Scam Letter(s) from Regina Appiah to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

I am really sorry my love i screwed up once again..I am right here at Frankfurt in Germany the whole day and i was not allowed to join the flight.When we elite to clear Immigration they come to find out that the Trunk mom gave to me was Full of Gold in the form of dust honey.I did not realize since mom says it was a surprise the immigration there opened they are requiring me to show it Document that shows that i own it..I am not allow to contact anyone only you and my mom back at home.I will contact Emma to help me out on How to get this.For now i am still at the airport with the Immigration as sending you this..Please be patient i will get there honey..Please..I am safe and i love you babe..

Letter 2

This Emma I am emailing on Behalf of Your Wife Rahina.I am right at their house to tell her mom what she told me so her mom asked to email you and let you know too.She is caught up in Frankfurt Due to some Trunk.but she says there are Gold in it which the Immigration there are Demanding her to bring out the documentation on it.This Document should be here in Ghana.I talked to her mom and her mom says they are with her late dads Lawyer but he got it saved at insurance company here so they need to get it from there.Today is Sunday so everything could be tomorrow and see what we can do but as at now she is in the Germany.I will be with her mom tomorrow after i am close from work so that i can email you with anything information the got from the lawyer.I am sorry .

Letter 3

I did not sat and wrote all that you were saying but i want to take this chance and let you know that i am never here for your $$ if that is the case i could have already left and went and Look for someone that is More rich mike. All that i want is a man with a Loving heart and i really thank God for blessing me with someone like you. I have not been online for about 4 days now and you never care to know my where about all that you can think of is me cheating.I have been serious ill and suffering from Malaria i came back from the hospital yesterday and got home to text but no answer here i am now trying to contact you but you don't respond to any of my email why?Let me tell you mike I love you and Nothing will chance that but if you want to say you are sick and Tired of me i will still Understand you and i Love you forever and ever Honey.I am leaving my messenger on whenever you come on Just buzz me if you still wanna talk with me.I love you so very much Honey. Have a good time.

Yours Rahina



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