Scam letter(s) from Oksana Horoshavina to Sebastian (Poland)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Sebastian!
I am very happy to be able to see your letter. I'm really glad that you answered me. It is very interesting and important to know about your life.
Today, I have a very good mood. Weather is always a joy. My mood is very often coincides with the weather. If the street overcast, I always feel lonely. And do not feel like something to rejoice. But today is not such a day. Today I am in good spirits. And all this thanks to your letter. I was very interested to read it.
For me it is all very interesting, because it is new. I had never done anything like this. I thought dating in the Internet is not real. I did not believe that you can meet a man who would be so interesting. How did it happen to you. I am interested to learn about you. And talk about themselves. What do you think about this?
I hope that you understand everything I say. So I practice my English. I studied it in school. And I can say that to me is not difficult to speak and write in English. If you do not understand, I am happy to try to explain to you. I like to answer your questions. This means that I'll also interesting. And I am glad that every day we learn more about each other.
I think that you are very energetic and cheerful person. I am interested in your life. I share your interests. This is very good when people understand and support each other. It is easy to communicate with you. I like to tell you about their lives and their interests and learn more about you.
Well in all cities there is a cinema, theater. In my free time I go to the theater. How often have you visited the theater? How do you feel about art?
I love movies. I try to visit all the premieres. Of course, if I did it. And what genre of movies do you prefer?
We get together at all family celebrations - Birthday, New Year, Christmas. This is so cool!
Well, what's it's time to finish my letter. Write me too, something interesting.
I will be very interesting to know all the answers to my questions. I like to know you. I look forward to wait for your letter. To learn more about your life, work, family and so on. I will be glad to everything that you want me to tell.
I wish you a successful day and good mood ...
Your Natalia!
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Sebastian!
I was very pleased to see again your letter in my mailbox.
I am glad that our communication with you continues. I do not want to stop. I am very pleased to communicate with you. I think you're exactly the man with whom I want to continue the correspondence. I do not have Skype and a web camera. This is probably very expensive. We can communicate on the Internet.
I told you that some very important priorities in life for me is my family, and only long-term relationships. For me, my family will always come first, and I hope that my man will respect me for it. When the man's family is all it means that everything else in his life will be good. Everything goes well, and material well-being and career. And always in such a family will always emotional balance, peace, positive emotions, warmth and comfort.
I really want to know about you as much as possible. I am glad that my heart had not deceived me. I do not want and you deceive. I tell you the truth, because I do not see the point, what would I deceive you. I really want to find a decent man with whom I can build long strong family relationships.
I want to ask you, what would you have been honest with me. I want, what would you write me the truth. I do not like lies. I think that no one likes it when his deception. So I always ask, what would I say the truth. But, unfortunately, very few people speak the truth in the eye. Many people behind you can discuss, invent gossip. I really hate it. Just seems easier to avoid any conflicts when you say the man in the face, what do you think about it. It is always easier to find together a solution, than simply condemn or blame people. I think that you and I would not arise such problems. I think that you and I will be all fine, I think you and I did not even occur to such problems.
A man and woman should always, in my opinion, to live in high esteem and friendship, although I must admit, when it happens, many in our country are beginning to envy them insanely jealous!
Write me what you think about it, for me it is very important.
Yes! I want to ask you, and you like Russian kitchen? Do you have any such places, where they cook only Russian cuisine? And what is your national dish?
Tell me, what is your weather now? And anyway, what the weather you have a year-round. I love nature.
I have never been abroad, so I'm curious to know what the weather there.
I just would have been interesting to hear from you photos of your nature.
Dear, this I must finish my letter.
I hope tomorrow again to see your letter.
Your Katia
Letter 3
Hi Sebastian!
Thank you for your letter. I wrote to you that I can communicate on the Internet. I do not know how to order what you write.
I am very interested to know how are things? As success at work? I hope that all is well. I have all the same. Nothing changes. The most interesting event - an acquaintance with you. I am very glad to meet you. And also glad that we found a common language. It gives me great pleasure to write to you. And I feel that it is mutual. I am madly in love to talk about themselves, about various things. I like to know about you. I'm really happy that I met you.
I have long wanted to know, ask you, do you believe in fate? Previously, I was skeptical. But now I really believe it. And I am very interested to know your opinion.
I would like to know your favorite time of year. I love spring. In Russia it is the most beautiful time of year.
Along with nature, and I wake up. In my mind, too, spring. And no matter what time of year now, on my mind a holiday. I fall asleep with a smile, because I think about you. I wake up in a buoyant mood. Because I think about you. You brought joy into my life.
I would like to know your opinion about the family. I will be very interesting to know your opinion on this issue. If you are not hard to tell me about it. Most of my girlfriends already married. And I often think about that. What I am alone. But this does not bother me. I just have not met the man with whom would be able to create an alliance. I believe that I am quite ready to create a family. You never thought about it? Would you like to have a big family? Or do you think that it is sufficient only for two of happiness?
In any case, we must know each other better. For me it is very important.
On this I finish my letter and tell you bye! Your Natalia!
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