Scam letter(s) from Victoria Williams to Sofia (Germany)

Letter 1
Good afternoon my dearest sofia,i am so glad to read from you and i want you to know that i understand you so perfectly and now i will return to the United kingdom on the 2 second of mum will be properly taken care of dont worry about that..i just want you to know that i love you and will do anything to be with you soon... yes you are right is going to be cheaper from the uk to germany..and i hope this time my love you will not disappoint me again...i will fly to the uk on the 2 second of january ok.. so i wont be able to recieve text messages from you again as the phone will now be with mum... i will give you a call when i arrive or better still you try to ring me on the 3rd to confirm if i arrive safely in uk ok. my mobile is +447024080879 ... love you always sofia.. thanks for the text message...wishing you all the best this new year my love sofai.hope to read from you soon.. hugs and kisses

yours forever

Letter 2
Thanks to you my dearest sofia i really do appreciate your email and the way you have just explianed all to me right i know that the feelings you claim to have for me were not real as you where only joking with me or was looking for a friend to chat with you just to keep you busy.... thanks to you once more and goodbye ok... you feel i am after your money while i am not..
Letter 3
Good morning my love sofia,how are you today,i hope all is well with you?am so glad to have recieved your email this morning,sofia yes i am very sure we are going to have a great time together at christmas and we will both have all the time to ourselves when you show me around your city.sofia you have brought so much happiness to my life since we started talking on here and i know this is for real and i know soon we will be together.sofia please there is something i would want to talk to you about and i will so much appreciate it if you understand it perfectly.sofia i alone will not be able to afford the ticket fee to germany and i will need your support as i have visited the German Embasy here and i was told the ticket is going to cost me 1780euros,sofia i will not be able to afford all this money so i will appreciate it if we both try and sort thistgether my love.i will only be able to afford 1000euors while you come up with the remaing balance.sofia please let me know if you will be able to come up with the balance 780euros to complete my ticket fee..take care sofia and have a great day while i wait to read from you soon...i am here thinking about you all day and night sofia and i just cant wait to be with you soon and right in your arms..hugs and kisses

Letter 4

Good my dearest,how are you doing today,i hope all is well with you and i am sure that you are found in good health and i guess also having a great weekend out there?dearest at the moment i am not in jersey,i am presently with my ill mum who has kidney problems and has just been operated and i thank god for his mercies she is getting better.well dearest your pictures are so lovely that i used one of them as a wallpaper on my laptop and i want you to know that you will always be in mind and my dreams.please do take care of yourself for me will tell you more tomorrow.i have just returned from the hospital dearest...sleep tight and take care of yourself.hugs and kisses yours
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