Scam letter(s) from Julia Smirnova to Martin (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi my pleasure and love Martin!
I have received your letter and was very glad that you have written to me.
Each your letter is bring to me a particle of your heart, and this particle of heart is warm my soul
Also gives hope to me that I am not indifferent to you.
You invest all soul in the letters and I feel sincerity and honesty in them.
My mum very much likes to address with the computer, I think, that at it all to turn out. My love in Russia to celebrate Christmas on January 7. At us on December 25 it is the usual working day. When I will arrive to you certainly I plan seriously to start to study language. And I would like search work as I do not wish to sit on your necks. As soon as I a payment for my documents approximately in a week I can already arrive to you.
I feel, how the day of our meeting arrives and I it very much wait and I would want that this day has come as soon as possible.
I not can more wait, as my heart does not maintain this long separation between us.
My heart does not leave me in rest and is ready to become torn on a part from love to you.
I never did not feel that or similar to this, for me, it is the first love with such large desire what to see you.
My love I need to pay for my documents, you already will send today me a remittance for my arrival to you?
Today I had free day and I went to go for a walk in park.
When I went for a walk in park, I saw of the in love pairs, which were content with the love to each other and were together.
That we could go together keeping for hands, that you embraced me and to heated, when it is cold.
I want it very strongly, strongly, strongly, and I want, that I was always with you and could each day see you and kiss your gentle lips.
For the sake of love I am ready to you on all and if I should die for the sake of you
My family feels normally, they also worry, and wish soon meeting for us and joint happy life.
I shall wait from you the perfect letter and to read it with the large desire, as is the sole pleasure, which is at me from you.
Always your Yuliya.
Letter 2
I am okay with that and I am also here for man who will Love me and Take me as I am ok...I was On match to seek for My soul mate who I will spend the rest of My life with ok..well I have been Hurt before and that was My friend introduced me to the and I am new to this Online stuffs okay so I will Be happy to meet a serious man who will Love me and Take me as I am ok..I do Not also ,marry a married man okay I amseeking for some one who is single and Can have time for me ok..I am Not seeking for a prince to marry me or a rich man who should treat me like a ***** okay..I am seeking for a simple man who will Love me and we will be forever and ever lovers and Till death separate us...that is what I am seeing for...Or what I want from You as a man and a real man is Your Love and Trust okay...I have a ****** heart and I also Know How to Love and then make a man fall so we all will Be happy ok...I loved Life in the Usa because somethings here are different in there in the Usa okay...okay...I hope to meet a real man. From my point of view, he is loving and caring person and it is usually interesting for me to communicate with him. He has to be serious and family-oriented man.I would like to meet a kind, strong, intelligent, cheerful, caring and loving man. I dream to meet my second half. I know that you are exists somewhere. I dream to have a real family, where we care, trust and truly love each otherHow many Girlfriends you had before? Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)? Do you know what you want in a new partner? Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs? How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?) What's the year you were born and how old you are? What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like? What is your goals or dreams in life? What do you dream about at night? What's your favorite foods & drinks? Can you drive a vehicle? What's your religion? What languages you speak? Are You left or right handed? Are you financially stable? These are some of My questions and Hope You Can answer them and let see what we Can do ok!!!
Letter 3
Hello and How are You doing today? I am Very Happy I am hearing from you today as well..I ddont need Your Number for anything okay I wanted to know if you will still write to me ok....I I am Not forcing you to do anything okay I have been On match Just yesterday and I met you..You were My first man and Now I dont know what You think...I am Very sad about How things are Going..I have been Hurt before that was why A friend of Mine inroduced me to the site and Now I met You trying to see How things will go You are also saying different thing why? If you have a problem with that Please You have the liberty to go okay because I am Not forcing you to be with me okay..I am the Picture You see and I am willing to proove it to You on Cam okay....I am okay if you are Not giving out your number okay I am okay with the email....I said I am from Mixed race of Usa and Ghana My mom is from Usa and that is Addison Wisconsin and My dad is from Ghana..My dad Moved into the Usa for a job and then met My mom there they Came down to Ghana and did everything neccessary and then stayed here..I am the first Born and I was giving birth in Ghana and then stayed here in Ghana for some time and then Moved to Addison because My mom wanted me to go out and see her mom that was My grandMom okay...and other people in the family...I came to Ghana when I heard My dad had an accident in a plane on his way to I came here with My mom and My My younger brother okay...I am Now schooling in Ghana now of which I will graduate in one and half month you are right...I lived in wisconsin for about 25 years and also I schooled in Edgewood college wisconsin...I continued My education here in Last 4 years and because of the death of My dad because I came and due to certain intances we have to remain here for sometime and that was why I continued My education here okay...I am Not an American citizen because I was not born there ok...I am a ghanaian citizen because I was born here in Ghana But I have stayed in Usa before...I am from Mixed race because My dad is Ghanaian and My mom is from Usa...I want you to Just forget about My profile On match because My friend is Having Kids so she forgoted and wrote that there I am Not having kids okay I will Be happy to read My mail and see what Happens Hope to hear from You soon.....I am Not also forcing you to give out Your Number okay I want to Let you know that I am real and I am ever ready to proove that here with You okay...
Letter 4
I know how this works... I am not giving any number. This is ridiculous to have you ask this after our Email yesterday. Don't you think? So answer my questions please. So you said you were born in Ghana. You were moved to Addison Wisconsin. You went back to Ghana because your Father died and you needed to be with your Mother. Is this correct so far? You are now in school in Ghana? Your school is finished in about 1.5 months? Correct? How long were you living in Addison Wisconsin? What schools did you attend in Wisconsin? Why did you not get your remaining education in Wisconsin? You said you are USA citizen? Yes/No? You said you are Ghana citizen? Yes/No? You are mixed blood? Yes?No? What does this mean? Your Mother is Ghanian? Yes/No? Your Father was Ghanian? Yes/No? I want to read your Match profile again because I have more questions. You can answer everything and then I will decide what to do. Remember, I already trusted your words on Match. They were not written by you. Correct? So how & what do I believe? Waiting...
Letter 5

I am here with You okay and I will be Happy if we Can get to know more about each other and see what the future holds...well I am willing to be with My soul mate and then spend the rest of My life with ...I know You are finding it difficult to trust me But I want to Tell you that I will be Happy if we can give our selves a chance and see what the future holds okay!!!!!I will be Happy if we can share Number so I will have you a call and a text and know How and what time You will be Online tomorrow so we Can chat okay..I am looking forward to chat with You okay and see what the future holds okay so if you dont Mind Can You give me Your Number so I will text You and see what we Can do ok.....I will give You a picture of me and I will also be Happy to see Yours as well okay But I want to know what time You will be Online and then if you dont Mind Can we share the Number so I can text You ok!!!!
Letter 6
I am going to think about all of this now. I will apologize to you for any offense that I gave to you. I grow very upset with situations such as this. I do NOT play games of the heart. You are welcome to read my profile. You may believe every word because it is all the truth. I live this way. I will not live any other way. Now you know this so now you may make the decisions to do the right things. I would like to ask for one additional PIC of you. In the morning, if you write to me, I will send one more to you also. The boundaries here are honesty. I am gone if there is no truth. I am a good man and a nice guy... but I am not foolish. I give respect and I request respect. About me offending you... I apologize. The woman in these photos is a beautiful woman. If these photos are truthfully you then you are this beautiful woman. Yes I would buy THIS woman lipstick. Good night.
Letter 7
Oh well was born In Ghana But I lived in Addison in wisconsin okay and I am willing to relocate to be with My man when I am done with school and also It will Take Only a month and half okay so Hope we Can get to know more about each other and see what the future holds ok
Letter 8
Oh well I am 33 years of age and also I have lived there in wisconsin since My birth because I was born in Ghana and I was taken there But since My dad died I have been here in Ghana now Hoping to seek My soul mate ok...I am willing to relocate to be with My soul mate when I am done with My school ok..I am from Mixed race of Usa and Ghana....I am In University of Ghana Legon okay Hope you understand and then see what the future holds ok
Letter 9
I understand that you don't like me not trusting you. You are not understanding that I read your profile that your friend wrote and I liked it very much. Then I discovered it was not all truth. Is this my fault or was it yours? If I lie to you, how will you receive this? Understood? I DO want to read your Match profile again. I can ask you questions about it and you can tell me if it is correct or not. I don't care about your friend or your brother writing. I care about WHAT is written. So we start again... How old are you? Were you ever in Wisconsin? Will you ever return on your own? Are you a USA citizen? Where are you in school? Are you white?/black?/mixed? Answer these and we can move forward.
Letter 10
Oh yeah I am willing to relocate to be with My man who I will spend the rest of My life with okay..I am new to this and I dont like the way You dont trust me okay..If you have any problem with that then Bye and good Luck in your search okay because I am telling you the truth and You also telling me another thing.... I am vulnerable about my exterior appearance, about my body. I do not like when you compliment me about my aspect with jokes. I like and sometimes even prefer a stranger's compliment when it is said appropriately. I like when you surprise me with your compliments. Being surprised is like feeling there is something new, novel. I appreciate constructive suggestions, for example about the way I dress, but I do not like when you joke about it. If there is something you do not like, for example my new lipstick, tell it with courtesy, and buy me another one without letting me know.
Letter 11
Talking about who i am;am that easy going type, adventurous, romantic, ambitious and have a very good sense of humor.. My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, listening to music (almost all types of music), love on the beach, dancing in the dark etc.
My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything. I don¦t have any kids, I don¦t smoke or drink alcohol. am always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, I don't even remember the last time I frowned.
am that type of person who always try to make people laugh. I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and also satisfied with whatever I have. am an all rounded person to cut it this is all i can say about me but if you feels there's more you want to know about me please you're more than welcome to ask any question u wished to know about me and am also alone and looking for someone to share my whole life with,not just someone but one who have
all the good characters in life. am of that type and want someone with the same to spend with. I can see you are of that type because you stated it in your advert the type of person of you want. I really know what love is and also the type who give his whole heart in a relationship. Relationships are built one day at a time; they take time, patience, honesty, passion and ability to compromise and grow! So with true love, is by sharing bad and good times together. True love is a covenant that we build on a strong foundation and that’s why we don’t develop it within a day. It takes sometime to mature and that’s when both sees that they are having the same strong feeling for each other. It is
with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks about it, but few have seen it. I promise to make my one and only the most happiest man on earth if only he’s willing to accept me as part of him. I’ll be there whenever he needs me and promise never to do anything to hurt his feeling. I’ll love him just the way he is, being blind, disable, deaf or dumb or whatever category that he falls in. I really mean my words and I’m serious too.I’m ever ready to sail to the end of the sea with him and ever prepared to do anything to have him forever. I promised to be the woman of his dreams cuss I’m not going,to let him down, since the adage goes ;A woman without a man is like a river or a stream without a source and as relationship are build on trust and with mutual respect I assure him my whole heart. I dont know and can¦t tell if that special person is you but I believe it’s you Becos your advert alone speaks of it all so why don’t we give ourselves a chance and find out what happens.. I know at this point, we have something in common so let us be serious to each other and see what the future will be for us
Letter 12
Look... I go online to try to find a REAL woman. I have been married and lived a lie for several years and I am not about doing this again. The PIC that you put up on Match is a beautiful photo. The story is a beautiful story. But you were not 100% honest. I am looking for ONE (1) good woman that believes and wants what you wrote in your profile. My problem is that those words were not the truth, were they. So now there is this lovely woman that said she is in Wisconsin... but not, that had a Daughter... but not, that wants a good man that is older... but ???? How can I believe you? How could I trust you? You could even be a man in Russia for all I know. I have seen this also and I helped a friend when this happened to him. So talk to me if you want. Why I don't know because your not in Wisconsin anyway so what is the point. You can tell me anything and then say I must believe but there is no way to know reality. I want a good woman that is younger, honest and caring. Thats all. Maybe this is all a dream and maybe this woman does not exist. Imagine meeting an honest person?!?! It would be amazing wouldn't it?
Letter 13
I am the pictures Now and if you dont Mind You can come on Im so I will show You My cam okay..well I have logged out and I am Not going there again because no man trust me when I say I am from Mixed race so I think if this does not work I will Not go there again okay because I hate it when I am being called a lier okay so if you dont Mind Can we get to know more about each other?
Letter 14
Hear this from my point of view. First your profile said you have a 7 year old Daughter but then you don't Then you are from Wisconsin, but your not. What would you think?
Yes, usually older men are pretty ****** about young and beautiful women. I love women as much as any other man, but I'm not ******. I am looking for a real (REAL) woman... not an imagination, not someone to immigrate, not a virtual girl. I have already done most of this in my life and quite honestly if I die alone later in life it will be better than living in another lie. Been there/done that. What do you believe?
Letter 15
Oh well I understand You okay But I think You should forget about everything Now and lets see what the future holds for us because No one knows where he or she finds soul mate and I want to tell you that I am New to all these stuffs and I am willing to relocate to be with My man and so if you dont Mind Can we get to know more about each other and see what the future holds?
Letter 16
Oh well Actually I have lived in Wisconsin for several years since I was Born But I am from Mixed race of Usa and Ghana....My mom is from Usa and My dad is from Ghana But due to the death of My dad I am In Ghana now and do You have any Problem with me living in Ghana now?
Letter 17
Oh that sound great and I am also New to this stuffs..I also Love to see some one in person But I think for Now we Have to get to know more about each other for now and see what the future holds for us ok..what do you think?
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