Scam letter(s) from Inna Veroznaya to Anthony (England)

Letter 1
Hi, Anthony!!!
How are you?
I wish you good day!
Thank you for link. I see that it is very nice please!!!
What is the weather over there? Here we have cloudy sky and rain. I don’t see any sun ray. I am free now and how I want to feel somebody’s warm next to my. I dream of seating together by fireplace and dreaming of our future. I want to give him everything I can give.
I work in the government school. I like children very much and I hope that soon I will meet somebody and we can have our ones, which well combine parts of me and my husband in them. You know all my day I spend with children. They give me power to make smth good in this life. Our .life is so cruel and hard, but when I see child’s smile and if I know that this child likes me nothing can be better for me than child’s love. Cause children the most sincere creatures in this word.
They are pure and aren’t spoiled. And they have a strong influence on everybody. After communication with children people feel that they are useful for this word, I see.
Usually I have problem with children behavior during my classes. They can even make me angry, but I calm down quickly. Moreover such children who have problems during classes are the most interesting to associate with. Because they are more open and they don’t afraid of telling you smth, which you maybe afraid to admit by yourself.
Tell me please how your days going?
My starts with morning running if it is good weather, than I do some exercise to stay in form. Than I have breakfast and go to school. I spend there a lot of time. Cause I haven’t nobody in my life except family and friends. So there is no place and man to hurry to :((((.
So, when I haven’t any plans for evening with my friends I stay at school and help pupils with any work. With lessons or community activities. . I became so sad when I see like my colleagues hurrying to their families and I know that I haven’t anybody to hurry, to meet him from his work. To ask him, how he spent his day…
I am so tired of it!
My friends often leave my when suddenly they have an opportunity to have a date with guys and I again alone….
Sorry for this sad thoughts from me, but it is the way I feel now, maybe cause of the weather outside..
Please tell me what you expect to receive from this connection with me?
I hope that it will grow to smth really important in our lives.
Waiting for your letter!!!
Letter 2
Hello, my darling Anthony!
How are you?
Thank yuo fro helping me to get to you, i appreciate it a lot!!
What is your mood today? I really miss you all the time! It is terrible! And what are your feelings? I believe it will be the most remarkable day in my life when we will finally meet!!!! And you and I will never regret about each other. Imagine, like in many years we will be seating with our grandchildren and they would ask us how we got acquainted, and we will reply that due to Internet. I think that by that time most of the people all over the world will have each other due to this way and it will not be such a wondering thing like it is now…imagine, people all over the world will have a lot of relatives from different countries and they always will have somebody to go for vocation abroad. I believe till that time it will be more easy to travel than it is now..Maybe it sounds like some kind of delirium now, but I do not why I truly believe in this…and you?
Dear Anthony, today I was in government ofgfice to find out all needed to come to my love, but they replied that they do not know what I need to go to my love ;))))) Seriously I was told that I need do next Make an international passport
- Get a visa
- Get a police report that I was not convinced in some criminal affairs
- Medical insurance
So, I was told that if I want to have my passport in 1 – 2 weeks I need to pay for it 607 USD, in 3 – 4 weeks – 456 USD, 2 – 3 months – 267 USD. My visa will be done in a week for 125 USD. To make my passport also I need to pay for police report 34 USD.
So , you see how many things I need to do. I am really feel the shame and sorrow in my heart now, cause I need to say that I have not money enough to go to you…..You know, Anthony, here in Ukraine we have very small salaries and really high prices for everything like in developed countries. Mine is 150 USD for a week. I have already tried to borrow some money from my friends and relatives, but nobody can help me as well. I have tried to count time I need to save all sum for my trip.
And I came to conclusion that it will take more that a year to get all sum needed :(((
I really lost for words now……I don’t know how to say it, but I really need your help with this case….
I promise you that you will never regret about choosing me here and connecting your life with me. I will make you happy!!!
Kiss you tenderly
Letter 3
Hello, dear my Anthony!!!
How are you?
I miss you very much!!!
Thank you for support and understanding very much!!!!
You will never refer that you have chosen me from such an amount of beautiful girls here. I am dedicated to you and i will never disappoint you.
i dream to be with you every moment of my life!!!
I miss you!!!
Yours Inna
Letter 4

Hi, dear Anthony!!!!
I need to say that i am really touched, cause that money was needed fro your mother.....and....really i do not know what to say...
I am sure she wanted happiness for you and i will bring it to you with my coming....i hope...i am sure i will not make you to regret about it.
Thank you very much!!!i have received money.
And on Monday i am going to police for report and after to government office to pay for passport for 4 weeks.
thank you again.
have a nice day!!!
Yours Inna
Letter 5
hello, my darling Anthony!!!
How are you?
it would be really nice to have two Christmas and also we will have some holidays which we have in Ukraine and you have In England as well. Can you imagine, we will be celebrating all year!!!!!;)))
Today have a reply about my visa procedure!!!!
i am really glad that one more step is done in my direction to you, Anthony!
18.01 i need to be in Kiev for interview. They say that for visa i need to pay for Consular fee 67 pounds.
I found that it is 855 Hrivnas or 107 USD.
I need to ask you to help me, cause i found some problems with coming to Kiev.. I tried to borrow some money to have a ticket to Kiev, but nobody can help me cause all my friends expend all their founds for Christmas presents and i need 200 USD for flight ticket to Kiev. And also i need to stay there somewhere for a while. I really do not know how can it cost for me, i suppose about 50 USD per day. They sat that in 3 days visa will be done..
I hope on your help
Can not wait to be by your side!
yours Inna
Letter 6
Helo, again dear Anthony!!
i am just running from my work now!
Than ks a lot for money!
Please do not worry about bus, it is Ok, everything will be Ok!
Or maybe i will take your sugesstion and will go to Luhansk tomorrow evening. I will ask my mom also, cause she wil be worrying about me.
I miss you!
Good Night!
I am just in hurry now to find bank which is still open now
Love you Inna
Letter 7
Hello, my sweet Anthony!!!
How are you?
I am fine. they say that they will call me in about a week to inform when i can take visa.
I was very nervous having that conversation, the interviewer, he asked if i am going to stay there forever? if we are very serious about creation a family, what i will gonna do there for living? if i can change my occupation... i was very calm and answered all questions without hesitations? that man was looking very serious and formidable?
but i also was very serious and i think he believed me ;)))
I paid visa fee and they told me that also i need to make an insurance - 1 Euro for one day. I need to bring it next time when they will call me for take my visa.
Thanks for number? i will try it now.
Here is very cold? but this cafe i like more than in our town!
I am on hotel now? it is very pretty? you know i have never stayed before in hotels it smth unknown for me. There are a lot for different people? foreigners? tourists from other Ukrainian places, some businessmen, people who take room just for interesting...
I miss you
have a good day!
Yours Inna
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