Scam letter(s) from Jannete Acosta to Dennis (USA)

Letter 1
HERE IS THE INFO TO SEND THE MONEY TO TOMARROW.... You will take the Funds to the Western Union Office and then Send the Funds to the Infomations Below............ Name:: : Allan Craigie
Address:: 1948 gatway center dr #240
City:: Belvidere
State:: IL
Zipcode:: 61008
Country:: Nigeria
Text Question:: Colour?
Test Answer:: Blue.

After you send the money, you will get back to me with the details below......

1, Western Union Money Transfer Control Number 10 DIGITS MTCN Given to you by Western Union MTCN #::
2, Sender's Name::
3, Sender's Address::
4, Total Amount Sent::
5, Total Amount WesternUnion Charged To Send::
6, Test Question and Test Answer as given to you:

Thanks, Jann.
Letter 2
Congratulations once again on behalf of You and Miss Jannette Consignment Claim.We do believe that your Claims will be put into Payment Processing in few Days. On Behalf of the Screening Committee of BOARD DIRECTORS THAT MR DEREK ACOSTA KEPT THIS MONEY WITH, I wish to formally announce to you that you have successfully passed all the Document Processing, Screening and Verification Matching Test conducted for all Bills and Charges Involved. Hence you are therefore cleared, your Consignment has been issued and you can now claim your Money.All necessary documents that will facilitate the clearance of your Claim on You Mr Dennis and Miss Jannette's name has been processed.
Her late Father wrote a Note that She must be engaged or married before we pay the money to her. She told me alot about you and She also told me that both of you are willing to get married very soon. now She said that you are a very Trusted person to her.

I told Miss Jannette that She has to raise some funds and She said that you are the person that wants to raise the Funds . Please Sir You need to understand the fact that She cannot recieve the Consignment all alone, Both of you will have to Open a Join Account together Once the Funds has been paid, so that you will have all the necessary Dcouments listed below for prove to the Huge Amount of Money that we are working on and once you have all the necessary Proves. You and Miss Jannette will have the approval which will enable the Funds to be re-activated and it will be available to be Transfered to You and Miss Jannette's Joint Account.


(1) THE SAID FUND IS NOT ANY WAY MADE FROM SALE OF ILLICIT HARD DRUGS; ie: *******, ***** OR OTHER RELATER DRUGS...................................



Please Mr Dennis, i wan you to e-mail me all the following Informations ::

Your Full Name including your Middle Name::
***:: Male
Date Of Birt::
I also want you to send me a photograph copy yourself, i already have a photograph copy of Miss Jannette. The photos are needed so that i can attach them to the Documents to prove that the Consignment was released to You and Miss Jannette .

Letter 3
Good to read from you,how are you doing and how is the weather over there?.I have nothing to hide from you and i want the same from you too...I am the only child my parent had and they are my best friends i must tell you that,my mother used to want plenty of kids but my Father wanted only me as thier child,i used to get jealous when i see my friends with thier junior once but whenever i am with my Father and he notice such thing he will always keep me bussy and share his time with me he'll never make me feel bored and when i grew up oi understood why he wanted me as the only kid and i so much appreciate everything he did for me...

My Father pased away when i was 21 yrs old and mother pasted away when i was 24 yrs old,i love my parents so much and i still wish i would be with them when i die maybe if that will happen....I grew up all alone and i was trained to be a good fellow and to be very hard working which i have always been,i enjoyed reading your e-mail. I have that old dream that i'll find a someone like my parents and talking with you gave me the glimmer of hope that maybe there is someone to love and to be loved back. You made me feel excitement that I haven't felt in a long time.

I am a warm, considerate, happy, outgoing individual who loves life. I have a passion for living life. I have a big heart and care about people, children and animals. I am a high energy individual in work and had been in my personal life. I believe compatability is key to making any relationship work, but it also takes 2 individuals to discuss and find a solution to any problem and how to address it.

my house would be high security iron gates and block walls, courtyard, swim pool and patio. The house is 3,300 sq ft with double garage. I have a master bedroom/bath and walk in closet, a home office, bedroom, den, living and dinning room and kitchen. The is the main house. The other side has a Family Room, Wet Bar, Bedroom and Bath. Since I have a great view I had French Doors installed and a Security System as I value my privacy and security. I have a Pool Woman and Gardner who maintain the yard as I need to focus on the business

I enjoy swimming, tennis, museums, antique shops, concerts, parks, beaches, mountains. and movies. I enjoy travel as well enjoy learning the different languages and cultures. I know how to cook and bake (Birthday to Wedding Cakes), I enjoy Interior Design and this is my next step in changing the interior of my home to personalize it more to my taste. I believe in making my life simplify so everything is washable from walls, floors, furniture etc......
I have to be honest and say reading your email it made me feel like im a prince. Your life seems much more enjoyable and exciting then mine. I am a simple Woman. I maybe a simple Woman, but I am a good Woman. I have a big heart and I care about people, kids and animals. I always use my job as an example.Another example, would be my neighbors but i've kicked them out,they would continue getting cats and not taking care of them. When they become adult cats they would throw them out and no longer would care. So the last cat they had about 3 1/2 yrs ago when she got tossed out I couldn't handle how she was treated and she looked so unhealthy. The first chance I got I snatched her I brought her in with me. She died last yr her is Kerry...i love that Cat....Do you have any kids?,what do you do for a living?,send me a pic of yourself please.......

Take Care Of Yourself,
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