Scam letter(s) from Ella Kolesnikova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Lovely Man Mike!!!!!
I open the mail and I receive your letter. And the beam of the sun at once shines my heart. How you? How your mood?
Yes I would would like that you to hold me warm. I to think that to us would be good together with you.
I wish to tell to you about the dream. I should tell about it. It was fine. Mike I do not know what dream you saw this night. Can same?
In this dream I went on park. I was one and to me was sad. Nobody looked at me and I was necessary to nobody. And here you have approached to me. Has approached and has asked "How are you". Has told that at you to have two tickets for new film and you will go on it, only if I will agree. And I have agreed. Mike we all film talked, did not look at all it. And then you have told that wish to spend me home.
And I did not begin to object. I very much wanted it. You spent me home. Also has kissed me. When I have turned to you. It was such passionate, sweet kiss filled by love, and I too have kissed you. You have told that you need to go and tomorrow in the morning you will meet me. And I have told that I shall wait for you.
Mike I now in the Internet of cafe, but I cannot forget your kiss. I feel as it warms me, freshens, gives me happiness? You would not think of that what to kiss me?
Tell to me, what to you today dreamed at night? You saw what dream?
I very much wait for your letter. I send you a photo. I think it will decorate your day and night? How you think?
I miss and wait for your letter. How you think we can see the same dream?
I wait and miss, the whole and I embrace.
Your gentle and dreaming of you Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello My Lovely Man Mike!!!!!
I am happy! I have received your letter and I know that at you all well. How you? You Miss?
I to have many work. But all is good. I to understand that you are tired. But I to trust that you will soon feel perfectly. Also you can write to me more.
Mike I thought much of us. I wish to ask you one question. It big and I think that you will answer it well. I all over again shall answer it. It would be necessary for me that you have told to me about it.
And when I shall receive your answer I shall make to you a surprise. I think that you will be very glad to it.
Mike, I wish to learn about that as you represent our first meeting?
How it will happen? Than we shall be engaged? What we shall make?
Mike I think that when we shall meet, you will present me a flower.
It will be fine as you. We shall long kiss, long while our lips not weariness. Then we together shall go home. There there will be nobody, except for you and me. I to wash, and to make a fine supper, we to cover a table, fire candles. You to include slow beautiful music and we to sit down to have supper. Then we shall dance also you on hands to carry away me in a bedroom. And we shall enjoy and embody all our dreams in a reality so. And in the morning when you will wake up I to make an light breakfast. And then we shall think what to make. I so want it!!!!! I cannot describe words but if you could see me. Mike I hope that you understand my feelings. And I shall wait for your answer. I hope that you will write to me soon and will tell as it you represent.
I very much wait for your answer. I cannot already hide this surprise from you. I shall tell it to you at once as soon as I shall receive your letter.
I love you Mike!!!!!
I miss and with impatience I wait for your letter. I send you the photo and much kiss with it and I hope that you enjoy my kisses and a photo.
Yours and only your gentle and dreaming of you Svetlana
Letter 3
Hello My Lovely Mike!!!
I do not know why you have not answered my question about the first meeting. I very much waited for your answer and I hoped that you will write to me about it. But you have not written.
To me it is bad now without your letter. You would not want that we had a meeting? To you the surprise which I is not important has prepared?
Mike what not so? Why? I ask you to explain to me. You have not received my letter? You do not have time to write to me?
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow and I hope what to receive it soon.
Yours and only yours Svetlana
Letter 4
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Mike !!!!
I very much waited for your letter. Mike I know that our meeting soon. You know about what surprise I to you spoke? I soon shall with you!!!!!! I to learn all that shall be necessary to be with you and I shall make all that in my forces and we shall be together.
Mike I shall be with you!!!! We can enjoy our love, passion, tenderness, caress. We can feel breath of one another, touch, kiss, our lips can caress one another. We can embody all in a reality. I shall see you happy. I WOULD SHALL MAKE ALL THAT YOU WERE HAPPY.
Because when you are happy that I am happy also. I adore you. I want to you. I cannot think more of what, except for you. Only about you, only about that as it is good in your embraces, I am good when I can nestle on you. To feel your hands, yours kiss.
Mike I would not have words what to describe that that will be when we shall meet. Because such happiness to describe it is impossible.
The truth? Mike you agree with me. You will meet me when I shall arrive to you? I already have learned today on work. I can take holiday at any time. Tomorrow I learn what to do what we were together. And to inform you. And soon we shall together. You represent? At me such feeling that at me to begin I shall grow wings by means of which with you. And this fine feeling. Mike I shall in your embraces soon!!!!!!!!
You represent!!!! I so am happy to it. I WOULD WANT MORE LIKELY THAT IT HAPPENS!!!!!
I shall inform you all that I learn. And when you tomorrow will receive my letter you will already know when I shall be with you.
I love you Mike!!!!!
I want you Mike!!!!!
And we shall be together.
And we shall be happy!!!!!!!
Are happy for ever!!!!!!
I already in your hands. You feel it?
Yours and only yours Svetlana
Letter 5
Hello My Lovely Mike !!!!
Mike I think of us with you much. I think, that if we shall wait also for nothing to do, we shall get used and we shall be so always.
And I think, that I cannot so. I wish to be with you and only with you, Mike I want, that we with you could meet each new day together.
I wish to be with you because you to take my heart, it belongs only to you.
Sorry that I did not answer you earlier. I could not do it. Because the Internet of cafe to not work in weekend. And I did not know as I can write to you. I hope that you to understand me.
And too it is not very a pity to me that you could write to me. But I am glad that now I can to read that that you to speak me.
I yesterday was at home one. Mum has left to the grandmother, I did not wish to go to the girlfriend, I wanted nothing. I thought only of one. As to me to make so to be with you. I all over again watched TV, then to lay on a bed. And me it was sad, I know, that you there. But I cannot be with you, only in the ideas and dreams. And I wish to be in your embraces in a reality.
Mike I love, and I dream what to be in your embraces for ever.
I wish to be with you, I look at a photo, I represent you about me on all. But it to me a little. I wish to be on the present with you, to be in your embraces, to kiss and feel yours caress, tenderness, love and passion. I wish to embrace you, I wish to feel, how your hands caress me, I wish to feel, how fire in our hearts warms us with you and gives us the finest happiness in this world.
Mike you are far also I feel, that I am lonely without you. I shall search for all the most possible ways what to be with you.
And I hope, that I can find it soon.
I very much miss you and I think of you constantly.
I shall make all what to be with you. Because I know, that when we with you shall be together that we shall make eternal happiness which searched for all life.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Svetlana
Letter 6
Hello My Lovely Mike !!!!
Mike I today did not go for work. I went in city which about me and has submitted documents on reception courts to all banks and tomorrow I can learn as, how much and where I can receive the loan. If I can receive it in two or three banks that I think that I can arrive to you. But all this we learn tomorrow. Mike you know, that to me advises Nastya, she has told, that it is necessary to pass and ask all friends in a duty on a few money and from a few we shall collect all sum. And now I shall go on all friends, and we shall collect all necessary sum. Mike I think, that at me it will turn out to find this money.
Yes I shall be yours valentine. And I very much would want that you were mine valentine.
Mike I so am happy, I am assured, that all will turn out. I shall be as likely that that to sell from the things what to pay the rest and to arrive to you. And we shall be happy, Mike I all am ready to give for your happy eyes, for yours a smile both your the most reliable and strong embraces. I love, I love you madly and I wish to be only with you for ever. I ADORE YOU MIKE!!!!!!
Mike I to not sleep the second day and I all think, about that as well as that will be and when we shall meet you. If at me all to turn out, remains to very few time and we with you already together.
Yours and only your loving both gentle and ready on all for the sake of your love, suffering because you are far, but warmed by your letters, I shall be with you, you will be with me.
Also we shall be happy for ever.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Svetlana
Letter 7
Hello My Lovely Mike !!!!
I to receive your new pictures today. I like to see your photos. I to smile when to look at them. I like it.
Mike I at all do not know from what to begin. At me one bad and one good news. I shall begin with bad. In bank to me have told, that in general the loan I can not give, and I cannot receive it. To me have told, that I cannot provide duly payment of payments and property on the security at me does not suffice.
Mike and you know, what good news? I yesterday have bypassed all whom knew also all whom in time. And me have told, that will help how much can. Tomorrow I still need to go to one girlfriend, she lives with the husband and I think, that she can help to pay to me a trip. I think, that she will not give up, and she has money.
Mike I so am happy. And you Mike??? I hope, what you not against I soon shall with you? In your embraces? Tell to me Mike? You not against? How your day has passed? At you good mood?
I know what for I is born, I know sense of the life. I should be with you and then you will be happy and I shall be happy.
I wish to be with you and only with you for ever.
Your gentle, loving and passionate Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello My Lovely Mike !!!!
I to not receive your letter today. I to experience from for it. At you all is good? Why you did not answer me today? I hope that soon you to answer me.
Mike I wish to be with you. Only with you and with anybody another.
Your love is necessary for me and I all would shall make what to be with you for ever, you do not represent what today fine day. I so am happy, that at me that turns out, that to do, and I can soon arrive to you. I have collected 1249 dollars and tomorrow I can already conclude the contract, having paid this part. Mike to me have told, that other part will be necessary for paying then. When provisional date of a start and the exact name of the airport where it is necessary for me to fly will be known, Mike you can inform me the name and a code to the airport where you can meet me? It will be necessary for me to inform this the information in Travel agency.
Mike you represent, tomorrow will start to legalize my papers, and I can be with you, in your embraces and we shall be together and are happy for ever. You represent? We shall enjoy our love and caress and our love, we shall create the world full of love and passion. We can be together. We can sleep in a this bed, I can prepare you for fine dishes. You represent? As it is fine!!!!! I wish to see your smile and your happy eyes every day, I wish to go on ours with you to the house that is pleasant to you and me and that we with you could do all about what we dream and we want.
Mike I went to the girlfriend, but she has refused to help to be to us together. The grandmother has told, that the friend who can help us has and on learns from it all and will inform tomorrow, as well as that it is possible to make.
Mike I do not know how to describe that occurs to me. The more close I to you, the am more and to knock more my heart, I am afraid, that it to jump out of a breast when I shall be with you.
And how you? Than you are engaged? You Wait for me? You have already thought up what we shall do? You will have a free time for us, what we could go where or?
I love you Mike!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Svetlana
Letter 9
I HAVE MADE IT!!!!!!!!
Mike I have made it, I have paid it that sum which I to have and they have told, that with documents which I have brought it's OK. Also have told, that at me to have all chances to receive this visa.
I was happy. But it will be necessary to wait about 14 days, how there will be an interview in Embassy in Moscow. And I can be with you.
I am madly glad, that I shall be with you. And how you Mike? What at you was interesting? The grandmother has come back and has told, that that woman can help, she has told, that now cannot, but in couple of days will help to pay the remained sum. I so am glad, that I shall be with you. I do not know how to describe it. I do not know, how I shall express you the happiness that with you with you. I am madly happy, I very much wanted it and I hope, that you too not against and that will be fast our happiness in ours with you hands. And then we shall be the happiest the man and the woman in this world.
I to understand that you were busy with the the daddy. But I am glad that you to find time for that what to answer me.
You spoke that at you again coldly? At us too it is cold now. But I hope that will be fast warmly.
I asked you the name to the airport, but you have not written to me.
Why? You do not want, what I to arrive to you? Mike tell to me!!! I think, that soon I shall with you, the more days passes, the more I am assured of it. I feel, that we with you love helps us.
I love you Mike, and all of us we shall overcome and we shall be together and anybody and never will separate us.
I yours for ever, only your and nobody's another.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Svetlana
Letter 10
Hello My Lovely Mike !!!!
Where you today? Why you to not answer me? I hope that at you all well? I hope what yes. I very much miss on you and I wait your letter.
Mike again new day. Soon I shall with you. Every day does us more close one to another and be fast we can in embraces of one another and enjoy our tenderness and caress. I so am glad to it. I so am happy, that soon it happens. My heart madly knocks and with impatience waits, when I can be with you. When I can feel your kiss, your gentle and sweet embraces. I with impatience wait for this day, and I am assured, that it becomes fast a reality.
Mike I today was again in Travel agency. To me have told, that all will be good and that I can not worry. Speak, that in couple of days they will inform me more information, now it is necessary to wait simply. And I wait. I so do not wish to wait. I want more likely to you. Why all so is complex? First it is necessary to pay, then to wait. So it is difficult to me to wait. I every night only also think, only and I represent that I can be with you. In your embraces. As we can enjoy our love everywhere where we shall want and as we shall want. I am madly glad to it.
Mike in Travel agency to me as have told that I can without problems the visa if to prove to the ambassador, that I have no plans to remain in your country. And then I to have more chances of that what to receive the visa. And I should not as to speak that you wait for me.
Then all will turn out. Mike then we will need to make many photo together and we can in general never will be separated. At you to have camera? We can make many photo together? I am assured, that we will have many photo together.
It is pleasant to you? I hope, that soon we shall look together at a photo on which we with you shall be together and our love will warm us eternally.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Svetlana
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