Scam letter(s) from Madina Karimova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad to begin correspondence with you.
For the first letter I should tell you a little about yourself)))!
Tell me your full name ok? I live in Russia in city Kazan, WEATHER IN RUSSIA IS NOT VERY PREDICTABLE! In Kazan PARTICULAR :-), we now have was sunny and clear weather. I also heard a lot about the myth with the bears! I want to say that this is not true! I have never seen a bear:) Yes, our country is full of wood! and her many animals, but this is just on the outskirts of Russia. In general, I want to say that everything is fine:) How are you? I hope that you have the best of all!)
I am very cheerful girl and I hope I will be your first friend from Russia, which will be pleasant and interesting to say!)))
In addition, I must ask you: Is it good to have you all in life? What is your mood?
I also want to say about my job: I stylist hairdresser. in my work I like interaction with people, make them interesting hairstyles, make people beautiful! Many girls love it, but unfortunately not everyone can do it! I am glad that I have the ability to do so uneasy case? Because this work takes a lot of. Sometimes I have to stand all day on his feet, and it is a bit tired. But as we say in Russia: BEAUTY NEEDS OF VICTIMS: =) ... My great desire to become a good professional in this case I work full time! Tell me about your work?
In this letter, I send you my photo. Your photo I liked, I would like to receive your photo, too!. You can ask me any questions and I will be glad to tell you more about myself. I'll wait for your answer, with my
Best regards, your Russian friend, Oksana!!! P.S. I hope that you were interested to read my letter! )
Letter 2
Hello How are you doing? I'm fine. Than you today were engaged? I today on work had a short day, I had a lot of free time and we with mine the friend went on a skating rink to skate there was very cheerful, I many times fell, but to me was not sick. As we with the friend came into cafe to drink hot chocolate: We have very cheerfully spent with her time :-) You be able to skate? We tomorrow are going to ski on a winter wood. Why you do not write? What with you happens? I shall look forward to hearing from you. With best regards Oksana.
Letter 3
I am very glad that you have answered me. How your business? All is good?. At me today very good mood, Today I all the day have lead with parents, We with mum prepared for a family supper.
We with her went shopping, bought products. It was so cheerfully. To us there came our favourite grandmother we with her talked much, she is afraid that I shall remain without the husband, she speaks that pretty will disassemble all :-) She very much to worry for me, I at her the most favourite grand daughter. My mum told earlier that I still was small and when mum worked with me constantly my grandmother sat, we with her constantly went to walk, And I then could not eat a lot of sweet, she constantly indulged me, bought many sweets, and spoke that I hid, did not show my mum. And then when I have a little grown she me took away in Village, for me it was very cheerful, in village we with her very well spent time, there there came still my cousins. At that time they were little bit more senior than me they me took on fishing. Here so I have lead all childhood. I today am a little tired also to me it is necessary to rise early tomorrow to go for work. Send me the photos!!!!!! Send me the Phone number????? For today I say goodbye to you. Up to new letters. Sincerely Oksana
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