Scam letter(s) from Anna Ashley to Luca (Italy)

Letter 1
hello dear
how are you doing today , i hope you are doing well too, i am also doing well too thank you very much for your photos you sent to me, i like them very much , i have welcomed you in my life , just we only met yesterday as you said it , but everything is in hand of almighty GOd , who knows if we will be one in one room and eat one table , only GOd knows , well as for my part you know me , i am an easy going lady , i have my high education and i went for nursing training course which last three year but i am almost gone with the course , i am two family : my sister and i including my mother ,honey i can tell you that i have registered the site the day before yesterday and lucky both of you and i that we met , that is also wonderful meet ok , these are some of my photos for in retun i missed you today too, and i am hoping to see you on line too
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