Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Julian (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi John!
I am very glad to get your answer. My name is Marina, I am twenty six years old. I live in Russia – Tomsk city. It’s beautiful and green city. Our city is not very big but there are a lot of noteworthy places, nature is very wonderful. We have theater, native museum and many other architecture places. I live with my parents. My father is on pension, mother works in refectory like a chef. I have a high education, but it’s very hard to find work on your profession, and in this way I work like waitress in a local bar. I work to be more independent and also I ought to help my parents. I come to internet cafe because I want to acquaintance with American guy, in our country all men are rough, and almost of them always drink. My girl friend went to the USA last year and now live there with beloved man, they met by internet. It’s she tells me to find a friend in internet. I saw site, was given me by Anna of site, and suddenly my eyes stop on you. I like you and decide to write you. And now I want to ask you some questions. Tell me please more about yourself. Where do you live and where do you work??? Tell me about your parents. If I interest you, I’d like to associate with you.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Julian!!! How you? I want to tell to you about myself more in detail.My birthday 16.10.1978.
I like to cook very much especially I like Russian food: different salads, pelmeni (like raviolly), borsh (soup) and many other dishes. I am not very good at American food or some others but I prefer the food, which was made at home but not in other places. We have different kinds of sport too like football, hockey. But you have soccer (American football) and in Russia we have English football which is very popular in Europe. I like different kinds of music, it is usually depends on my spirits. For example, when I feel sad I listen to classical music. I like Madonna.I don’t have a man here as it is difficult to find a good man in Russia.
I had serious relations but we parted with him. But it is another story and I will tell you it in another letter. I think you differ from Russian men. I see that you are a clever, kind, tender man this is one of the reasons why I want to write you. I don’t smoke, drink and have no bad habits. I can have a glass of wine for some occasions. My favourite colour is violet, as it is a colour of fantasy. I studied at university TGU Tomsk State university. I studied there 5 years at economic faculty. My speciality " the finance and credits ". I would like to have my own business and I don’t mind to have my own restaurant. I don’t have any brothers, cousins. I have never been married and I don’t have children. I wait for the answer soon.
Yours Marina.
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