Scam letter(s) from Oksana Parasyukova to Bruce (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Bruce!!!!!
I am glad that you to answer me. I do not know why my profile has been removed, but I am very glad to see your answer. Thanks that you have decided to answer me, I mean knowingly to disturb you. I the first time here on the Internet to have acquaintance, and I hope that all at us to turn out, and we become good friends and can and more than only friends. What you to think???
I do not know as to begin it. I will begin with the most simple. My name is Oksana, me of 30 years. I was born on November, 25th, 1979 in Russia in city Kazan. I not when was not married, and had no children. But I very much love children, and always wished to become mum. I had in the past some relations with men, but not that it was impossible. Last relations were one year ago. I thought that have found the man of the dream and have been enamoured in it without mind.
We even began to live together, we have lived 3 years, and I already thought that it is which that man I so a long time searched. But I very strongly was mistaken, it has appeared the rascal. It began to change to me with other women and when I to learn it to me was very very sick. I not to wish to lift now memoirs on it now. The whole year I had no relations with men, did not try to get acquainted at all. I to see transfer on TV about happy women which get acquainted on the Internet, and all of them leave then, such happy. I as to want happiness in the life, and have decided as to try it. And now I here write you the letter.
I will hope to receive your following letter. I as ask to send me your photo.
And to tell to me about you. How old are you, when you were born??? You had as last relations with the girl?? You were married?? Have children?? Tell why you
to search now for the woman on the Internet???
I will wait very much your answer.
Your new friend Oksana
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