Scam letter(s) from Victoria Samoylenko to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Gene))) How are you? Thank you for the interest in me, I am very happy that you paid your attention on me!
Honestly speaking it is rather new for me to write this kind of letter. But why not? I find this process intriguing when everything begins from such small notes and grow into happy relations. Actually this is what I am searching for- happy relations. Are you here with serious intentions or you are looking for friends and people who you can have fun with? I am sure that in any way we can find a lot of common interests, but I can say that i am more for finding a true love here, for creating a family. You can find in me an interesting company, a sincere friend who is always ready to help and support and for loving woman who can give you her heart and soul. So if you are interested I will be waiting for your letter with some brief information about you like where are you from and how old are you and everything you want to tell me for the first acquaintance.
Be sure that everything about you will be extremely interesting for me! Oh, by the way my address is I am already counting minutes till I see your answer)))))) Vika
Letter 2
Hello,Gene,how are you there?))) Thanks a lot for the time you spent on writing me a letter, you already made one woman happy-me)))
My day was to be simple but your letter brought excitement in in.
I hope that things are going well with you and I am flattered by your interest!!! You chose interesting way to comment my letter which looks like dialogue))) Thank you for the photos. You are my favorite type of man. Are these photos made in a place you live in? So you kindly wrote me about yourself and I already can say that my inner voice was not mistaken telling me that you are a very interesting and intelligent man. So to be polite I will introduce myself in a brief too, just the most necessary information. My name is Victoriya, I am from the east of Ukraine, my native city is Roven'ki, but I am sure that you have never heard about it and this small city is not worth of telling about it in details))) I work in a trade company as manager's assistant. It is not a work which I am proud of but everything is ahead. Moreover I am the kind of people who would find positive sides everywhere. Oh, nearly forgot, i was born in 1983, October,28th. If you know a bit of astrology then you will understand that my sign is Scorpio. Don't believe that we are cruel and egoistic!!It was invented by people who were jealous about our high energy and sensuality))))You will hardly find anybody more devoted then we are! I don't know why i search for love on dating site to be honest... I think it all started like this:
One morning i was particularly sad about being alone. I knew that there are sites where you can read on blogs about people like me, who are feeling lonely and are looking for suggestions about finding someone to love. It happened so that i have heard some happy stories of women, also from Ukraine, who found a man from abroad, through the help of sites and they are the happiest women i have seen!
Of course, there are also many bad stories... it seems that there are a lot of men who needs only sexual slaves or something like this...But nonetheless, i am still sure my man is here somewhere :)
Of course it is a big deal for me to start the relations this way because unfortunately I don't know English and it is really stupid from my side as it is world know language, but I hope that I will find a patient and loyal man who will not be against of my using translating company as I even don't have computer at home.
Are you this real man? So this is some things about me for the first time...I don't know your attitude to long letters so I tried to be as short as possible and if there are any questions still in your mind, ask them and I will be very happy to realize your interest in me and gladly answer them all) Now it is a time of summer holidays and i wonder how do you plan to spend them? At home or may be in the seaside? Let me finish here and send you a friendly kiss))))Hope to hear from you soon) Victoriya
Letter 3
Hello Gene!!! I hope that everything is great with you!!! Thanks for the letter, you made my day with more attention and information about you and I like to think that if you answered my previous letter then it means that you like most things about me and we can try to built something between us. Am I right? I must say that you have very beautiful name. Do you know what it means?
As I know about my name it means victory. I hope that I will be a real victory in my search of happiness. oh, you can't imagine how hot it is here!! almost 45 degrees! During the whole winter I dreamt about summer and now I doubt)))What season do you like more- winter or summer? Yes, I like your way of corresponding. I would like to comment some of your points and answer the questions.
So I work in building company. What about my place of living I suppose it was a mistake as I live in Ukraine but not St.P. Thanks for understanding about English. Yes, yur question is very predictable- I think we have two variants of communing when meet. The first is to take an interpreter but not to take him EVERYWHERE, I am sure that he will be able to relax at night)))
And the second variant is for me to try to take an individual English classes the month before we meet.
Then I will be able at least to talk and the rest you will teach me) Now about delicate say that you are not naive to help a person who you don't know.Then why do you think that I am naive enopugh to give you my information. I can give you my number but not home address. There are not only bad women in Internet, believe me I have heard the same bad things about men so I think that we both have the same reasons to doubt)))) You know, it is so interesting feeling when I am trying to imagine you,when you are writing me a letter, looking at my photos and may be checking your mail box to see if I wrote you something.
You are far and close at the same time)))So funny)) Describe me your environment at the moment- where are you now,while writing to me, what do you see, what do you feel and what do you want? As for me I just need your attention, your letters, your photos. And a mutual hope for future))
Who knows where this corresponding will lead us. And as I have already mentioned I am sure that everything is in our arms. We only need to be strong and to risk. I know that there are a lot of barriers between us, but we are already on our way to each other, so let's be the real searchers of love and go till the end. I leave you now with these thoughts as I want to go to the shower because of heat and hope that you will make me happy very soon with your letter))) Kisses for my amazing friend!!! Victoria
Letter 4

Hello my dearest Gene!!!! I am in so excellent mood today and I am happy that you wrote me as it is the event which I was waiting for to feel the absolute happiness)))
It is great that everything is alright with you! It is so great that we have such a stable corresponding! It means that may be in near future we will decide to meet in reality! Why am I so happy?...
I looked to the mirror today and realized that the life is too short to waste our times on negative vision of life, on games, on lie,on our fears about the future and regrets about the past!Just look at us-we are healthy, good-looking, open-minded people who have the best times in our future if we take a risk and move on!!!! Think about it! ok...enough of philosophy))))) Let's return to earth))) What have you been doing before you noticed my letter today? What about me today I have been to beach! Not by seaside, but beach near the river. It is not very far from my city so I decided to go and relax and save from the heat))) The only thing I missed was a beloved man by my side! Would you like to join me? By the way I will attach the photo where you will see me jumping to the water! I am sorry that you can see only my legs and back)) And the second photo I attached to tease you a bit)
I hope you are not against of it as you should know I like to tease a man who I like very much!And I rarely liked men as much as I like you! So...again thank's for corresponding with me and for the attention and time!
Hey, I have a question- if I were near you right now what would you like us to do together?)))
Imagine it and write me, I will be waiting for your thoughts!!!! Tender kisses from blond kitty Vika!!!!
Letter 5
Dear sir GENE, Your lady Victoria is using our translation services because she doesn't know English and could not communicate with you by herself. Now she has some financial problems because of the crisis in Ukraine and she doesn't know when she will be able to pay for the translation. But as we were told she is very interested in you and doesn't want to lose contact with you. If you are serious in your intentions and really want to continue your corresponding with your lady miss Victoria, please, contact us for more detailed information. Best regards, Translating company "D&L"
Letter 6
Dear Sir Gene Easley, We are sure that your lady and our company is here not for playing these games.
The link you sent even don't works so check your information about Ukrainian specialists. Translating company "D&L"
Letter 7
Dear Gene, Can you clarify at least for yourself if you need to see me and my ID or all those 13 points as a prove of my reality? Vika
Letter 8
I haven't written you because I don't like paranoid people))) All the best) Vika
Letter 9
Dear you left me in the difficult period of my life when I was in trouble you didn't even help me but only tried to tell about your conditions. Why do you think I should be interested in you now??? Vika
Letter 10
Happy New Year!!I wish you a realization in all the aspects of your life!Yeah, i believe you))So I hope that you will help me to pay for OUR corresponding?)))))) We can pay fifty-fifty) Vika

Letter 11
No, I am sorry, let's pay fifty-fifty for OUR corresponding and then we will write to each other and exchange photos)))) Vika
Letter 12
Letter 13
I am happy that you agree, I think it is right to pay 50-50.
So I am waiting for your actions dear and after the money you would send ends I will put my money on account)))Hope to hear from you soon))) Vika
Letter 14
Hello dear, Sorry for being short.Here is an information about me. You should send through the Western Union-the manager here advised this way to transfer money as it is safe and fast. Victorya Samoylenko
The Address: Zarechnaya 32.
The City: Roven'ki
Zip Code: 91000
Country: Ukraine Hope to hear from you soon. Vika
Letter 15
Hello dear, i don't know how I can speak about the amount of money.
We need the money for OUR corresponding.may be let's start from 30$ for example.You will put 30 on our account and when they finish I will put 30 $.What do you think? Vika
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