Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Chernavina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello,got your response from yahoo personals, actually i am from Ukraine,Kiev.
i could not choose it on yahoo because they do not give an opportunity to do it,may bee there are not so many people on yahoo from my country and they just do not care.
Well,my name is Tatiana i am 29 years old and my birthday is on 28 of December, that means i will be 30, what is about you ?
if you are looking for some fun,you should not answer because i am looking for serious relations,yes, but not for fun,****,virtual or an other nasty things few men tried to involve me in before.You are 4rd man i contact with and i am not sure why those men are looking for nudes on dating site,why could it be so? do you travel ? so please i ask you to think if you need to have relationship with someone abroad.I want to try new life and so i am looking for man in U.S because my memories here make me sad sometimes and i can do nothing to myself.
I have been married for 4 years and divorced two years ago.
So it is sad story.I have no kids and present time live alone by my self,that means no boyfriend,what is about you ?
what do you do for living ?
i work as a dentist,not easy, and yes,i do love it very much.
well,i need to go, so will i hear from you again ? send some pics,i will also take care :) Tatiana
Letter 2
Hi there,i am glad to hear from you, how are you doing ?
today i have to work also and i do work extra a lot because now i live by my own and so i am busy all the time,i do yoga in my spare time about three times per week with instructor and she is a friend of mine also.
Three years ago she had problem with her tooth and come to clinic and got to me,after that she asked if i want to start yoga and i told her,yes,why not,and i was in a good fit before that i work out in gym,but i have find yoga more interesting.
I want you to know about my education : I studied for 6 years in Kiev and than 3 more extra years in dental and now i have international diploma that allow me to work as prosthodontist every where World Wide,include United States.
I think doctor's paid better in your area than here, my salary is about 700 dollars per month and it is not bad if you compete it with middle salary income about 400 dollars per month here in Ukraine.
I want you to know my position on finances and what i think about it,also i would you to describe your opinion about it also.
I am not after money and they do not play the most important role in my life and it is not i am looking for,i do belive that money wont make you happy because it is just papers but yes, it is important to have enough family for food and clothes, to pay taxes,by this way i do work,i can work and i do want to work :)
i am ready to work for my family and i belive i have enough power to do it,so this is may way.Well,i need to go now and my birthday is on Monday,December 28,and i will have home party with co-workers and patients and may be we will go to club,so if we make pictures i would send for you with the next letter,i would give you my address and you can send flowers for my birthday,this is the site co-workers got flowers before from her patient and it work well and in time :
i like red roses,it would be Christmas, Birthday and New Year gifr from you :)
My address : Street addr. : Pushkinska Str.9,appt 65
Province : Kiev
City : Kiev
Country : Ukraine
ZIP : 01004
My full name : Tatiana Chernavina Send me your address and info also P.S i am sending some pics from the sea,they are recently from the Summer and were taken with help of my friend photographer hot kiss
Yours Tatiana
Letter 3
My dear,sorry for not writing for you sooner,i miss you all this time and just had no internet connection because we were visiting relatives with dad and return only today.
So how are you doing ? :) Happy new Year !
i hope the next New Year party we will celebrate together ? :)
I went to the clinic this morning and tried to talk to my boss about vacation and i think to take it by the middle of January, she was a little bit busy and we will talk again tomorrow.
Also please tell me the name of the airport in your area which is the most comfortable to pick me up ?
I will be flying out from (KIEV,KBP) so i will give you my flight information as soon as i have it by myself.
I do not think if it is good idea to meet you here in my area because it is very cold now and we will have more frost soon, sometimes the temperature get down about - 20 celsious.
Now about the trip we go with dad,it was here in Ukraine and we just visited some relatives,my uncle Fedor who lives in the countryside and he is my father's younger brother.
He live on his farm with two sons and wife and they have 4 dogs :)
We celebrated new year party together and i just can not describe how fun it was ! There is a wood very close to their house and my uncle has told to everyone that he so bear that come out from wood and walk around the farm and steal food, so we were very scare and when it was New Year Night and someone has bell to the window and when i look there it was very dangerous big bear !!! i scream and run to the dad and when we come to look bear together,my dad scream also and then he was laugh half an hour because it was not bear but uncle Fedor who has put the bear's uniform and look the same even more agressive than normal bear :)) And dad has told to him,"hey Fedor,make sure they did not see you or they will come later any way because you look so attractive and they will want make love to you :)))
I have pic we made last Summer on the kitchen, so if you have something to share i would see also, we made some pics on New Year but not sure when uncle will send it, birthday pics are not ready yet also.
i will come here very soon and i hope to have some news about vacation and i am sure that will come up with actual departure date looking forward to hearing from you With million hot kisses
Yours Tatiana
Letter 4

My dearest,its me Tatiana,
we have just return from trip visiting uncle, so how are you doing ?
It was very fun trip again and Fedor was joking all the time and make me smile.He has told to me that if you ever come here we are welcome to his house and he will get you for fishing and hunting so it will be very interesting.
Father asked him how are his friends beers and if they did come looking for him and Fedor answer that was clever enough to stay at home and not go out :)
Have you ever been hunting ?
My uncle is very professional and has a lot of armor also, he teach me how to shoot when i was 14 and it was first time, it was my birthday and i remember it clear,every one remember because when i shoot first time i did it not so good and got his car but not the aim he told me to shoot :))
So such a trip,we have a lot things to talk about and to discuss something from the past.
I am looking forward to flying out so please try to get funds here as soon as possible i am little bit tired after trip and will have some rest at home i love you and i need you With kisses
Yours Tatiana
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