Scam letter(s) from Alena Chugunikova to Peter (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Peter, I am very glad to receive your message, and I will be pleased to start our communication and get to know each other better. If you look for serious relationship, with plans to possibly meet sometime in real life, I'd like us to get to know each other a little through the letters at first, and then if we like each other it would be good to meet, what do you think? As you know I live in Odessa, Ukraine. It's a beautiful resort city and a seaport at the Black Sea and I would invite you to visit me here. I was married for 13 years and we parted as my husband didn't want to have kids. So I don't have any kids. I work in a newspaper as a journalist. I enjoy my work - every day different meeting with different people. I like to cook very much, this is my hobby, and also I enjoy dancing, painting, designing clothes, etc. I'm looking for someone who is decent, kind, cheerful, generous, has a good sense of humor, just for a man who'll become special for my heart and with whom I'll want to create a family. I truly believe that people are not meant to live alone, but together in a healthy, happy, secure relationship. The greatest thing in life is finding your missing half, the one who will share your happiness, your pain. It is very necessary for me that there should be a good harmony with a person, whom once I will call "my only and beloved", who will receive my tenderness, my heart, and my love. I really want to have a friendly family and a home filled with comfort, warmth and happiness. Well, I will close this first letter, in hope it will be the start of our communication. Tell me more about you and send some pictures of you. Feel free to tell and ask me whatever you wish. I will really appreciate your sincerity, and I promise give the same in return. Alena _____________________________
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Letter 2
Hello Peter How are you doing? I got the translation of your letter. Yes, translation - my written eng is poor, though I can communicate verbally. I will not be asking you to send me any money! But we must not correspond for months either, I am against a long correspondence, and all for soon meeting! It doesn't take much to make me happy. I am a simple woman who likes the simple pleasures of life. Like walking along the sea on a moonlit night. I know what I need in my life. I have a dream to have a real man by my side. Knowing, that I can rely on her mind, and to be sure of our common future. I want to know that my presence makes my man happy and I wish to make him the happiest man in the world. I would like to live together in harmony and care of him like the same he wants to do with me. I hope to meet such a man with whom my dreams will come true!!!! And I'll be the best woman for him - the one and the only. It was my friend Lena who told me of this agency in Odessa, she is their client also. Elena wished me luck and said she only wishes for her best friend (me) to be happy and she has hew own family. I heard from other people that it is possible to find someone via internet, that there are a lot of successful international marriages. I like music, reading. I am reading a book right now, called "Three in a Boat not Including a Dog" by Jerome K Jerome. Have you read it? I read that book a couple of times before, but wanted to read it again. I love to read, I am the type that once I start a book, I don't put it down until I am through reading it. Recently I watched a video that another friend brought. That was "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg and where Tom Cruz is acting. Have you seen it? I was watching it and I thought that it would be nice to watch it with my beloved man. My favorite way to watch a movie is when I curl up on the couch with that someone special, you cuddling or just holding hands. You know, the kind of time spent together where you don't have to say anything to feel you are loved, wanted, and needed. Unfortunately it has been a lot of time since I had that someone special in my life. If you have never experienced that then I sympathize with you. Because, everyone should have experienced that at least once in their lifetime. Better of course once and forever. And, I love doing the little things that make the difference between being together and being happy. And, by that I mean, breakfast in bed for no reason. Letting you sleep in when the day before was a bad one. Giving you a hug when you need it, and when you least expect it. Those are just a few examples. I am very affectionate. And, for some reason a lot of men are afraid of that from a woman in this country. I don't know why. Well, I guess I will leave that for you for now. Because, as you can tell, I have said a lot. I want to learn more about you, and I can tell we are quickly becoming very good friends. So, you can tell whatever you want, I will listen and learn, ok. So, until I hear from you again, be true to everyone, and especially yourself. I'll look forward to hear from you by Tuesday, as the agency will be closed on Monday - it will be Ukraine Independence Day! Alena
Letter 3
Hello Peter! I would like to thank you again for replying back to me. It is difficult to write letters when I do not see eyes of a person whom I talk to, but I seek for forces inside me to overcome this barrier. And this one is not the last one to be surmounted as language barrier and distance make our relations a bit unreal, as we can't shake each other's hand or to kiss right now! :-) Though Internet has its advantages: without it we could not meet. And without this agency we could not meet and now correspond - they are more than the translation bureau - they also placed my ad on internet, where we met and I don't use a computer - so I write letters on sheets of paper in Russian language and they give it to type to a girl and she types them in English and send to you. So I cannot type you in Russian language on a computer! There is no need for you to send any money - I will not ask that! Of course I exist in real and when you visit me you can touch me and see the smile in my eyes and in my lips. We will spend time knowing each other! So yes, you need to organize a trip to Ukraine soon! When do you think it will be possible? I don't smoke at all, I never did and I even never tried a single smoke of a cigarette! And I rarely drink alcohol as I drive a company car every day! Could you tell me more about you, your likes & dislikes? What merits and demerits do you have?
I hate mendacity and weakness, though I have very fragile parts inside and can't hide that somewhere in my heart I look for a man to cry on his shoulder. I take a lot of things close to the heart, when someone offends me, but we are all human. I can be stubborn without a reason. :-) Why am I writing all this to you? Maybe because I account on sincerity and openness from your side as well. I am absolutely against cruelty and violence in relations between men and women. I think, that many problems can be resolved peacefully and without damage for two sides. I want to meet a person whom we could understand each other with, he should be responsible for his family, he should respect and love his wife, take care of her, be considerate, be the true friend, husband. Regretfully the men I've met before haven't possessed such qualities. That's why I am not looking for a man out of my country. Perhaps I have been just unlucky… My life can seem complete, but there is no man in it for my heart. I feel so lonely without somebody, whom I could meet on a threshold of our house and share with him daily problems, grief and joy. We can always find an entertainment to fill in our lives, but without love and mutual understanding it loses sense. I hope to find love and I know you look for the same. Love is a gift from heavens, but most of people do not see it and pass by it. True love cannot go out, it is like phoenix raise from ashes. To be strong enough to be able to live and resurrect emotions which came through ordeal is a song of human force and I consequently prefer people who are strong in body and spirit, who are clever.
As for my part, I can give happiness and expect it to be returned. My man should be strong in body and spirit and be ready to protect me when problems face me and life is in its down. Well, I will close for now, and I want to tell you that I am gaining an interest in our communication, so I will wait for your next letter. Alena _____________________________
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Letter 4

Hello my dear Peter! I am very glad that you ordered the plane tickets, so we can meet on January 2!! I will be meeting you at the airport and drive you to the apartment which I still have to choose. I want to choose it myself.
You will need to send me 80 euros deposit for it the other day. Please send it in the name of the manager Ganna Vasylevska. This deposit will be excluded from the total sum when we meet! I am so looking forward that we finally can meet! And here in Odessa we will discuss our meeting in Germany afterwards! Odessa was founded by the Russian queen and many people of different nationalities from many countries came to build it and develop it and they took Russian language as a language to speak, so it was always more like Russian city not Ukrainian. But that we are many-national city we are friendly to all nations, we are very hospitable people.
Also we have international seaport and airport so many people from different countries come here every day - for vacation, to meet a woman or to do some business. So we are very friendly city. Give me please the full flight schedule to Odessa, so I can adjust to it and send a deposit for the apartment! Your Alena _____________________________
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Letter 5
Hello Peter! This is the manager of the agency that you wrote to Alena all the time and now also wrote to our client Elena (see them both in photos). We translate letters for these ladies all the time as they need translations. I just now translated your letter for Elena, where you said you would prefer to stay in a hotel room to be independent. Sorry this is not what we had in a plan for you. We thought you would stay in the apartment which Alena choose for you. Now we do not have a sense to do more translating of your letters if you do not rent one of our apartment in the center of Odessa for those two days. We are not a charity organization, we are a business enterprise. So please choose one of our apartment or pay 100 dollars to meet both Alena and Elena - these are two variants to meet them. Please agree or your trip here will be for nothing. Regards, Vitalik - the manager of the agency.
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