668581420.
With respect and hope for future collaboration, Valeria, Imperial Translations
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