Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello friend!I am very happy to see your letter in my post box. I even couldn’t think that I will get your reply so soon.My girlfriend in U.S.A has registered me on a site. Let me tell a little about myself.My full name is Elena. I’m 25 years old. I live in the city of Kazan. Kazan is an old and ancient Russian city with a rich history. There are many historical places in my city. My city is situated on the biggest river of Russia-Volga. The population of my city is more a little that 1 million people. I finished the Institute and I have an economical education. At the moment I work in one of the Tourist agencies of our city as an assistant to the bookkeeper. I like my job and I earn not a bad money for my work. At the next my letters I will write you more detail about my work. I live alone in the flat which I rent. I rent the flat because flats in our city is very expensive and I can’t afford it to myself to buy a flat. Kazan is one of the most criminal cities in Russia and to live in our city and in Russia at all is very difficult. Last year for a good job my agency paid for my vacations. I spend it in Italy. When I was in Italy I met many interesting people. My travel to Italy allowed me to see how people live, their relationships and their looks. I had known a lot of new and after I returned to Russia I compared the life in Russia and in Italy. I understood that I can find the better life that in Russia because the life in Russia is really difficult and every day we see a lot of problems and have to solve them. For example, one of the largest problem is a criminal and is it dangerous to live here, the other problem is that many people like to drink alcohol, especially men. I see at people and see that people are very cruel, the aim of life of many people is to get as much money as it possible and they don’t think about the soul life, they also don’t think about other people. That is why I couldn’t meet a right person for me in Russia to get a really serious relationship and to create a family. In my own life I had some serious relationships with men but when the time went I understood that it is not the same I am looking for. I’m tired to be alone and decided to find a man of my dream through the Internet. I hope I’ll do it. I’m seeking a man for a serious relationship that will understand me and that I will understand too. I will be very glad if this man will be you. I don’t have my own computer that is why I write to you from the Internet Cafe. I will try to write to you as often as it is possible to make our relationship closer and closer. I understand that Internet correspondence is only beginning of our relationship. If we want to have a serious relationship between us, I think the best way is to meet each other, but it will be in the future. I also made some photos especially for the Internet acquaintance and I will send them to you in my letters. I hope you will like my photos. My main goal in life is to find loving and caring man to make family. And if you intention is serious I am very glad about this. I will be glad to know more about you: about your work, your friends, your family, what do you like to do in your spare time? Also you can tell me more. I also want to find my second half and I think I will find him. I’m waiting for your letter with impatience. Elena from Russia
Letter 2

Hello, dear Kevin! How are you? Thank you for your replay. It was very interesting for me to know more about you. My day begins at 7 a.m. I get up, get a bath, have breakfast and go to the work. My work is situated not far from my house, but I have to use a public transport as I have no my own car. My working day begins at 9 o’clock. My work consists in filling the documents. I look for the income of the agency, the charge of pension, the charge of the salary of the workers of our agency and many other functions. I get not a bad salary for my work in comparison with other people of our city. My salary consists of about 250 euro a month. My working day is over at 5 p.m. Sometimes I go to the Fitness-Club after my work to be in a good form. In my free time I like to go to the cinema, to go for a walk and to talk with my girlfriends. My favorite actor is Tom Cruse, and my favorite film is “Vanilla sky”. On weekends my girlfriends and I go to play tennis. I like this kind of sport very much. I always look for the news about tennis. I also like to visit disco clubs sometimes. I like to dance; it allows me to relax and to get a pleasure. I also like to cook. I have some of my favorite dishes. My friends say that I’m not a bad cooker. My favorite kitchen is Russian and Italian. My favorite food is roast kitchen with potato, I like to cook French potato and my friends like it very much. May be one day we will meet and I will be very glad to cook for you something delicious and tasty. Sometimes I have a lot of work, I have to fill a large number of documents and I’m tired very much. When I come home I like to read on such days. The books help me to forget about my problems and I follow the heroes of the books. Most of all I like to read Russian writers such us Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chechov, etc. I also like to listen to music. I like modern music, but sometimes I prefer to listen to classic and pop music. I’m very sorry but I don’t have a telephone as I have no my own flat. That is why you can’t call me. But I will be very glad if you give me your telephone number and I promise to call to you one day if our relationship will continue. I also want to tell you about my parents. It is very sad to tell about it for me because I have no father. He died because of the heart attack 2 years ago. He was a very good man, he gave me a good education and thought me a lot of things in the life. I’m less him very much. My mother’s name is Ekaterina. She is 52 y. o. We are real friends with her and I say everything to her that is happening in my life. I try to visit her as often as it possible. She is very lonely as she has nobody besides me. My mother lives in a city that is situated not far from Kazan. It takes me 4 hours to go to her by bus. I will tell you more about my mom next time. My dear, I have some questions to you. I will be very glad if you answer them. I’d like to know more about your work, your working day and does your work consist of. What are your hobbies, what do you like and dislike.I’d like to see more photos of you, please, send me it if you can. I hope on serious relationship between us in future and I will try to do everything to create such a relationship. I stop here. I hope to hear form you soon. Elena
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Kevin! I am glad to get your letter and I think every of our letter make us to be closer and closer to each other. I feel that I have used to your letters. When I see your letter my mood becomes better, I reread every of your letters for several times. I believe now that it is possible to get a serious relationship through the Internet.Yes, I really have a tattoo. I have made a tattoo 1 one year ago. It CELSKI a pattern. It a small, beautiful tattoo. On a photo I like this beautiful thing. I hope that our correspondence will lead us to a serious relationship and may be to marriage, it is the main aim of my writing to you. To tell the truth, I got a lot of letters from different men but after reading your letters I understand that it is you whom I’m looking for. Your letters are so sensitive and tender that I feel that you are very tender and carrying person. I like you and your letters and wait every of them with great impatience. I couldn’t write to you early because I went to visit my mom. She lives not far from me, but it takes me 4 hours to get to her. Sometimes I go there by bus and sometimes- by train.I helped her to do the work about the house, we talked a lot and went for a walk for a little time. I told my mom about Internet corresponding with you. I told a little about you and she said that she will be very glad if we will be together. But my mom doesn’t trust to such kind of relationship because she thinks that it is impossible to create a serious relationship or to fall in love through the Internet. She is sure that it is possible only in person contact. But I explained to her that if we have a serious relationship and feel a real sense it will be possible for us to meet in real life and to talk about everything we want to know. I like to visit my mom because she is lonely and she always becomes happy when I come on a visit to her. And now I’d like to tell you more about my parents. My mother’s name is Ekaterina. She is 52y. o. She was born in the city of Cheboksary that is situated not far from Kazan. After finishing school she entered the Kazan University and they met there with my father. My father’s name was Alexander. After finishing the University my parents got marriage. My father had a very good work; he worked as a main economist at one of the biggest enterprises of our city. He was well-educated and clever man. He liked his work very much and all workers of the enterprise respected him. My mother worked as a bookkeeper. But she had problems with hearing and it prevented to her work. After I was born her problems with hearing became stronger and she spent a lot of time at the hospital. And my father said that it would be better if she will sit at home and not to go to the work. My father loved my mother very much and tried to do everything for her to feel happy. The relationship of my parents gave me a good lesson in my life and I know what should I do to have a happy relationship. As I grew up at the family of economists my parents consisted on me to get an economic education too. At the moment I am very glad that I get this kind of education. The death of my father was a real strike for me and for my mother. After it my mother looked more older and her health become very poor. I promised her to come back to the city she was born and now she lives there. I think it is better for her as she has some friends there and they suspect her when she has any problems. I am happy for it as I can’t always be with her. But I go to her as often as I can do it. My mom often says to me that it is time for me to find a second half and to create a family. I think that you can have idea why I haven’t met a man of my dream yet. I know that I am beautiful woman, I was told about it a lot of times. But I want to explain it to you so that you could see everything as I see it myself. Living here, in Russia, and based on my own experience I understood that this country is not for me. I’ll try to explain my opinion to you. Every time when I go out in the street, when I am at the public transport I see at people, at their faces, eyes, I try to realize what they are thinking about and I become sad because I see in their eyes and faces only sadness. And for the last time I seldom see happy people with a good mood. I also communicate with the women who are marriage. And they talk how it is difficult to live in marriage because of the great number of problems. After my visit to Italy I saw a life of people and it doesn’t like a life in Russia. People are happy and it seemed to me that they don’t have any problems. These and some of another reasons made me to look for a man through the Internet. A great role in my life played my last relationship with men. I had some relation with men but only 2 of them were serious. The first one was at the University and I don’t want to tell about it. And I want you to know about the last my serious relation. I met him when I was nearly 23 y. o. We had a very beautiful love story at the beginning; it seemed to me that I loved him. He had a good job and he paid a lot of attention to it. I liked it first, his salary was high. We had a really serious relation; we even lived for some weeks together. But I began to notice that he is not so attentive to me as he is to his work. I understand that his work is more important for him that I. He used me as a thing to spend time, to have a rest after work. But all his thoughts were about work. He wanted to make a good career and he didn’t want to have even children while he doesn’t get any goals. I understood that he is not for me, our interests in life were different and we decided to leave. But I don’t want to tell that all men in Russia are bad and that it is impossible to find a man in Russia, but I understood that I don’t want to live in Russia and to create a family with Russian man. I talked to my mom about it and tried to explain her everything. She didn’t understand me at the beginning, but now she is agree with me. I think I told enough in this letter and ask you to be serious about me words and thoughts.Waiting for your letter, Elena
Letter 4

Hello, my sweet Kevin! It’s nice to get a message from you. Your letters always make me happy. I am very glad that I have met you. Every of our letters make us closer to each other and it is very important for me. In general, I understood that relation with you is very important for me and I think you are the man I dreamed about so long. Honey, it’s a pity that we are so far from each other but I hope that one day we will be able to be together. I think that if we meet one day it will be one of the happiest days in my life. My dear, I thought a lot about the meeting with you and I’d like it to be as fast as it possible. I’d like to know what do you think about our meeting. My sweaty, I’m sorry that I can’t write a long letter to you and may I haven’t answer some of your questions, but I had a very hard working day and I’m very tired. Simply the thought about our meeting didn’t leave me during all day and I wanted you to know about it. My honey, I’m constantly thinking of you and I hope that you are really serious about me and our relation. I stop here my letter. Thank you that you are. I’m waiting for your letter with impatience.
Tender kisses, yours Elena
Letter 5

Hi Love Kevin!!!I understand you completely.I really want to communicate more more often with you Kevin! I today have come in internet-cafe and wanted to look your letters. Also has seen that who that read my letters in internet-cafe and has quarrelled with the manager internet-cafe. Now I do not want to go in internet-cafe!!! After that I have decided to buy to myself a computer, I do not want you to lose mine Kevin! I have decided to buy to myself a computer and to put phone. I make it for you that we could have more frequent dialogue and speak by phone. I wish to put web cameru and to have with you the videoreference. Mum has given me 300 $ on purchase of a computer. Full installation costs 1000 $. Me to not suffice 700 $. You can lend to me 700 $ for a month? I to return to you in a month from wages. I so wish to have more frequent with you dialogue, I wish to have telephone conversation. You will call to me, when I shall put myself a telephone line. I think you me completely to understand, yours Elena!!!
Letter 6

Hi Kevin!!! I have really got in a difficult situation. It is difficult for me to correspond now with you through the Internet of cafe. I to find 500 $ on a computer. Me to not suffice 450 $. I think you to me can help mine love or I cannot have with you the correspondence. How you have carried out day of love on February, 14 Kevin? I yesterday had very bad mood as I to want to have with you dialogue. I shall try to you tomorrow to call and explain all problem mine Kevin. Yours Elena!!!
Letter 7

Hi love Kevin!!! I had a trouble. My letters to you read in the Internet of cafe. I any more do not want to go to the Internet of cafe and I ask you to help to buy to me a computer. I have borrowed 500 $ on work and me to not suffice 400 $ on installation of phone and purchase of a computer. You can help to lend to me 400 $. Then I can will establish phone the same day and to buy a computer. You can call to me and we shall have a videoconference through a videocamera and to see each other. I on the present expect for your help. In a month I to return you your money. If not you can help, I cannot buy a computer with installation of phone. I do not want to lose with you the correspondence. More I do not want to go to anyone the Internet of cafe as me strongly to offend. I to roar at home because of this awful case much. I shall wait from you for good news. Yours Elena!!! P.S. I on the present to love you and I want to create with you good family in the future!!!
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