Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Anne (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear
How are you doing now? I hope you are well!
I'm doing great! Now I feel great joy because I see your letter!
I hope you had fun this New Year. Tell me how you spent time with your family and friends?
New Year holidays have passed, a few days have already passed, during which I was thinking about you. And now I am very happy to answer your kind letter. I think that our friendship is developing in the right direction))). I am glad that we know each other and my heart is longing to continue our nice correspondence).
I want a serious relationship with a gentle, kind, charming and generous man, who for the sake of his woman will be ready to even wash the dishes sometimes))). I like you!
I celebrated the New Year Eve with my relatives in the village with my grandmother and grandfather. This is about 15 kilometers from the city where I live. I came there with my parents who also live nearby by bus. Also there was my favorite uncle and some friends. On the 31 of December, we gathered together and cooked different meals, perhaps one day I'll show you some sort of recipes as well. We usually have a lot of fun there on the New Year holidays during 3 days. We walked, rode on the hill, made the fireworks. The whole village came out to the massive festivities. It's a holiday for the heart for all Russian people.
On the 3 of January I returned to the city in the evening and met with my old girlfriend, who now lives in another city, but came to us to celebrate these holidays. I am sending a photo with her.
Tomorrow I go to work and I wish you luck in your business! I will try to write to you more often, and I want this from you too! Please do not be offended if I keep you waiting for my answer. Okay?
I am glad that you are in my life!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear again!
How are your days now? I hope all is well with you!
I am glad to see your letter. Thank you for your answer. And I'm glad that you want to help me for the trip.
I'm really happy that we want to do our meeting! I am sure that with you I'll feel good! I would like to travel with you in your country to camper van, I am sure it would be unforgettable! But I need to know for how many days can you meet me? I have to think about loging in your country? Yesterday I went to my parents and we talked about you! I said that I wanted to have a trip to you, but I said that nothing has been decided yet. And now I understand that it will soon be a reality! And I do not even believe it! Tell me, you are really serious with me? Today I will go to the bank and will learn from them how you can send me something on my bank account. And I will give you all this information. Okay?
Write to me soon please, send me your new photos! And I'll meet you soon, I will say my news!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear man!
As soon as I saw your letter, I immediately had a smile and a good mood. To me your photos are pleasant, your hobbies are pleasant, but I know about it a little! Today I feel well, but your letter (as always) made me happy! You are wondering why?
Because I have the opportunity to write my delightful man, I mean to you my.
Now we can not be together, but I really want to touch you))), I want to have with you at least 1 day of real communication!
It's very nice, I'm just happy with your relation to me! I will try to learn all better, but I spoke to Aunt Irina, she told me to come to her and she will tell me everything. She works in the field of travel! If I succeed, I'll be happy to meet you. Tell mefor how many days you could meet me at your place?
It would be great to meet with you the dawn somewhere on the sea shore, feeling that we are very close and dear to each other))) Do you like my dreams? With my words I want you to be able to feel what is happening in my soul! I am very grateful to you for your letters, for that you make me happy!
It is a pity tha only due to my letters I can send you my feelings!
I am confident that at a meeting I can show you all the reality of my feelings. Although I can not say that I have the feelings of love for you ... But I am confident that I want with you more serious acquaintance! I am sure that with you I'll feel good!
When I see your letter, my heart is filled with a desire to be with you. I have a desire to scream, so everyone can hear how much you are dear to me)))! I want to do for you many pleasant things, but now the best that I can do is to write you a letter.
Life in Russia is good, happy, men always want to date with me ... But it seems to me that all is not what I want?? I repeat once again that I would like a bit of your caress ...
Then I would give you a kiss! I would like to cling to you so that I could hear the beating of your heart.
Yes, today I am very dreamy and romantic))). What do you think? I just really want to look into your eyes, to be by your side!
I think you noticed that today I have a romantic mood. And I want to say thank you for this. Because you give me happiness.
But I think that you can know and understand me completely only when we are together in reality.
I will finish my letter. I wish you Good luck!!!
Write me how you feel?
I await your next letter.
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hello my!
How are you now? I hope all well with you!
Thanks for your new photo! Now at us it is a lot of snow and it is cold. What weather now at you?
I think today I will leave for the village to my parents. And probably I will come back on Sunday evening. So I can write to you next time only on Monday. Now I am sending you two more photos from new year holidays. One is with my relatives, I'm there as a hare))). And the second with my girlfriends. Please send me more of your new photos!
I wish to tell to you that I try all to make for our meeting! I can arrive now to you! I have a free time for this purpose! I can make all. But it is necessary to pay in agency the big sum. My chief gives me money. But it does not suffice! Tell you could add into my bank account 400-450 of euro?
Excuse for the short letter today.
Write to me! Good luck for you works!!!
Your Ekaterina.
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