Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Belova to Robert (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello !!!
I am very glad to see your letter at myself in mail. I did not think that you will answer me, but truly I was mistaken and here you have written to me.
I wish to tell about myself. My name is Natasha, me of 30 years. I was born and till now I live in my native settlement Sanchursk, it in the Central Russia in the Kirov area. You are not frightened by that fact that I from Russia and you from other country. Between us very big distance and me would be pleasant for knowing about your life.
I think that if you are not frightened by that fact that I from Russia you can write that still to me and I will answer you.
With hope on fast answer Natasha.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Robert!!!
I wish to tell to you that you simply do not represent my pleasure from that that you have written me one more letter. I am very glad to it really. I hoped, that you will write to me and we with you will have dialogue. Therefore I ask you to answer my message because I will wait for this moment with the big impatience. I think, that we really can learn each other better, and our relations can pass not simply in correspondence, and in something big. Forgive, I understand, that about it to speak for you early, but nevertheless I want, that you knew it. You liked my photo which I have sent for you in my last letter? Today I as wish to send for you a photo me.
I think, that it would be interesting to you to learn about my family. Therefore I to you about it will tell now, and I will hope very much, that to you it will not be boring, and you will not yawn, reading my message.
My family consists of three persons: my mum, the grandmother and I. Daddies at me are not present, and how many I remember myself, I lived without it. Certainly, it was always interesting to me, where it, and I really asked about it mum, but it never could answer this question and always cried, when I to it its strutter. Therefore I have ceased to ask it about it and have reconciled to thought, that it simply is not present, and never was. Here so I was raised by two my beloveds. To my mum 53 years, it still works as the teacher at school. It as learnt me when I still was small and now learns other children. I wish to tell to you that this trade is not so good for it because now many children became very spoilt and it is necessary teachers with them very difficult. I know it, because mum told to me about it, and to me sometimes becomes, very much it it is a pity. I wish to tell to you, that if I had such possibility I have forbidden it to work and itself provided it. But I the usual seller in shop which sells products. Now I wish to tell to you about the grandmother. It for a long time already on pension, to it of 75 years. Recently there was its anniversary, and we with mum suited for it the present holiday.
Forgive, but I have absolutely forgotten to tell yesterday to you about where I live. My city is called Sanchursk, it is in Russia, approximately in 700 km from Moscow. Near to it as there is a well-known river in Russia Volga. I hope, that it to you will help to understand, where I live, because Volga - the greatest river in my country, and I am proud, that I have possibility to see it. And in what city you live?
Now I should leave again the cafe Internet because my time has come to an end also I is compelled to go home. But I again will come here tomorrow, and I hope, that you as will tell to me about the family and about you. You after all will tell? I will wait!

Your new acquaintance, Natasha.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Robert!!!
How you have spent day today? I wish to tell to you that I very much hoped today to receive the message from you. And I was very glad when have seen your letter. You liked my story about my family, You wish to know about me something else? I will be glad to answer all your questions. Robert I will answer any questions interesting you. Please do not hesitate to set to me any questions and you can be assured of that that I will answer you all your questions. I think, that despite it, I nevertheless will tell to you a little about the work. It will be interesting to you? I hope, what yes because it would be very interesting to me, than you are engaged on work, and I as hope, that in the following letter you to me will tell about it. As I spoke to you already, I work in shop as the seller. It is grocery shop, not absolutely big, but as also not so small. I work in this shop 5 years. Earlier I really did not work there Because I worked as medical sister, and I have left from this work because there really paid very little, and me did not suffice for a life on that work. My work consists in standing up for a cash register and to take money from buyers for products which they buy. At first sight it really seems not difficult, but actually after a labour shift I happen very got tired. My change happens there from 9:00 till. Then I come back home and I have rest. How many hours work you? Today I again wish to send for you a photo, only now I wish to send you a photo on which I is visible a figure. I hope, that it as is pleasant to you. It is a photo I as has made, when I had walk with the girlfriend. We with it often went earlier to walk, but now we do not do it, because we at both do not have not enough time for this purpose. I wish to tell as to you about my measurements, my growth makes 171 sm and my weight of 59 kg.
Now I again should finish the letter, and I hope, that when I tomorrow again will come in the cafe Internet I can see the message from you.


Letter 4

Hello the my dear foreign friend Robert!!!!
I wish to tell to you that every day I am interested in you more and more. It is really interesting to me to learn about you more and as about your life. Today I wish to tell to you about why I have written to you. I understand, that we with you are far apart, but I do not consider it as the big obstacle because any distance can be overcome and I think, that if we with you will really want it then we can make it. I said to you already that I live in Russia and consequently now I wish to tell to you about Russian men. I think, that after that you really will understand, why I have written to you and why I do not wish to build a family with the Russian person. The matter is that at me it was valid not so many men because many men in Russia drink alcohol and it very much is not pleasant to me. I diligently chose from all men of the most good, but at me nevertheless it has not turned out to make it. First my novel was at school. Then I really met the boy and thought, that it good. I so thought until while I have not seen it with other girl. It really was strong blow for me, but I could go through it and in student's years I have started to meet other guy. He as first time behaved well, but then it has started to stick from the very beginning to me and to ask from me sex. I have not given it it and then he has left me. After we have left it, I long was one and then have met the man who to me seemed an ideal. But I again was mistaken. This man as did not approach me because after a while he has started to drink strongly. At first I suffered it while in one day it has not struck me. Then I have really decided, that I cannot find the man in the homeland and have addressed for the help in the Internet. Now here some years I am lonely and I have only one man with whom I have dialogue is you. I really hope, that if between us there will be relations you will not arrive the same as my last men and you will really treat kindly me. And what for you began to search for the woman through the Internet? What were your last relations? I hope, that you are valid me it will tell, and then I will know more about what woman for you is necessary.
My dear I wish to tell to you that I have found lavalife on other site. I thought that it is bad idea, but it has appeared, that all on the contrary and now we are familiar.
I search to myself for the future husband. To me already and I would like third tens years that my future husband was not from Russia and I have almost found it, only it is necessary to be convinced that it that about which I dreamt all life.
I think, that on it I finish the messages, and I hope shortly to see the answer from you. I will wait for it with the big impatience.

Your Russian acquaintance, Natasha.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Robert!!!!
How you have spent day today? What at you was new? I wish to tell to you that today at me the finest day in my life because today I again could receive your message which I always wait with the big impatience. I know, that you as are glad to my messages and still I is very grateful to a site, that by means of it we with you could get acquainted and now to become friends.

Robert, you have houses a cat or a dog? In general you have any animal houses? It is very interesting to me. At my place there is a cat. His name is «Serezha». He/she is my favourite pupil. He lives with us more than 4 years, and all of us very much love it. It is interesting to you as I have found it? The matter is that once I walked along the street and have seen this cat. Only then it was very small and he very much cried. I think, that he cried that it was one in unfamiliar street and was afraid of the big dogs. Then I have decided, that I will take it to myself in the house. The matter is that to me was it very much a distance and I wished to help a small seal.
When I have come with it to myself home mum at first has started to abuse me, but then when she has better looked at it he has very much liked it and thus she has allowed it to leave to me and now Serezha lives with us and rejoices a good life. All our family very much loves our seal and you as can see it in a photo, I somewhere had a photo with it. I hope, that it is pleasant to you and then you as will love my cat. I hope, that you for me will tell history about how your animal has got to you and as you will send me a photo with it.
The matter is that I really very much love animals and if I could then I would take to myself all homeless animals to present it a good life. But, unfortunately, I cannot make it because we live in small apartment and we do not have means to provide all these animals. As I very much do not like people who treat badly animals. I really do not understand such people who offend small charming beings which have not made it anything badly. I hope, that you never so do not arrive both you the same as also I treat kindly animals.
I think, that on it I should finish the message. But I again will come to see tomorrow your letter and as to write for you the answer. Because it is valid me very much it is pleasant to do. And you like to write for me letters? I hope to see your answers in the following letter.
My dear I wish to ask you that you meant when wrote me what I have badly answered your question? You have written to me that often there are people from the Russian mafia which answer as. I write the letters itself. I have no anything the general with the Russian mafia. I even never saw it.
The lover of animals, NATASHA.

Letter 6

Hello my dear and loved Robert!
You were not mistaken, you are valid for me now the loved. I have understood it that day when went to communicate with my girlfriend. You remember, I spoke to you about it? I really talked to it about you and during that moment I have understood, that I love you. I love so strongly as never loved nobody and now in my life there is only one man is you, my love. I am very glad to it because I know, that you the good person and that you never will make for me badly. I am assured of it. As I am assured that in one fine day we with you will meet and then I will be the happiest woman on the earth. You wish to make me happy? You want our meeting? I ask you to answer this question because it is really important for me and I wish to know as you concern me.
My dear I wish to tell to you that I am very glad that to you pleasantly to receive my letters every day. I will be and further to try to write to you every day. I hope that you as will answer me every day. My dear I will be very strongly glad to it.
I liked your pictures. I wish to inform you that I never saw that a bird have made the nests in such places. I hope that there will pass time and we with you will have a nest in which to us with you it will be good.
I again wish to ask for you a pardon for my last letter. I regret, that I could not tell to you it that day, but you should understand me. I simply could not give up. I am glad, that despite it, today I again could see the message from me. It is valid for me it was necessary, because I very much like to receive letters from you, my loved Robert. I wish to ask you to write always to me and to tell about everything, that has occurred at you for this day because everything is interesting to me that is connected with you, my loved Robert, I wish to know all about you and I as I wish to have a meeting with you that we could communicate not only in letters, but also in a reality.
I understand, that our meeting can appear for us not such as we represent to ourselves. I understand, that in a life I not such as on a photo and as in letters, but nevertheless I very much hope, that I can to you is pleasant also you can start to love me with the same big force, as well as I you. It is necessary for me. Despite it I am assured, that our meeting will not disappoint me because I love you and for me more it is important nothing. I will love you such what you are also I is ready to accept you any. The most important for me it that you as loved me and that you were ready to accept my love. My loved Robert, I understand, that you can think now of me badly, but nevertheless I cannot hide more than the feelings to you and I should tell about the love. Understand, that I from myself did not expect, that I can really grow fond of you for such short term. I thought, that the considerable quantity of time or even simply meeting for this purpose is necessary. But only now I understand, that I was mistaken. I was mistaken, because now I very strongly love you and now you my prince, my favourite prince whom I never can forget. Now all my dreams are connected only with you and without you I cannot live. I ask to understand me and not to push away after that the letter. The matter is that I now speak you the truth and you for me the most expensive person on this earth.
Now I should finish the letter and I very much hope as it is possible to receive soon the message from you in which you to me will tell about your feelings to me. I do not demand from you reciprocity because I understand that it is difficult to love on distance, but I very much hope for understanding.
My loved Robert, forgive, but I nearly have not forgotten to tell to you, that my girlfriend sends for you regards. She as has told, that now I have very much changed also these changes have occurred thanks to you, my loved Robert. Thanks ….

Natasha which loves you.

Letter 7

Hello my dear prince!!!
I am again very pleased to come to the Internet cafe today in order to read your letter. I am very glad when unable to obtain it, because now your letters to me the meaning of life, without which I can not live, and they need me to, I began to feel happy.
How you spend the time today? What in your country is the weather? I want to tell you that in Russia now resemble the winter weather and I really like this weather. Our country has indeed become a bit of cold weather than before, and I like it. I love winter.
Robert, Do you like winter? You know, my winter is always associated with love. Despite the fact that I was always alone in this time of year as well as in others, yet I'm always at this time more than usual wanted to love. I really have always dreamed about it. I wanted to find someone who will be with me in this cold season, and then stay for a lifetime. I want to tell you that now my dream has come true, and I actually found this person. Are you interested who is it? I think that you could already guess that it's you my love! You are my ray of light in the spring this winter season, which I always dreamed of and was able to find recently. This is very pleased me, and I hope for reciprocity in your attitude toward me. I think that reciprocity in love is really needed. I want to tell you that yesterday I was thinking a lot about love. I had a sleepless night yesterday, and I thought a lot about our love to you and about you. You have to wonder what I saw for myself? Maybe I will not disclose to you the secret of this, but I just want to share this with you because only you my love and I hope that you will be interested to know about it.
My dear I wish to tell to you that these photos have been made on the camera of my girlfriend. I now have no possibility to take the chamber and to make the new. My dear I very strongly hope that my photos like you.
My dear I wish to tell to you that before I have started to use the Internet to search for you, I long went one and could not make a choice where to find the good man as you and here I have dared and have gone to the Internet of cafe with my girlfriend, it showed me all that I now am able. I also did not think earlier that such distance can be changed for some seconds. I hope that you understand me.
Have you ever talked about love? You know, many writers and philosophers talk about this feeling, but none of them have not been able to give a precise definition of the notion. I think that love is like a woman because she is the main mystery in the life of all mankind and not a single person who does not feel this feeling can never understand people who are in love. Suppose that this concept will give at least some explanation, I think it is still not possible to understand. It can only feel. A woman is also a mystery? I think so. I think that no man will never ever understand the characteristic of women. Even if they will live together for life, a million years, it still remains a puzzle to him that he could never comprehend. You do not think so? Just love like a woman because she is very changeable. It can very quickly go from love to hatred and from the old feelings will evaporate. You ever experienced such a feeling? To be honest, I never felt hatred to any person on earth. I think this is a very bad feeling, but it is there, and from it can not escape. I think that women are as capable of change. From plain, simple and good woman may be quite different, which is very much will change and then it will be difficult to learn. I know this because I had a friend who was like that. It has changed dramatically in just a month, and then it was difficult to learn. Therefore, I believe that love and the woman are very similar, and I think you'll agree with me.

Dear, forgive me, but now I really must finish my letter because my time in Internet cafes have come to an end and I need to leave as soon as possible. I hope that tomorrow when I come back here, then again I can see the message from you, which will be very happy for me.

Your love, Natasha.

Letter 8

Hello my long-awaited prince and my saviour Robert!
I again say you many thanks that you have sent for me the message in which has told about the feelings to me. I like to read your letters. I live now only thanks to your letters and thanks to hope, that once we with you nevertheless can meet and then I can find happiness. I really believe, that our meeting with you will necessarily be carried out and after that I can be precisely assured, that anybody is more and nothing can make me unfortunate.

Love washing, you often think of meaning of the life? I after have laid down yesterday to sleep, I long thought of it and have understood, that now sense of my life, it you, mine Robert! You really became for ??? on many more than simply favourite person. Now I already simply do not represent myself without you, without your letters and without my thoughts on you. Yesterday I as have recollected one history which was told to me for a long time by my grandmother. I remember it for a long time, and now I wish to tell this history to you, my love. This history is very interesting to me, and I hope, that it will be as is interesting to you.
My dear I wish to tell to you my full name Natalya Belova. I was born on February, 8th, 1979.
My dear I wish to tell to you that it very awfully that the Asian brides arrive badly with your men. I wish to tell to you that I if have arrived to your country to live I have been never dissolved. I wish to tell to you that Russian women never do occasions to divorce if only men do not change it. I am brought up so I will never contradict the husband. I hope that you understand me. My dear I love you. I hope that you understand me. You have not written me anything about that I wrote to you earlier. You could help to arrive to me to you?
The grandmother to me then has told, that this history has occurred in the summer when was enough hot. One girl has gone this day on small river to bathe. She bathed and has not noticed that moment as in the sky there were many clouds. When it became absolutely dark from it the girl has started to gather home. The thunder-storm and one lightning At this time has begun has struck directly in small river where bathing the girl more recently had. But nevertheless the girl has not suffered, because at this time it was already ashore. She wished to escape, but has then seen, that from a lightning which has struck in water, many fishes have thrown out on coast and now they laid on a land and died. Then the girl has overcome the fear and has started to collect fishes and back to throw out them in water that they could live. At this time by a beach where there was a girl, there passed the man. This man has seen, that the girl does, and has asked: « The girl, what for you spend time and rescue fishes? You all the same cannot rescue some all fishes and consequently I advise to you better to run faster home while you were not ill ». But nevertheless the girl did not wish to do so, and she could answer it it:« I know, that I not in a condition to rescue all fishes who now die, but nevertheless I will rescue some and after that fishes can live and again to be happy. I am assured, that the rescued fishes will are grateful to me for it, and they will long remember my good act ». The man did not expect to hear such answer from the little girl and after that it has started to help to rescue fishes.
I have told to you this history that you could understand, what exactly consists now in it my meaning of the life. I understand, that I cannot help all and I cannot help many, but nevertheless there are people who require my help I will always help them. I think, that so each person because after that will be more than happy people should arrive. You agree with me? I ask you to think over it and I am assured, that you will be agree with me. But nevertheless I wish to tell to you thanks that you have helped me. You cannot help all. But nevertheless you have made me happy that now I do not feel lonely because now I have you, my love, and I thank you for it.
But nevertheless time now has again approached to that I have finished the letter and has again left the cafe Internet. I hope, that as always today it was pleasant to you to read my message and tomorrow I can read yours again.

Your rescued woman, Natalia.

Letter 9

Hello my far prince Robert!
I am again glad to receive the message from you. I wish to tell to you many thanks that you write for me such beautiful words. I like to read them and as I very strongly like to write for you. I did not speak to you about it, but I always imagine, as you sit about the computer and read my message. It is interesting to me, that you during this moment think, and of what dream. As it is very interesting to me to represent, as you write for me. I believe, that all words which you write for me and as it is possible to read love which you test to me on your person, and I would like to look once at how you write for me the letter. But nevertheless I cannot make it because I cannot overcome such big distance. But nevertheless I believe, that in one day I can arrive to you and then we with you will have a good dialogue. I have understood it under letters which we with you send each other. I am assured, that we with you will find, about what we can talk at a meeting, and I hope, that it soon will occur.

Today I have thought that we with you have dialogue much. We have much told each other about ourselves, but nevertheless we do not know, than each of us is engaged on weekdays, those days, when there is no a target and any holiday. Therefore today I wish to tell to you about how there pass my days usual days, and than I these days am engaged. I hope, that it will be interesting to you to know about it, and you as will tell to me about how there pass your days, my love.
I wish to begin that I to you already told. Every morning I wake up in 5 o'clock in the morning. After that I wash and I go on street that I could have morning jog for form maintenance. I am engaged in it every day, irrespective of, the day off at me or not. After I again come to the house, I take a shower and then I accept a breakfast. At this time on hours there are already approximately 7 hours. I gather and I leave the house that I could be in time in the cafe Internet. Unfortunately, sometimes happens, that during such time the cafe Internet it is still closed and consequently I should go for work. My work is approximately in 40 minutes of driving by the bus. To my big pleasure, the cafe Internet is near to work and consequently when I cannot have time to write for you the message in the morning I again come to the cafe Internet when I have a dinner on work. After that I again work and then again by the bus I go home. Houses I make a supper for my mum and for me. My grandmother very often happens in village and consequently she not always has with us meal. After meal, we with mum about an hour sit on kitchen and we talk how have spent today and that at each of us was interesting. After that conversation, we wish good night and we go to bed.
My love, thus, you have learnt how I spend the days. I understand, that it is boring day and I have only one pleasure in such days - reception of your letter. I very much hope, that tomorrow you again will deliver me this pleasure and will write to me about the bottom. I with the big impatience will wait for this moment and to dream of you. For now I will think only of you, my love. I want, that you knew, that you always in my thoughts, and I never can forget you.

Your love, Natalia.

Letter 10

Hello wish with caress the prince Robert!
I am again glad to receive the message from you and to read about your words of love to me. To me it really is very pleasant and as it is pleasant to speak to me about love to you. During our dialogue with you, I already many times said to you that I love you, but nevertheless, to me does not bother to do it because I know, that the message in which I say to you is pleasant to receive you, that I with the big force love you, and you for me the most expensive person on light. I love you, my dear Robert! I love you and I always loved you.
I wish to tell to you about how usually there is my way for work. In last my message I said to you, that that I could arrive for work, I need to go by the bus. But nevertheless after that I need as to go. I pass every day by the street market. You in a city have such markets? At us it is a lot of them, and in these markets sell a various foodstuff and clothes. There all is cheaper, than in shop and consequently I very often buy for myself all there. I understand, that there not always there are fresh products, but nevertheless there the price much more differs from the store.
Yesterday, when I have gone for work I again passed by such market, and I wished to buy for myself my favourite fruit. Robert, you love fruit? I like them to eat, but I cannot often allow it to myself because for me they are the expensive, and I do not presume them to eat to myself often. Most of all I like to eat grapes and oranges. Yesterday, when I passed by this market, I wished to buy for myself this fruit, but I long could not find them. I long looked on a counter and looked them. But nevertheless I could not find them. The seller which stood about this counter has noticed, that I search for something, and she has asked me about it. I to her have told, that I cannot find the favourite fruit, and have told, what are necessary for me. She has got for me this fruit and has told, that sees the big grief on my eyes. She has told to me that probably my love is far from me, and there were rights. Favourite, you can present to yourself, what the woman who does not know me, has understood on my person, what I have you and what you really are at a great distance from me? I have been shocked by it because I did not expect, that absolutely unfamiliar woman can guess it. But nevertheless then I have started to get a purse and wished to pay to her for my fruit. But she did not take from me money. She has told, that now money is strongly necessary to me that I could arrive to you and consequently she simply so gives me my favourite fruit. I was delighted to it and have gone for work. You know, I thought earlier, that in my country do not remain good people, but now I understand, that it not so. I have met that woman and she has proved to me that good and decent people still exist and it is impossible to think badly of all.
I hope, that you as liked history which I to you have told today. It is very interesting to me, you in the country have people who are ready to come to the aid of the stranger a difficult minute? I will be glad, if you in the country as have such people and if they can help you if at you something happens. But nevertheless now I finish the message in hope that tomorrow at me possibility will come again in the Internet of Cafe and to send for you the message.

Your far love, Natalya.

Letter 11

Hello my love Robert!!!With Christmas!!!

I am very glad to read your letter, and I am glad to that that you so strongly love me, my love if that is fairly at this time to me so is lonely without you and your letters, me is valid so strongly it would be desirable there will be you on more likely, and still this time when all love pairs, will be celebrate holidays Christmas, and new year, and I shall celebrate as always them in loneliness, my love, I am valid so strongly would like to meet all these holidays with you, but we while how cannot will meet with the friend the friend, but I know that soon our meeting happen, and it will be already fast, my love I so is strong love you, and I would like to ask you how you will celebrate Christmas, or new year??? You on true will go to the parents, and to celebrate holidays with them, I think that I shall celebrate new year with my best girlfriend, and then I hope to go to the central area where there will be a New Year tree and where the grandfather a frost, my love well will go, I wish you to meet all these holidays very perfectly, I hope that it will be the best holidays in your life, well my love, now I hope tomorrow in the morning to go to the Internet of cafe and to read your letter, but I do not know probably the Internet of cafe will be closed till morning of Sunday, they will be do preventive maintenance, and then I can write to you the letter, but for the present is not known, while while my love, with impatience shall wait for that moment when I can read through your letter, your wife Evgeniya!!! Happy Christmas my love!!!

Letter 12

My love I wish to ask your pardon that I have written Evgeniya. When I wrote the letter that to me have approached the manager the Internet of cafe and she has told to me that the cafe Internet is closed in 15 minutes and I here have started to write the letter faster to have time to tell all that I wanted before closing. And in haste I have written a name of the manager the cafe Internet. Her name I saw on a card which hung on its breast.
My dear I wish to tell to you that my full name Natalya Belova.

Letter 13

Hello my love Robert!!!
I was happy when I see your letter in my box. When I receive a letter from you my heart and soul, my mood happy and improving sight of your letter. You're always in my head, my love. My dreams of you. Do not leave my head in a minute. I am to miss you and your letters. I have so much to want, that you kissed and hugged each other. To me, my love, it would be desirable to be always with you. I'm so there is not enough you love and tenderness. But I have to understand that a great distance between us and all that unites us is the Internet and our letters. But I want to be with you, that I could kiss you, to tell you how strongly I love you, and because you are very necessary to me. We created life together. We made for each other. Do I wait for the whole life, and it is grateful to God that we found each other, that our hearts are reunited. When I did not doubt you, that you are a man of honor. Do you even more than you would do anything for love. Just as I am. I was there - nothing, I will not stop for the sake of love. I'll do anything for you, my love. You are my love and I can no longer live without you. My love, I also want to get married. I also like you to want to have a family, which will be built on love and trust. And I know exactly what we can do it. In fact, we love each other, and we are created to be together. Although we are divided and with so great a distance. But this distance as a matter of time, absolutely small for our love. In fact, we love each other and our love is worthy of. Our love is built on trust and love. And this is important in life. If two people trust each other and love and they do not appear that fraud in the family and in life. This is - the greatest love on the base. I love you my love Robert. And I say to you that I am ready to marry you, my love. And wait for that happy day when I come to you. To kiss you and be with you wedding. I have with you the same fate for two.
And I now, how many would doubt that you think of me will always care. My feelings for you are mutual and I to also have the most to you my love. I also like you to want to care, to be cared for both to love you always and not to betray. You are my destiny I love you. All that remains for us to meet it. My love I have to burn with the desire to kiss you in your passionate lips.
I have to wait for an answer from you my love. I have to wait for a response from you with impatience, my love. It is very important to me. I have to send you a set of warm kisses that will warm you, while I was not present around. But all will be fast in another way. I know it's there becomes cold and send the warmest hugs and kisses. I LOVE YOU.
With love yours forever Natalya.

Letter 14

Hello my love Robert!!!
I waited at the moment when I will receive again the letter from you, and it has arrived the happy. I have a desire, I wish to write to you every day and every day to read your letters wash love. I wish to receive some letter in day. But, unfortunately it not possible because I write from the cafe Internet. And I can visit it only one or in the best two once a day. My love, I know,
That I cannot more without you. And I think hours when I can go to the Internet of cafe and finds your letter in my electronic box.
My dear I wish to tell to you that on January, 7th in Russia New Year and Christmas is marked not. New Year in Russia is marked on December, 31st.
My dear I wish to ask your pardon that I did not answer your questions. I can have children and I very much wish to have from you children. I really want from you children. I want that we with you were together and brought up children.
My dear I wish to inform you that I with the big pleasure will give you the address but if you are going to send to me something or to send the letter I think that it will be better, if you do not do it, because your letter or something can not reach me. Even some letters, which people send in Russia do not reach the addressee. I hope that you understand me. I want only the best.
I think, that it is destiny, destinies to meet you and to become loving each other. I am mad enamoured you, mine Robert. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and my tears of pleasure sometimes runs. I think "The God, gratitude, that you have helped me to find unique, and I hope, that we will incorporate to it, and we will be happy." I dream of our meeting and about which, as we leave on walk with you to hold for hands As we will care one behind another and as we will make love. I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In my HEART, In my IDEAS. I dream, as you will bear me on the hands, to embrace I, to kiss and capture my gentle body.
During that little time, that we with you are familiar, I have understood very much.... I have understood, that never on light I meet such good and the sincere person as you! I love you Robert, but not words, and soul! But only remember my words always... Fine, I love you. Not because you clever, kind and beautiful for this reason, that you - you. Not because you the best for this reason, that you unique on light, another such not a gift. The ideal is not necessary for me, you are necessary for me. You are not obliged to be perfection, you can be mistaken, fluctuate, weakness of display and the disorder. I also can take offence, become angry and
Be upset. But if you require the help or support, me as women, you can always expect for me. I do not place in you conditions which you should correspond. I do not put forward requirements with which you should satisfy. I not to impose any obligations which you should execute. I love you such, who you. Be happy, to be independent and trust me and my love as I trust you.
Robert, you - my angel who shows me a true Way by my life. I for you to give all world is ready. I understand, that I can be happy, only when I will close to you, my favourite Robert. I am grateful to destiny, I am grateful to the God, that we have met each other, for all that you make for me and try to make, I am grateful to you very much! You mine destiny, Robert, only for ever! I love you all my heart and soul!
With love, for ever yours Natalya!

Letter 15

Hello my love!!!
I again with the big pleasure receive the message from you. It for me is the biggest pleasure in a life because I love you, and I want, as it is possible to write you letters is more often. I regret, that it is impossible, because I can go to the cafe Internet only once in day. Forgive, that yesterday I could not write for you the letter. But all the matter is that when I have come to the cafe Internet, I could not accept the letter. I have asked the cafe Internet that happens the manager, he has told to me, that in the Internet of cafe someone has brought a virus and consequently yesterday for me it was impossible to write for you the letter. I regret for it because I as wished to have dialogue with you, but it depended not on me.
My loved Robert, I wish to tell to you, that now I want, as it is possible to happen is more often in the street because at home I always think of you, and to me very much there is painfully, that you not to me. Therefore I often go to park which is not too far from my house. I like to be there because there it is very beautiful also to me it is pleasant to look at this beauty. In spite of the fact that yesterday there was not too warm weather, I nevertheless have gone to park and sat there, thinking about you, my love Robert. Yesterday I as saw a young pair. They went on park and kept for hands. In their eyes the big love to each other was seen. I looked at them and envied them because they are is close to each other and consequently they can so simply to walk here. I very much would like to be on a place of that girl and that you were on a place of that guy. I sat and long looked it following. I think, that we with you can as to go once to walk and not to think of what. But while nevertheless we cannot make it because we are divided by the big distance which we not in forces to overcome and which strains me. I wish to be with you, my love Robert, for me this biggest desire and I believe, that once we with you can be together, and more never it will be necessary to have the big separation which at us is now.

I very much hope, that my dream will come true really once, and we with you will walk as on city streets, and we will be envied by people who do not have love. At us it is and once we with you can be together, and we can connect two enamoured hearts. But nevertheless it is very a pity to me to speak to you again about it, but I should leave now the Internet of cafe and will return from the meditations to a reality. I should finish the message to you, but I believe, that tomorrow to me nothing will prevent to return here, and to write for you the message which you will as wait with the big impatience. I love you, mine Robert, and I with the big impatience wait day when we with you can be together.

Yours for ever Natalya.

Letter 16

Hello my love!!!
I am happy to receive your letter. Thanks you, that you care of me wash love. And I am happy to receive your letters every day. I wish to tell to you, my love, that each your letter a holiday for me. I already many time have described to you feelings when I receive yours the letter. And I wish to tell to you, my love which have changed anything. I just as always with a shiver in heart open an electronic box. Also is ready to jump up with happiness which I see yours letters in an electronic box. I wish to tell to you, my love, it sometimes which to me, it seems if I do not find your letter in an electronic box my heart will not maintain. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU And me DO NOT REPRESENT the LIFE WITHOUT YOU, my LOVE.
My dear I wish to tell to you that I think that it will be better if I arrive to you because I do not know as you can find here me in Russia. And if I arrive to you you can meet me at the airport and take away to myself home. Even if I will arrive to Moscow to us it is necessary to remove hotel and to be together. I nevertheless think that you will well think and will make my decision.
My dear I wish to inform you that I very much like to read your letters and I with the great pleasure write you the letters. I express the love in the letters. My dear I should write to you. Me all the day long pulls in the cafe Internet that I have written you the letter. I hope that you understand me.
You as a far star. It seems to me, that you nearby and if you will try to stretch hands to take you and softly-softly to embrace, as you cannot be a number. It so is damaged to see me you, to be with you, but thus to have no possibility to capture you. But knowing, that I cannot reach you right now, I all the same try to reach to you, my love. As I love.... I love.... I love.... I love you. And I never will be stop to reach you to my star. As I know, that I all the same will reach to you my love. And then you will not evade from granting me softly to kiss you and to embrace. When you will be in my embraces? When? When? I wait during this moment, I wait as the girl of 16 years who has fallen in love for the first time. I wait during this moment as the little girl waits during birthday. As this day it will receive many gifts. I wish to tell to you, my love, that you my gift. What gift I wait first of all. I am absent on you......... I love you mine Robert, and the love in me sings as a bird in the spring sky. I think, that it is destiny. I madly love you, mine Robert. Your letters are filled by such heat and care. It in me fire which you can extinguish only, my love, ignites. And my eyes are filled by happiness tears. The happiness of it at me is you, wash love.
My love, I again should tell good-bye to you. To tell good-bye in this letter. And I will wait for yours after the letter. I trust that it faster velocity of light will reach me. The love will depart on wings. I LOVE You mine Robert!!!

Letter 17

Hello my fine Robert!!!
I so am happy, that you had time to write to me. And it is very pleasant to receive to me news from you, that we think the same language of heart and love. I think, which it really means, it we very much the close friend for the friend and heart and soul. I with very great pleasure write to you. I have read your letters, and I am very happy to write to you again. I trust you. And I hope of you. I just as you believe, that we very soon will together.
I have decided to write so very much, that I love deserts and fruit. The most favourite fruit - pears. I simply adore them. And I am frequent, when to me resolve with my possibilities of money, I buy this fruit. When I will arrive I necessarily, I will bake a tasty and beautiful pie for us and yours friends and parents we will eat it! How to you this idea, my loved Robert?

I wish to tell to you my love, that I very much miss on you. I many time assumed by my arrival to you road Robert. I represented, as the plane earths at the airport and I will run from pass. And to management to you my love. I many time have imagined our first evening. I represented, as you do not allow, enter into me yours a drawing room a room of the lady, will not darken yet. And during that moment when the empire on the moon has the sun given, you blind me and presence taken for manual behaviour me in a drawing room to a room is soft. I see nothing, only I to hear. I hear as from sounds of a drawing room of a room of beautiful and easy music a stream. And when we enter a drawing room a room, and you open my eyes, I see, that a drawing room a room which shines candles of tens. Also what took place further to possibly you and the assumption?
But now I finish the letter as time already later, and I should go for work as one of the cafe Internet. But I will wait very much for the message about you. And I hope, that you inform me only good news. You should see me, that the nobility as I am glad to it and as I wish to see you faster. Also I want that you knew, that I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU mine Robert And I WISH to CAPTURE YOU STRONG, And THEN to kiss YOU On the mouth HOTLY. I with the big hope wait for reception from you and a prompt reply.
With love, yours Natalya.

Letter 18

Hello my love!!!
I just as you are happy to receive your letter. And it just as always spring in my soul. My love to you - spring in my soul. And even this cold weather which we have now, cannot freeze spring in mine smothering.
And I with impatience wait for our meeting. I trust, it at the moment of our meeting with two love half will merge in homogeneous nobleness. And this heart more will destroy nothing. I wait for it the moment and I cannot think more of what, except you, mine Robert!!! And I know what make me happy one person can only. And only one person is capable to bring eternal spring in mine smothering. Only one person, will never leave me. Only one person loves me. And only I LOVE one person, and I DREAM Of IT. And this person you my love. You... You... You... I LOVE YOU!!!
I think, that our meeting it will be valid remarkable and bright and we with you will be happy. I am assured, that we can present happiness each other, because for us the happiness consists in only to be together. I am really assured, that when it will occur and when you can meet me at the airport for us more will be nobody around, we with you will be carried away only the friend the friend. Time as though will stop for us. But people will look at us both to see, and to speak about us, about our unearthly and very strong love. I am assured, that many people will admire our love and at them heart of I will cry that they never tested as at us. Really trust such love in it because nobody can love as we. Anybody and never tested such feelings as at us with you and many people when speak about love, they are mistaken because the love can be estimated only when are in a distance from that person whom you love and when you think and dream only of it and when all thoughts belong only to it. I think, that it and is the present love, such, as at us.
You know who I? I that, that love you most of all in a life and which is ready to make all for the sake of you. I, which love you such what you are. I it which do not represent a life without you my loved Robert. And I more and more repeated time, that I LOVE YOU. If I is with you, I would show to you as STRONGLY I LOVE YOU. And then you, never would not dare any more to doubt my feelings to you. And you would understand, that these two persons can love. To love, as they it is possible, when did not love....
I wish to tell to you my loved Robert, that I trust in a gift love. Love for which there is no barrier. For which there not time is not present any place. And every day, which live, will be happier former. I trust in it, and I trust in you to the love. In your feelings. I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE!!! I LOVE!!! I LOVE!!! I LOVE!!! I
LOVE!!! And for me there is nobody, except you my love.
Yours Natalya!!!

Letter 19

My dear I wish to tell to you that I am very glad to that that you liked my letter about fishes. I hope that my letters bring to you a smile on your person.
My dear I wish to tell to you that I searched for a way from my situation almost two years. Earlier I was with the man, but I have understood that the wife is necessary to it that cooked to its food and for sex. I do not want it. I want that my future husband respected me and appreciated my love. I hope that you understand me. I had earlier a contact to the man from Italy, but it has appeared the rascal. In the first letters he to me already admitted love and spoke that wants that I have arrived to it. I have told to it that I do not have for this purpose money and that I ask it about the help. He about it has not written anything to me and then some more days wrote to me and asked my photos. All time asked my photos naked and as soon as I have told to it that I will not send it them, he has ceased to write to me. I wrote it some more letters, but the answer was not also I all has understood. My photos were necessary to it only. I do not wish to recollect it. My love I understand that you and earlier faced girls from Russia. You were only on lavalife or on any else site? I was only on lavalife and I am very glad that have met you there. My dear I wish to tell to you that I understand that I am similar to fraud, but anything else I do not see in it. If you will send your letter to me on my address can is simple be lost somewhere. I would like that you have understood me. My dear I with the big pleasure would be with you on web cam or yahoo the messenger, but in we wash the Internet of cafe there is no such. I hope that you understand me.
My dear I would like that you have helped me to arrive to England, but I do not want that you thought that your money is necessary to me. I earn also to me suffices to live adequately. Certainly sometimes happens that I do not have not enough money, but I cope with it. My dear I hope that you understand me. My dear if I could prove you the reality I would make it. Probably we could speak by phone. At me is not present mobile, but I can try to call to you from a public telephone booth. What do you think of it? You can believe to me by phone?
I will wait for your answer. With love Natalya!!!!

Letter 20

Hello my prince!!!
My love Robert, your letter as always brought in me happiness. I wish to tell to you my love, that I have a little caught a cold. Not so it is strong, the throat and small cough were a little sick. But now ever less. My mum has made to me a broth from grasses and has caused to drink milk with honey.
Recently I have tried to limit a little directly in fruit and vitamins. I demanded to save it is not a lot of money to collect money for my trip in you. And I wished to give you a small gift. Certainly, I cannot give you expensive gift, but even small from all my soul. I wish to tell to you, that today I walked in the street to sigh fresh air. I walked in our park. Snow has a little fallen. Here certainly all has changed during several years, but I had a nostalgia. I have recollected, how "it - is"a lot of"years back we with my girlfriend loving to sit here on a bench and to speak. We then were, very much agree my girlfriend, we always were together. But now we give the dialogue not so a lot of time as cares earlier because we became the senior. My girlfriend has got married several years ago and it already has a child. This child the girl. Sometimes I have arrived to them on visiting and played with Masha (so call the girl of my girlfriend). And sometimes I would like to become again the same small as she. At this age there are no cares (there is only one - when mum will buy a doll which you want). When I was at this age, the daddy, often played with me, and I was so happily during these moments.... My love I wish to tell to you, that I think of you my love. I very much wish to be in your hands. I sometimes wish to be this little girl in your hands. I sometimes so wish to be the defenceless girl. I very much WISH to be With YOU. I very much MISS ON YOU my LOVE.
My dear I wish to tell to you that mail in Russia works badly and there is such danger that my letter can not reach you. My dear I hope that you understand me. But nevertheless I will send you the letter and I will wait that you will receive it.
My love I was today in a shower. Also thought of you. And when I have replaced hands for water and tried to compress it is the water left from my hands to my fingers and in me in hands a little, have not made remain something. I have repeated it some times and all the same all remaining on the former. As I only did not try in me, it has appeared nothing.
And during this moment I thought of our life. Our life which it similarly, to water, departures from our hands and does there was more it. I thought that more recently I was the same little girl as Masha, and now to me of 28 years. Also thought, it often we spend the life for any nonsense. What for to us spend our life for different nonsense. In a life it is necessary to live happiness. And to me became a little not on itself. There it has not been included all those years spent for a life, on any nonsense about which I now very much regret. Spent for it because I was not happy enough. It was not happy because I did not have the most important. At me was not love. And I think, that the person is happy, if greetings love also its love mutually. But now I have found a life. BECAUSE I LOVE ALSO the LOVE MUTUALLY. I LOVE YOU mine Robert!!! And now my life has found sense. Sense without which I cannot live more. And THIS SENSE YOU my LOVE. You are constant in my head, in my ideas. My love thanks you, it you have given me a life. But I ask not to spoil me a life. Actually my life - You Robert!!!

Yours Natalya.

Letter 21

My dear I wish to inform you that I did not avoid questions from you. I simply do not wish to recollect a time of my father. My father has thrown my mum when I was 4 years old and till now I it did not see. I have only a pair of photos where it is on a photo. I hope that you understand me. I very strongly would like that you have understood me. I think that I without the father, even at the live father. I very strongly hope that you understand me. I wish to apologise before you that I have not answered at once this question. I want that you did not become angry about me because of it.

Letter 22

Mine Robert I love you for ever and all this time I dream as we with you we go together and we kiss. My gift both the big and strong love. I everything to dream to go together as we in restaurant and in us supper begins in candles. And then we to enter home and to make love and you fill my safe and then me to feel the big happiness.
I WANT IT my LOVE. I WANT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE my LOVE very much, very much And VERY STRONGLY To YOU. I to be MAD FROM LOVE. And mine the GIRLFRIEND SPEAKS me THAT I ALL TIME to SPEAK ALL IT About YOU And me WILL SPEAK IT I With YOU. And my GIRLFRIEND is happy THAT I to FIND LOVE. She the TRUTH is very happy FOR me. BUT I AM happier BECAUSE I WILL be With YOU, And I WILL kiss YOU And to CONCERN YOURS SHOULDERS. I WILL LOVE YOU every DAY And every NIGHT And I WANT IT I WISH to FALL In YOUR EMBRACES, And I WILL LOVE YOU. And YOU WILL be LOVE me. I wish to overcome this distance, which prevents us to be together.
My dear I wish to inform you that I always am truthful with you. Even if I have not answered your questions it does not mean that I try to hide something from you. Probably it is simple that I have not seen your question or something else. I hope that you understand me.
I do not know that with my father now, I to it do not have affairs. He has thrown my mother and me and now it does not have a pardon. Even if it will come to be sorry I at first I will ask it why he has thrown me. In what I am guilty? Why it has made and only then I will forgive him. I have a heart and I can understand it, but nevertheless I would like to forget simply it as a terrible dream. Certainly in the childhood I very strongly did not have fatherly attention, but I am brought up very well and I am proud of it.
My dear I wish to tell to you that my growth 175 see Weight of 62 kg. My love still something excites probably you about me? I with pleasure will answer you it.
And when I will be with you, my love, I will demand from you the KISS. But I know that you me to take soft for a waist and to offer kiss on the mouth. I want it my love, but I understand that big distance. BUT I WILL overcome THIS DISTANCE, And THEN I will be With YOU, the LOVE. My big love I will always name to you "mine love" because I very much like to speak you words "love".
Love it very surprising words and therefore I will always name you so. I wish to speak always about love because I to consider it - words, have thought over not simply so. These are very fine words and I am words very much and very to love, BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE YOU. And I to think of you these minutes and to me now to want to capture you and to kiss and kiss directly in a mouth. I want, that you understand, that you are always close to me and that you love me.
My love I, should stop to write you this letter, but me always and everywhere where I would not be, I will think of you. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU And YOU ALWAYS In my HEART.

Letter 23

I wish to tell to you that I never trusted you. I heard that from your country there are many swindlers. I think that it will be better if both of us stop to write each other letters. Good-bye.

Letter 24

You cattle nasty. I never wished to deceive you. You have arrived with me meanly. You simply swine!!!! I do not have words to express them in your address. I hate you the ugly creature!!!! You have spoilt all my life. That you have died! That you were never happy. The god all sees also it will punish you.

Letter 25

You have written this letter to mock over me. You have spoilt to me all life. Now I never can to get acquainted with anybody. That you have done. If at us with you it has not turned out, it does not mean that you should do something that I remained one. I ask you clean me from there. What for you have made it?

Letter 26

I did not deceive you, I simply did not know as with you to stop correspondence not to offend you. You understand now. I did not wish to deceive you. I could write simply to you, and so to say to you that I do not wish to communicate with you to me it was difficult. I ask you cease to do it. Pull out me from this the list, here my last request.



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